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Dukedom of Al'Akir

In Front of the Duke's Mansion. 

There are countless glittering armor and sword wielding soldiers around the mansion.

“By order of his Majesty the Emperor, I hereby declare Alexander Hall for treason by leading the enemy to breach the Imperial Palace. In three days he will be executed!”

“Hear. Hear. Hear.”

In front of the mansion stood a large crowd of soldiers. In front of them was his majesty wearing the Crown, with a golden shield and a middle-aged man with a mighty Crystal Sword resting against his waist while standing proud.

Inside the mansion, a man in silver armor looked at the screaming soldier with a terrified expression and a woman beside him was holding his hand nervously.

“Wu w.a.n.g! Why are you doing this??”

In response to the man in silver armor, it was the roar of a magical crystal cannon. In an instant, the mansion was full of explosions and people's screams.

Half a day later, the mansion fell, the man in silver armor was surrounded, and in his chest was a broken magic arrow crafted by dwarfs…”Report! All the places in the mansion have been searched, and there is no traces of the traitor Alexander Hall!”

The Emperor gloomy looked at the road Alexander Hall might run off to.

“Find him! Spread it throughout the Kingdom that he was charged for treason, whoever finds him will be rewarded!”


On the border of the Dukedom of Enkat, beside the Dukedom of Al'Akir, in a small town called Goldshire, a young man who is about fifteen years old is looking at the surrounding environment with a blank look.

“What is going on here? Where is this? Who am I?”

He took a mirror, and with a confused expression he studied himself.

Flying eyebrows, smiling eyes, straight nose, kind lips, with a pleasant face, but… But this gray-haired, blue-eyed person, is it really him?!

In denial, he slammed the mirror down and said, “Is this really real?”

After awhile, he sat back down looking more confused. He didn't know who he is, why was he's here and where he's at! 


Suddenly, the young man's forehead suddenly started to hurt, as if being filled with powerful energy. The intense pain made his eyes bulge. 

A slender, white finger slammed into the palm of his hand, traces of blood can be seen from his fingers, as if it would ease him.

When the young man finally made a sound like a wounded beast.

He gasped, stunned. 

Before he lost consciousness, he faintly saw a shadow running towards him, and its seem like trying to say something, but he can't understand, then he fainted.


Early the next day, when the first ray of light shines, the young man groaned. 

Without opening his eyes, he felt like there's a boulder on his chest. 

“Ugh! d.a.m.ned, I…”

Before he could finish his words, he was shocked by the scene before him.

Not far from him, a young girl with a delicate face,curved eyebrows, long eyelashes that tremble slightly, white and flawless skin reveals a touch of red powder, thin lips, as red as a rose petals. As far as he could remember, he had never seen such beauty.

In particular, her furry and lovely ears made him curious and reached out and touched it.


A scream came out of the girl's mouth. She panicked and looked at the young man, feeling wronged.Then a look of surprise came across her face.

"Young master, are you awake? That's great!"As she said this, she suddenly cries.”Hey, don't cry! Lina shouldn't cry! It makes your eyes swell when you cries, it's not pretty!”

The reason why the young man can directly say the girl's name is that, when he had a headache yesterday, a huge information has emerged into his mind. The information, it baffled him.


The fox girl, also known as Lina, couldn't help but smile. When she stopped crying, she curiously looked at the young master. She didn't understand why the formerly silent young master would become like this. I don't know how to describe it.In short, it is a little different.

The man also seems to notice Lina's doubts. After coughing twice, he said, “Lina, can you get off me first? It's hard to breathe. Right, do we have something to eat? I am hungry.”

After she heard what the young master said, she hurriedly stood up. Although she grew up with the young master, this is still the first time he talked to her. 

“Just wait for me young master, I will go and get your meal.”

After she had said that, she immediately left. Lina rushed out of the room and prepared breakfast. The man reached out and wanted to tell her not be so anxious, but as he looked at the door, she's already gone.

Shaking his head, the young man's pale face showed a hint of helplessness, and then his eyes suddenly became a bit more fierce.

“Li Fan? Alexander. Hall? Magic? Summoner? Warrior? It seems that I have come to an incredible world!”

After waking up, the headache is gone. Instead, Li Fan learned why he was here.

Li Fan was originally from earth. He was playing a card game. Suddenly he had a blackout and when he woke up, he found himself and becomes Alexander Hall!

And this body's original owner of Alexander Hall is a son of a small aristocratic family in the Dukedom of Al'Akir! A Hall, which had lived a happy life, has undergone earth-shaking changes because of the sudden discovery of the Silver mine in the fiefdom! Greed is the original sin. Hall's father was annihilated due to the Emperor's announcement of treason. He knew in his heart that the rebellion was a plot.

Hall was sent out with the loyal guards. After the death of the soldiers who was with him, Hall successfully escaped from the Dukedom of Al'Akir. There were only two companions survived the journey, Lina and Ka.

And they are now in a small town called Goldshire, posing as the guardian's son, Vieste. Geda took the initiative to hand over Hall, and he called his brother, who clearly recognized who he was and wanted to know the reason why he would be chased out by the Emperor. Hall was so stubborn that he never said anything about his escape, and this made Li Fan admire Hall's IQ!

The reason why Li Fan can come to this world is also thanks to the game he played and to Hall. After the summoning , the magic was interrupted, Li Fan was eclipsed by magic and after Hall's rebellion, Li Fan came to the world inexplicably and occupied the body.

“Your life is full of tragedies, mourning your father and mother, being driven out of your home, and being betrayed by his servant. Who can have it worse than you?" Shaking his head, Li Fan suddenly raised his head and became firm.

“Since G.o.d has arranged for me to live on your behalf, then you are me, I am you, if you have not done anything, give it to me! I will become Hall. Alexander!”

It seems that the original owner agrees to it. After Li Fan finished saying this, another piece of information was integrated into Li Fan's mind. Seeing this information, Li Fan, no, now he should be called Hall. He was shocked at what he knew.

“It is real or not?”

Translator Notes and Comments:

This is the first novel I've ever translated. It's nerve racking and at the same time fulfilling, after all I just finished a whole chapter.

Cheers! To success! 

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