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1336 The Radiant Angel Race


Zhou Fight looked calmly at the five Skeleton G.o.d Lords in front of him.

The Skeleton Emperor, who was the Patriarch of the Skeleton Clan, probably didn’t expect this either.

Not only did their attempt to obtain the race’s divine artifact, Venus, fail, they even lost five of their six Master G.o.ds.

Even though he had escaped the clutches of the Azure Emperor, he had also lost a Supreme G.o.d Realm treasure because of this.

It was a huge loss!

From now on, even if the Skeleton Race did not fall from a high-level bloodline race, they would probably become the weakest among the high-level bloodline races.

“The five of you, let your soldiers surrender.”

“Can you do that?” Zhou Fight asked.

“Your Majesty.”

“I’m afraid that’s a little difficult.”

“The Skeleton Emperor who escaped has a race divine artifact—the Skeleton Ancestral G.o.d Scepter—that can command all the Skeleton Clan.” One of the Master G.o.d-Tier Advance Grade Skeleton G.o.d Lord, said awkwardly.

“Only a Skeleton G.o.d Lord can barely escape the control of that race divine artifact.”

“The Skeleton soldiers below the True G.o.d-Tier will listen to the orders of the owner of the Skeleton Ancestral G.o.d Scepter.”

“Before ‘He’ left, ‘He’ probably used the race’s divine artifact to give the order for the Skeleton Race to fight to the death.”

“That’s why our clansmen continue to fight against Your Majesty’s army.”

“Under the control of that racial divine artifact, these clansmen will never surrender unless they die in battle.”

“You think so?”

Zhou Fight could not help but feel that it was a pity.

Right now, there were at least two or three more Capital Units that had not been incited by “His” Ten Thousand Spirit Saint to become Incite Defection.

If these skeletons could surrender, the strength of “His” faction would increase further.

It was a pity that it didn’t work.

However, Zhou Fight soon figured it out.

Since they could not all be taken down by the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint,

Then, the remaining Skeleton soldiers would all become food for the advancement of “His” soldiers.

It just so happened that “He” had many new recruits under “Him,” so “He” lacked the promotion energy needed to advance.

These two or three Capital Units’ Skeleton soldiers, in addition to those Skeleton G.o.d Spirits and Skeleton True G.o.d-Tier, were enough to raise the strength of “His” soldiers to another level.


“Help the soldiers under This Emperor fight.” Zhou Fight said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The five Skeleton G.o.d Lords respectfully said.

Then, they turned to look at their former clansmen.

They looked at them, and a look of pity flashed in their eyes. However, this look of pity quickly turned cold.

Now, they were already on the Blazing Sun Empire’s side. Any hostile faction that dared to attack the Blazing Sun Empire was their enemy, even if these enemies were their former clansmen.


In any case, the Skeleton Race would not be destroyed because of the deaths of these low-level soldiers and G.o.d Spirits.

As long as Master G.o.d-Tier skeletons like them were still alive,

Their Skeleton Clan’s race inheritance and race would not be cut off in the future!

At the thought of this, they activated their respective Master G.o.d-Tier domains and charged at the Skeleton soldiers and Skeleton G.o.d Spirits without any hesitation.

The five Skeleton G.o.d Lords unleashed their nomological domains at the same time and instantly covered the entire battlefield, suppressing all the Skeleton soldiers and Skeleton G.o.d Spirits on the battlefield.

Under the suppression of the Master G.o.d-Tier nomological domain, the Skeleton True G.o.d-Tier could only maintain 80% of its combat power. The Skeleton G.o.d Spirit could only maintain 50% of its combat power. The Skeleton soldiers who were not G.o.d Spirits were the most miserable. They could barely maintain 20% of their combat power.

The Skeleton army, which was already powerless to resist the Blazing Sun Empire’s army, showed signs of defeat under this powerful suppression.

They looked up in a daze as they fought and fled, wanting to see where the suppression came from. Then, they saw the five figures that they were unusually familiar with.

It was their ancestor.

At first, they looked very excited because their ancestor had defeated the Azure Emperor to save them.

However, their expressions soon became terrified.

“Why is the ancestor killing us!?”

“Shouldn’t ‘They’ help us?”

“Why, ancestor!!!”

The Skeleton soldiers and G.o.d Spirits did not understand.

However, their doubts, shock, and indignation were destined not to cause any emotional fluctuations in the five Skeleton G.o.d Lords.

“They” only activated their nomological domain and wantonly crushed the Skeleton Soldiers and G.o.d Spirits in the nomological domain.

