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1373 Chapter 1373 : Two Legendary Dragons! Yuan Cong And Ying Ning Advancing To Master G.o.d-Tier!


Zhou Zhou took a deep breath and smiled.

“Even though I don’t agree with what you said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hiding.”

“However, I will survive tomorrow’s Kingdom Founding War.”


“What method do you have up your sleeve?”

Bodhi Supreme asked curiously.

“Secret. I don’t want you to tell the Supreme Will and get him to block my way out.”

Zhou Zhou pursed his lips.

Bodhi Supreme was speechless.

He actually treated it as a traitor?

However, since Zhou Zhou was unwilling to say it, it did not ask further.

Then, Zhou Zhou put away the Bodhi Supreme and used the Great Prophecy several times to test if the method he had thought of was enough to tide over today’s difficulties.


when “He” saw the scene “He” wanted to see, “He” could not help but smile in satisfaction.

Following that, “He” stopped thinking about such matters. Instead, “He” consumed half of “His” Origin to create “His” seventh clone—Sunday!

“Sunday, I have something I need you to do.”

Zhou Zhou immediately said to Sunday after creating “Him”.

“I know what it is. I’ll go and do it now.”

Sunday nodded and flew away.

Seeing this, Zhou Zhou did not care anymore. He came to Mu Gu and obtained 8,000 trillion copies of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Recruitment books, 8,000 trillion copies of the Violent Storm Spirit Recruitment books, 8,000 trillion copies of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Cla.s.s Change Certificate, and 8,000 trillion copies of the Violent Storm Spirit Cla.s.s Change Certificate!

Then, “He” and Wu Xin split into two groups and went to recruit soldiers.

After doing all this, Zhou Zhou summoned today’s Subjects and 12 G.o.d Spirits from the Gate of Summoning. Then, he arranged for all the combat Subjects to work in the Homeland Defense Army.

Then, “He” spent another 100 High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade Divine Crystals to summon 66,666,666 pure-blooded dragons in one go.

And then…

Something that surprised “Him” happened.

This was because there were Legendary dragons among these pure-blooded dragons, and there were two of them at once.

One was a legendary dragon— The Yellow Gold Sacred Dragon G.o.d!

One of them was a legendary dragon—the Silver Moon Dragon G.o.d!

One of them was completely golden and had a towering figure. It could be said to be world-shaking. The mighty Dragon Might swept in all directions, making Zhou Zhou exclaim.

It was the absolute sovereign of the dragon race—the Yellow Gold Sacred Dragon G.o.d!

This person’s status was one of the best among the many Legendary dragons.

The other was a silver-white dragon that emitted silver-white moonlight. It looked like a fairy in the moon.

It was the Silver Moon Dragon G.o.d!

Even though it was not as physically invincible as the Yellow Gold Sacred Dragon G.o.d, it was one of the best existences in the field of magic.

“He” was good at all-elemental magic, especially time magic and moonlight magic. “He” was even better at it!

It was said that before the Silver Moon Dragon G.o.d became a Master G.o.d-Tier, it had relied on time magic and silver moon magic to kill a Master G.o.d-level enemy head-on.

It was precisely because of this battle achievement that “He” became famous.

Even after so many years, the peak experts of the myriad races would not forget that there was once a pure-blooded dragon who had a shocking battle record of defeating a Master G.o.d-Tier G.o.d Spirit with a True G.o.d-Tier body.

With a thought, “He” invited the two Legendary dragons out of Cosmos Emperor.

“Yellow Gold Sacred Dragon — Dio greets the Regal!”

“Silver Moon Dragon G.o.d—Inessa greets the Regal!”

The two Legendary Dragon G.o.ds were very polite to Zhou Zhou.

“With the addition of the two of you in This Emperor’s territory, This Emperor will definitely be like a tiger with wings in the future.”

Zhou Zhou smiled.

“Your Majesty, you flatter me.”

The Yellow Gold Sacred Dragon G.o.d and the Silver Moon Dragon G.o.d smiled bitterly in shame.

What a joke.

Even four of the 10 legendary Master G.o.d-Tiers had submitted to His Majesty.

Even though they were legendary dragons, they did not have the confidence to compare themselves to such existences.

