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Chapter 756 756: Enter The Unexpected Ally

If looks could kill, then Aerith would have probably killed her variant by now 10 times over—but then again, Aerith's glare really could kill when and if she wants to. But this time, however, her glare was really just that.

"What lies have you been spouting to my mother!?" Aerith bared her teeth at Aerith-1. Aerith was still a little intoxicated from her battle against Darkday, making her want to just rush at her variant there and then so they could just talk with their fists. But alas, she wasn't alone.

Aerith subtly strayed her eyes toward the other people in the gray dome—and suffice it to say, the situation wasn't ideal. The dome of Ahor Zai was as large as it needed to be. And right now, with probably more than 10,000 themarians scattered widely everywhere.

If the scenario was any different, Aerith's smile would have probably been as wide as the dome seeing that there were still this many of them left. But alas, these 10,000 themarians were currently against her—she can't blame any of them, of course. They were already against her from the start, but after what she did…

…it wouldn't be a surprise if they ask for her head on a spike.

Aerith could try and struggle her way out. But she too, wasn't alone.

Silvie was there, currently being pinned on the floor more violently than the others. Whiteking was tied up; his eyes and mouth completely covered to prevent him from even saying and doing anything. Hannah… was stuck with Chihiro inside the cage; the two, barely fitting inside. Diana was just seated on the floor, and perhaps not doing anything because she was thinking the same as her. As for Riley, well… he was still headless.

If she takes action, then it will be the others that will pay the price.

"What did you say to my Mother!?" And so, Aerith could really only put her attention on Aerith-1.

"Nothing that is untrue, variant," Aerith-1 approached Aerith, looking down at her; the smug expression on her face, not even trying to hide itself, "You colluded and continue to collude with the enemy."

"That isn't—"

"But I must say, I am now aware of why you people call me by the name Adel," Aerith-1 turned to look at Queen Adel; the two of them, almost completely identical if it wasn't for the Queen's abnormally long and beautiful hair, "It would seem that I am an exact replica of my mother in this world—I never knew my mother, you see. She was killed by King Arthur as soon as she gave birth to me."

"..." Queen Adel's eyes squinted upon hearing Aerith-1's words. She seemed to want to say something but kept her mouth shut as she just tightened her grip on her weapon, pushing it even closer to her daughter's neck.

"But let us get back to your betrayal," Aerith-1 let out a humming breath as she placed her hand on Aerith's chin, "You are enamoured by Riley Ross and wish to be with him instead of your own people."

"That's not true!" Aerith quickly pulled her head away, almost growling as she glared at Aerith-1 again,

"I didn't kiss him!"

And with those loud and incredibly frustrated words echoing throughout the dome of Ahor Zai, each of the 10,000 themarians all looked at each other with blank expressions. In fact, if Aerith and the group made their escape now, they probably could. But alas, even Diana and the others had blank expressions on their faces.

Even Bernard, whose mouth and eyes were covered, looked completely shocked to the point he almost broke the binders on his face.

"...No one mentioned anything about kissing," Aerith-1 blinked a couple of times; her words almost stuttering as she looked back and forth between the stunned Queen Adel and Aerith,

"Wait, did you actually kiss the boy?"

"H…What?" Aerith let out a small chuckle as she looked around, "What? No, why would I even kiss—"

"She did kiss me, everyone."

But alas, before Aerith could continue to awkwardly salvage the situation, Riley's head instantly materialized back out of nowhere.

"Did I permit you to speak, Riley Ross!?"

Queen Adel quickly left Aerith's side. Spinning toward Riley as she once again swung her halberd straight to his neck. This time, however, the blade of her weapon stopped an inch before making contact with Riley's skin.

"You have become weaker than your daughter, Queen Adel," Riley then pushed away the halberd, bowing at Queen Adel before casually standing up from the floor and looking around before ultimately making his way to Aerith-1.

"..." Aerith-1 slightly took a step back, looking at the other themarians to try and see if they will back her up. And they did, all of them started walking forward… but stopped as Queen Adel raised her first and ordered them to stand down.