With a single thought, tens of billions of Skeleton soldiers would die in their domain.

Coupled with the joint siege of the Blazing Sun Empire’s warriors and G.o.d Spirits,

the remaining Skeleton soldiers and Skeleton G.o.d Spirits began to decrease at a visible speed.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed, under the absolute advantage of military strength and high-end combat strength, the surviving Skeleton soldiers and G.o.d Spirits who were still resisting were finally destroyed.

Then, under Zero’s control, a total of 10 Cosmos Emperors moved out together, absorbing all the Loots on the entire battlefield into the internal world of Cosmos Emperor. Then, the army of the Blazing Sun Empire boarded Cosmos Emperor without hesitation and left.

Not long after they left, a total of 10 million divine warships emitting resplendent holy light sailed over from the depths of the starry sky and quickly arrived at the battlefield that had already been cleaned up.

After these Radiant Angel Race ships stopped, a Radiant Angel Race with 16 wings and a Master G.o.d-Tier aura flew out from the lead Radiant Angel Race ship.

Behind “Him” were 100 14-winged True G.o.d-Tier Radiant Angel Race members. After “He” arrived at the battlefield, “He” immediately scattered in all directions to search for traces left behind on the battlefield.

Soon, “They” returned and reported the results to the Master G.o.d-Tier Radiant Angel Race.

“Your Excellency Kaa’lna.”

“Not long ago, there was a war that covered an estimated distance of thousands of light-years.”

“The total number of troops fighting on both sides has already exceeded 10 Capital Units.”

“Moreover, there are Master G.o.ds fighting.”

“However, there shouldn’t be any Master G.o.ds that have died.”

“Judging from the dense undead divine power in the war environment, one of the two parties in the war should be our alliance army—the Skeleton Race’s army.”

“As for the other side, there’s a high chance that it’s the Lord’s faction where the Azure Emperor is.”

“The result of the war was a huge defeat for the Skeleton Race. The Lord faction of the Azure Emperor won.”

Speaking of this result, the Radiant Angel Race who was in charge of reporting couldn’t hide his shock.

The Master G.o.d Radiant Angel Race Kaa’lna frowned slightly.

Clearly, this outcome far exceeded “His” expectations.

A Lord faction whose strongest expert was only a True G.o.d-

Tier—had actually defeated or even annihilated a high-level bloodline race—the Skeleton Race.

How did they gather information?

This was completely inconsistent with the power of the mortal empire that they had gathered!

At this moment…

“He” looked at the light bracelet on “His” wrist.

Golden words appeared on it.

After “He” finished reading, “He” calmly said,

“There’s no need to investigate.”

“The Skeleton Emperor just sent news.”

“Among the racial forces brought by ‘Him’ only ‘He’ remains as a G.o.d.”

“The surviving troops and G.o.d Spirits were all destroyed by the Azure Emperor.”

After “He” finished speaking, he took a deep breath. “We have to reevaluate our opponent, Azure Emperor.”

“‘He’ is definitely not inferior to the Lord of the Common People’s Regal.”

“Is it possible that the Azure Emperor is the Common People’s Regal?”

A Radiant Angel Race True G.o.d-Tier could not help but ask.

“Didn’t you hear the latest?”

“The main force of the Common People’s Regal is on the High Continent. They just fought with the t.i.tan G.o.d Race yesterday and destroyed the entire t.i.tan G.o.d Race.”

“How can ‘He’ have extra troops to show off in the universe?”

Kaa’lna glanced at “Him” and mentioned calmly.

“Then where is the Common People’s Regal? Could it be that ‘He’ isn’t partic.i.p.ating in this Lord’s Event?”

Another Radiant Angel Race True G.o.d-Tier asked curiously.

“Nothing is certain,” Kaa’lna said. “However, we can’t underestimate them just because we can’t see them moving around in the universe.”

“Common People’s Regal is very good at forbearing and keeping a low profile.”

“‘He’ is so unknown now. He must be creating something big.”

“We have to be vigilant at all times and find the other party to destroy the Lord faction in the other party’s active universe.”

All the Radiant Angel Race members nodded.

“Let’s go back.”

“We need to contact our other allies and discuss how to deal with the Azure Emperor.”

“This Azure Emperor is no longer someone a high-level bloodline species can deal with.” Kaa’lna said.


The Radiant Angel Race True G.o.d-Tier mentioned respectfully.

Then, he returned to the Light G.o.d Warship with Kaa’lna and left together.

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