Among all the Legendary dragons, only their ancestor, the Primordial Dragon—First Venerable—was ranked among the top 10 Master G.o.ds after all,

moreover, it wasn’t the strongest.

Zhou Zhou smiled. Then, “He” led “Them” and the pure-

blooded dragons “He” had just summoned to the Dragon G.o.d Army to join them.

At this moment…



Two familiar roars, accompanied by incomparable divine might fluctuations, came from the direction of the Reincarnation Sacred Palace and spread to the myriad worlds at an astonishing speed.

Right on the heels of that,

an illusory silver light soared into the sky. Wherever it pa.s.sed, time and s.p.a.ce dissolved, and none existed!

After the illusory silver light arrived in the starry sky, a huge void hole even dissolved in the starry sky.

At this moment…

Another chaotic light shot into the sky from the Reincarnation Sacred Palace.

It shot straight into the starry sky and formed an incomparably huge chaotic celestial body.

In the chaos, thousands of laws were born from the chaos in a breath’s time. Then, they quickly entered the process of destruction and disappeared.

They lived to their deaths and reincarnated eternally. It was as if they were describing the fate of the laws in the most heartless language.

At this moment,

countless G.o.d Spirits in the myriad worlds saw this scene.

This familiar scene reminded them of something. Then, they hurriedly looked at the source of the phenomenon and saw the Blazing Sun Imperial Capital.

When they saw this, their expressions immediately turned numb.

“The Blazing Sun Empire actually gave birth to another Master G.o.d-Tier. Furthermore, two Master G.o.d-Tiers were born almost at the same time… The most terrifying thing is that I feel like I’m already used to it.”

“Who knows how many Master G.o.d-Tiers the Blazing Sun Empire has now?”

“You call this an empire?”

“It’s an overlord-level Lord faction of the empire.”

The G.o.ds sighed.

The other G.o.d Spirits were envious, jealous, fearful, hopeful, and worried…

As the person involved, Zhou Zhou naturally did not believe so much.

Seeing that Yuan Cong and Ying Ning had successfully become Master G.o.d, “He” was only happy.

As for the Chaos Humans who had moved over from the Primal Chaos Ruins, when they saw that Ying Ning had become a Master G.o.d, they cried even more excitedly.

It had been too long.

It had been too long since a new Master G.o.d existence had been born among the Chaos Humans.

The Chaos Humans often felt that one day in the future, they might completely disappear from this world.

And ever since Zhou Zhou rescued “Them” from the Primal Chaos Ruins, “They” felt that they had seen the hope of the Chaos Humans being reborn.

“They” became even more certain that Zhou Zhou was the hope of the Chaos Humans after seeing a junior like Ying Ning become a Master G.o.d-Tier under Zhou Zhou.

A moment later…

The phenomenon dissipated.

An illusory silver stream of light and a chaotic stream of light flew out of the Divine Kingdom world and instantly arrived in front of Zhou Zhou.

“Divine Lord of Disintegration, Yuan Cong, greets Your Majesty!”

“Primal Chaos Divine Lord—Ying Ning greets Your Majesty!”

The two of them stated respectfully.

“Congratulations on becoming Master G.o.ds.”

“This is a little gift for you.”

Zhou Zhou still followed the old rules and gave them a set of Master G.o.d-Tier Elementary Grade divine artifacts that were suitable for them.

“Thank you for the reward, Your Majesty!”

When Yuan Cong and Ying Ning saw this set of Master G.o.d-

Tier Divine Artifacts that suited them, they were instantly excited.

As for Zhou Zhou, “He” smiled as “He” sensed the changes in the potential of “His” Subjects.

Then, “He” sighed inwardly.

This was because “He” realized that even though the Human Subjects under “Him” had their lowest potential increased, they had not advanced from Extraordinary-Tier Advance Grade to Epic-Tier Elementary Grade.


promoting from Extraordinary-Tier to Epic-Tier is a hurdle.”

“We still require a new Master G.o.d-Tier of the human race.”

Zhou Zhou thought.

As for Yuan Cong?

“He” was a citizen of the Shepherds G.o.d Race. It would not possess any effect on improving the human race’s potential.

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