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Chapter 7—translated by Doza

Liola gave the man a cold glare, and the latter suddenly felt his entire body turn cold. He could not stop himself from averting his gaze, but in the next moment, he had a strange realization. Why was he scared of a woman’s glare? He muttered under his breath, “It can’t be. Only the women in Prince’s house should be this terrifying… Don’t tell me it’s another Prince-branded crazy girl?”

No way. However beautiful a woman was, as long as she was from Prince’s household, he would not pick her up, even in the face of death. The man swept away his previous lecherous look and asked bluntly, “Hey, are you from Prince’s household?”

“No,” Liola replied straightforwardly. He did not know any prince at all.

“Oh, huh… Then, what are you doing in Second Life? Don’t you know that this place is known as the Death Experience Region? Novices who come here would all get killed by the NPCs for fun.” The man glanced at him suspiciously.

Liola understood less than half of what he had just said. He frowned and said, “I came to find the Dictator of Life.”

“d.a.m.n!” The man jumped up and shouted, “And you still say that you’re unrelated to Prince! How else could you have known about the Dictator of Life?!”

“I don’t know any prince,” Liola replied calmly.

“You don’t know Prince? Then what about Xiao Xiao Lan? Gui? Wicked?” The man gave a string of names.

“Don’t know any of them.”

The man appeared to be in a dilemma. He crossed his arms over his chest and thought hard. Finally, he cautiously asked, “Why are you looking for the Dictator?”

“To take the Dragon Cross Necklace,” Liola announced his goal.

The man’s brow creased. He had never heard of this term before. At best, he only understood the word necklace. He scratched his head in bewilderment and murmured, “My G.o.d, I’m really skeptical over whether you and yer daddy are the same species. You don’t understand what I’m saying, and I don’t understand what you’re saying…”

When he heard this, Liola, who came from a “different world’s different world” replied honestly, “Maybe we aren’t.”

The man rolled his eyes at Liola, annoyed. He scratched his head and said, “Alright, I’ll bring you to the Dictator. In any case, there wouldn’t be much of a difference. Even if you’re a hacker that discovered the ‘existence of the Dictator’ from an unknown source, you will only be sent off flying with a snap of the Dictator’s fingers… In consideration of your good looks, yer daddy will warn you first. Little girl, don’t think of causing harm to the Dictator. He has sent more than a thousand hackers within the self-proclaimed hackers flying off. Even the most brilliant hacker, who was called Neo or something, only laid eyes on the Dictator for a moment before he went ‘shoooom,’ and became a star in the sky.”

“I only want the necklace,” Liola stated quietly.

The man shrugged and did not respond. He only gave a mysterious smile. “Heh heh, let me introduce you to my transport.” Following which, he bellowed, “An Rui come out!”

In a flash, a huge object fell to the ground. Its momentum was very great, as if a meteorite had descended. Except that the shape of this meteorite was simply… too mouth-watering!

An Rui was a clam. Frankly speaking, something like clams were really nothing rare. Just like meat buns, you could see them everywhere. No matter where you were, you definitely would not freak out because you saw a meat bun or a clam. However, when the clam was so tall, that one had to crane their neck back ninety degrees to look at it, the resulting shock was similar to that of seeing a pair of watery eyes suddenly grow on top of a meat bun and have them even blink at you continuously.

“Do you know what this is?” The man turned back to look. He always looked forward to the various warped and strange expressions that would appear on their faces when people, who had not seen An Rui before, saw it for the first time. This was the main reason why he loved to check out if there were any new players who had entered the game, and then get An Rui to make an appearance.

Liola’s facial features were motionless. He quietly replied, “Food.”

The man’s shoulders slumped. In complete disbelief, he shouted, “What else?”

Liola frowned and added, “Seafood.”

“F***!” The man realized that this time it seemed that the twitching face was his… He gathered up two hundred percent of his patience and asked once again, “Don’t you feel… there’s something strange about this food, this seafood?”

Liola finally understood, and replied, “It’s a bit bigger.”

“A. Bit. Bigger?” The man was about to blow his top. This clam that was like a s.p.a.ce shuttle was only “a bit” bigger?

“You really are the most brainless, d.a.m.ned woman yer daddy has ever met!” After the man roared, he thought for a moment. Wrong! He added, “You are the only woman yer daddy has met that is as brainless as Prince!”

Liola already had no wish to dispute over his gender, and he also did not want to argue over the problem of his brains. Basically, after his experience of traveling to another world, and then seeing a dragon transform into a kid, which even called him Papa, Liola had already exhausted his small capability to be surprised. Even the meat bun that grew eyes did not cause his expression to change, and when he himself had changed into a girl for no reason at all, he also did not say much. So what about a slightly bigger clam?

“You must have definitely come from Prince’s household.” The man nodded firmly. “Only his house would be able to have such illogical and strange humans.”

When he heard him say this, Liola suddenly remembered that strange “family.” There was the powerful housewife who wielded a kitchen knife, and every person seemed accustomed to bizarre occurrences. Even when there was a huge explosion, they automatically looked for a place to take cover… Could Prince’s household be referring to…?

“Yer daddy had better send you over to the Dictator quickly.” The man muttered, “Yer daddy would rather sleep with a nuclear warhead than stay another moment beside a person from Prince’s household, d.a.m.n it! The people from that household constantly get involved in some saving-the-world business. Yer daddy still wants to live a few more years.”

Without asking for his opinion, the man greeted An Rui, “To the Dictator. There shouldn’t be any problems, right, An Rui?”

“Got it, XiMen Feng.” An Rui opened up its clam sh.e.l.l. It looked at the other person curiously. “Is he going too?”

“Mmhm,” XiMen Feng nodded his head and used his thumb to gesture at Liola, “Someone from Prince’s household.”

“From Prince’s household.” An Rui nodded very understandingly.

XiMen Feng turned his head back and called out, “Hey! Beauty, get in.”

Get in? Liola watched as XiMen Feng crawled into the clam sh.e.l.l matter-of-factly, and then found a comfortable spot to lie down… Uh, maybe he still had a bit of surprise left.

Would he be able to call Baolilong here? Liola looked at the pink clam meat with a complicated expression…

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