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Chapter 988  Powerful Forbidden Mage! Unlimited Firepower!

At this moment, Zhao Xiaodao, who was at the side, was a Legendary-Tier expert. Even though he was much more mature than Sun Yu and was not as excited as her, he was still extremely excited when he sensed the powerful Forbidden Mage inheritance.

"This Forbidden Mage can actually release forbidden spells at the Black Iron-Tier. At my Legendary-Tier level, I can even release Legendary-Tier forbidden spells that are comparable to weaker Law Skills!"

"This Forbidden Mage is definitely a super profession ten times stronger than the Violent Storm Spirit!" Zhao Xiaodao thought to himself.

Then, "He" looked at the tall Forbidden Archmage statue and had another bold idea.

The Blazing Sun Kingdom now had tens of billions of Violent Storm Spirit professional soldiers. If these Violent Storm Spirit professional soldiers were all changed to Forbidden Mages…

Zhao Xiaodao's body shuddered.

If that was the case, even if their Blazing Sun Kingdom's combat strength did not increase by 10 times, it would not be a problem to increase it by five to six times!

At this moment, Zhou Zhou suddenly teleported in front of them.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

The two of them hurriedly said respectfully.

"How do you feel?"

Zhou Zhou looked at them and asked with a smile.

"I feel…" The two of them looked at each other and said in unison, "That's great!"

Zhou Zhou laughed and clicked on their attributes panel.

[Subject: Sun Yu]

[Territory: Blazing Sun Kingdom]

[Combat profession name: Forbidden Mage]

[Profession Cla.s.s: Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Ability Overview: A lucky, kind, and easily satisfied girl has unknowingly obtained a future that she doesn't even dare to think about.]

[Skills: Talent - Wind Girl, Talent - Luck's Blessing, Empire Level Professional Talent - Soul of Forbidden Curse, Empire Level Professional Talent - Elemental Spirit, Empire Level Professional Talent - Instant Magic, Empire Level Professional Talent - Interpretation of Forbidden Curse, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade magic - Summoning Violent Wind, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade - Flame Spray, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Forbidden Spell Magic - Wind and Fire Blast Into The Heavens]

[Loyalty: 95]

[Potential: Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Subject: Zhao Xiaodao]

[Territory: Blazing Sun Kingdom]

[Combat profession name: Forbidden Mage]

[Profession Cla.s.s: Legendary-Tier Advance Grade]

[Ability Overview: A veteran of the Blazing Sun Kingdom's army. At the same time, he is also a diligent and hardworking Spellcaster Professional. His personality is diligent and pragmatic. His hobby is to decipher the mysteries of spells. His dream is to become an Earth Elemental Magic G.o.d Spirit of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.]

[Skills: Empire-level professional talent - Soul of Forbidden Curse, Empire-level professional talent - Elemental Spirit, Empire-level professional talent - Forbidden Curse Expertise, Empire-level professional talent - Instant Magic, Empire-level professional talent - Magic Ac.u.men, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade magic - Earthquake, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade forbidden spell - Earthquake, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade magic- Summon Stone Man, Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade magic - Word of the Earth, Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade forbidden magic - Summon Rock Giant, White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade magic - Petrification, White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade magic - turning stones into gold, White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade forbidden spell magic - black stone realm… Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade magic - eteorites falling from the sky, Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade forbidden spell - sky stars exploding to the ground]

[Loyalty: fanatic believer]

[Potential: Low-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction after reading their attributes.

As expected of an empire-level profession that was opened from a Mythical-Tier Treasure Chest.

Not only did he master the casting ability of conventional magic, he had also started to cast a forbidden spell on the caster from the Black Iron-Tier. Moreover, every time he advanced by a large level, he would be given a new forbidden spell.           

From this point alone, this spellcasting profession was definitely one of the top empire-level spellcasting professions among all the empire-level spellcasting Professionals!

Moreover, Forbidden Spells represented the pinnacle of magic, as well as the essence of elemental laws.

The more he studied Forbidden Spells, the deeper his research and understanding of Elemental Laws would be.

This way, the difficulty of Forbidden Spell Mages advancing to G.o.d Spirits related to Elemental Laws would definitely be reduced by more than 20-30% compared to other professions.

"His combat ability is superior to his peers, and his capability is also astonishing. He can even increase the probability of becoming a G.o.d… A top-grade empire-level spellcasting profession." Zhou Zhou sighed.

Then, "He" chatted with the two of them for a while about how it felt to change professions and become a Forbidden Mage. After gaining a deeper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of this profession, "He" let the two of them return to the team.

"He" stood rooted to the ground in deep thought.

"Even though Forbidden Mages can release forbidden spells with powerful destructive power, can the magic power in their bodies only support them to use forbidden spells once in a battle?"

"Equivalent to a disposable weapon?"

Zhou Zhou thought about it and shook his head.

No. There is a way to solve this problem easily.

That is to use potions to recover mana and mental strength!

On the High Continent, there were many potions that could restore all the magic power and mental strength of a mage in one go.

Mages were very frequent in the High Continent after all, second only to Martial Artists, rangers, and adventurers.

The Forbidden Mage was actually a sub-profession of mages. The potions that mages could use to recover their magic power could naturally be used by Forbidden Mages as well.

However, most of these potions were expensive and the ingredients needed to make them were scarce. Mages felt that using these potions was not cost-effective, so they rarely used them unless it was a critical moment.

In front of the wealthy Zhou Zhou, these were naturally not a problem!

Furthermore, "He" still had Ling'er's divine medicinal gardens. "He" could quickly cultivate all kinds of rare medicinal herbs. This way, it wouldn't be a problem to create the raw materials for these rare medicinal herbs.

Zhou Zhou grinned when he thought that he could satisfy both of these conditions.

"In the eyes of the outside world, a Forbidden Mage is only an empire career equivalent to a 'disposable weapon'."

"However, I can use my affluence to forcefully pile them into an 'unlimited firepower' to use!" "He" thought.

Since that was the case…

Tonight, he would change all the tens of billions of Violent Storm Spirit soldiers under "Him" to Forbidden Mages!

At that time, with "His" command, 10 billion Forbidden Mages would release forbidden spells at the same time. Even if there was not a single G.o.d Spirit-level Forbidden Archmage among these 10 billion Forbidden Mages, they could still easily kill a High-Tier Deity-level.

If Zhou Zhou ordered these tens of billions of Forbidden Mages to "cleanse" the territory of other races,

Under the premise of providing an unlimited amount of magic recuperation and mental strength potions, it would probably take less than a day to completely turn the entire territory of a small race into a forbidden forbidden death zone that no longer had any life forms!

Just as Zhou Zhou was fantasizing about the future of the Forbidden Mage soldier type, the sky above the Blazing Sun Kingdom suddenly changed color.

The clouds in the sky within a radius of 10 million miles turned sky-blue, emitting powerful wind and spatial nomological power.

Higher up in the starry sky, a Divine Kingdom star that had been sleeping for an unknown period of time suddenly woke up. Then, it emitted an extremely resplendent nomological light mixed with sky-blue and bright silver, illuminating the myriad worlds.

This familiar scene made Zhou Zhou immediately realize that an existence had advanced to become a True G.o.d-Tier.

And this existence…

Zhou Zhou suddenly turned to look in the direction of the Divine Kingdom pa.s.sageway.

"Is it that Wind G.o.d Source Embryo?"

"Oh my G.o.d…"

"A True G.o.d-Tier at birth?"

Zhou Zhou muttered, his face filled with joy.


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