Aerith-1 was slightly confused at this at first, but she immediately shook her head off any thoughts as she readied herself for battle. Contrary to her expectations, however, Riley just smiled at her.

"I will call you Edith from now on, Edith," Riley said as he nodded to himself.

"What…? My name is Aerith, Queen of Hel!" Edith roared as she stomped her foot on the floor, causing the entirety of Ahor Zai to quake, "How dare you change my name like you have the right to do so!?"

"I do not have the right to do so, Queen Edith," Riley let out a small sigh, "But since Aerith and Queen Adel are here, then everyone would be confused. After all, you have the name of Aerith but the face of Queen Adel—no. You do not only have the face of Queen Adel, but you also have the same temperament as her."

"I do not!"

"Aren't you happy, Queen Adel?" Riley then glanced at Adel, "The daughter you wish you had in Aerith is now standing here right in front of us in the form of Edith."

"Shut your mouth, Destroyer," Adel's eyes lit up as the halberd she was holding disappeared.

"Oh, you've been with my clone for half a decade, Queen Adel," Riley sighed and shook his head, "You should know by now that I do not shut my mouth. Speaking of which, where is Professor Riley?"

"Ah, I'm here!" And all of a sudden, Professor Riley appeared from behind one of the themarians in the crowd; holding what seemed to be the avatar of Ahor Zai, tied up in some sort of la.s.so as it struggled to get out,

"I was busy trying to catch this little thing."

"Oh, it has been a while, Ahor Zai," Riley casually waved his hand at the avatar.

[H…hi, Riley Ross,] Ahor Zai also waved her hands as it stopped struggling momentarily. But after a few seconds, it once again growled and bared its fangs at Professor Riley.

"So, what happens now, Professor Riley?" Riley looked back and forth between Queen Adel and Professor Riley, "Do you wish to rule the universe by holding the Common Council captive?"

"No… that's not really the plan," Professor Riley awkwardly chuckled, "And there aren't any members of the Common Council here, the timing sort of did not allow for everything to… work in our favor. Honestly, I am only here for the ride—it is Queen Adel that has a plan."

"Hm?" Riley focused on Queen Adel, "What is it then, Queen Adel? As you may have noticed, we are actually already completely preoccupied with an unexpected scenario. Chihiro also came back from the dead. So, your timing is also a little off. Redundant, even…

…Perhaps you can come back at a later date?"


Queen Adel did not seem to be in the mood to talk, however, as she once again raised her fist. And as soon as she did so, all the 10,000 themarians that were in the dome soon all floated in the air; their eyes glowing red at the same time.

"..." Edith squinted her eyes as she looked at her people. But as she saw Queen Adel looking at her, she subtly took a step back before completely moving away from Riley.

As for Riley, he just stood there with a smile on his face; his head tilted to the side and his eyes staring at Queen Adel. He seemed to want to say something, but before he could do so, Queen Adel dropped her raised fist and pointed it toward Riley.

And without even a millisecond later, all the red eyes within the dome turned into a beam that shot straight toward Riley and Riley alone.

"Hm, this is new."

Riley stretched his arm to the side, creating an invisible barrier that resembled an egg. An egg that soon started to crack as it suffered from the attack containing the energy of 10,000 themarians.

10,000 themarians that are filled with rage, anguish, regret, and most importantly, vengeance.

"You people should have truly done this from the start back on Theran," the smile on Riley's face did not disappear. Unfortunately, no one could see it as everything was just… red,

"Well, this should be fu—"

"Kaboom. Kaboom!"


And before Riley could do anything, a part of his vision was suddenly freed from the red light.

"..." Riley squinted his eyes to look through the sudden opening, only to see a familiar figure suddenly dropping straight down onto a group of themarians,


"I have no freaking idea what this is about. But it's time for…

…a Royal Rumble!"

The Alice Lane from the other universe, in all of her glory.

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