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Chapter 1134  Activate The Ten Thousand Spirit Saint!


"Destroy the Yin Ghost Clan!"

"Exterminate these reckless humans!"

"How dare you invade our Netherworld Divine Mountain! Become a corpse buried under the ground of our Netherworld Divine Mountain!"

The trillions of soldiers on both sides charged at each other and quickly engaged in battle.

Yan Jun stood in the middle of the army and looked at the battlefield with a solemn expression.

Then, "His" expression turned uglier.

This was because "He" saw the Yin Ghost Clan's soldiers, generals, heroes, and G.o.d Spirits being beaten up by the Blazing Sun Kingdom's army.

The difference in quality between the two sides was like one in the sky and the other in the ground. There was no comparison at all.

As for the G.o.d Spirits and True G.o.d-Tier, "They" had an obvious advantage.

Yan Jun finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

However, "He" looked at the powerful Blazing Sun Kingdom soldiers on the battlefield and his expression turned serious again.

"Even though I have the advantage in terms of G.o.d Spirits and True G.o.d-Tiers."

"However, in terms of ordinary soldiers who are not G.o.d Spirits, the Blazing Sun Kingdom has an extremely obvious advantage."

"The intel was right."

"The soldiers under the Common People's Regal are really all Empire-Tier soldier types."

"But how is this possible? Where did 'He' get so many resources and treasures to nurture an Empire-Tier soldier type?"

Yan Jun was puzzled.

The nurturing of an Empire-Tier soldier type was not that simple.

Compared to the Empire-Tier soldier type—the Army Extermination Knight—that only the Virtuous t.i.tan Race could advance to in the past, this was obvious.

Not only did "He" need to satisfy the requirements of a large number of resources and treasures, but "He" also needed clansmen who could perfectly meet the requirements for the job change. Coupled with decades or even hundreds of years of training, "He" would be able to complete the job change requirements of the Empire-Tier soldier type and successfully change to the Empire-Tier soldier type.

As for the Empire-Tier soldier type Cla.s.s Change Certificate?

Yan Jun didn't even think about it.

To them, obtaining an Empire-Tier soldier type Cla.s.s Change Certificate was much more difficult than personally nurturing an Empire-Tier soldier type soldier.

Moreover, the five trillion soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom were all Empire-Tier soldier types.

How could these soldiers be recruited using the Empire-Tier soldier type recruitment books and Cla.s.s Change Certificate?

It was impossible.

"He" could only feel that the Common People's Regal might have found a shortcut that could allow them to quickly and in large quant.i.ties change their profession to an Empire-Tier soldier type. That was why they could have so many Empire-Tier soldier types in such a short period of time.

At this moment, "He" saw True G.o.d Sheng Huo, Demon Flood Dragon Race True G.o.d d.i.c.kens, Shadow Clan True G.o.d Tarotcol, Jacrow, and more than ten other high-level True G.o.ds charging at him, the leader of the Yin Ghost Clan.

Along the way, some Yin Ghost Clan G.o.d Spirits wanted to stop these True G.o.d-Tiers, but they were all casually killed by them.

Yan Jun's expression was calm, but he was not fl.u.s.tered.

"Xiao Feng, Xue Chen."

"It seems that they are all here for us."

"There's no need to hold back. Let's fight with all our might."

"Even if we don't take down the Common People's Regal today, we have to beat 'Him' up so that he won't dare to invade the territory of our three races in the future."


Yan Jun said. The divine power in "His" body surged, and "He" was already prepared for battle.


"Then let's fight with all our might."

Xiao Feng and Xue Chen looked at each other and quietly took a step back, coming behind Yan Jun.

When Yan Jun sensed that something was wrong, Xiao Feng and Xue Chen, who were behind "He", suddenly had ferocious expressions on their faces. They each brandished their divine artifacts and attacked Yan Jun's back.

Yan Jun didn't expect his ally to ambush him at this time.

The defenseless "He" couldn't react in time at all. Half of his divine body was chopped off by the combined full-power strike of the two G.o.ds, and the aura on his body suddenly decreased.

Yan Jun gritted his teeth and teleported away, appearing ten thousand meters away. He looked at Xiao Feng and Xue Chen coldly and in confusion.

"You… joined the Common People's Regal?!"

"Why? With our combined strength, even the Common People's Regal can't do anything to us."

"After we repelled the attack of the Common People's Regal, we are still the patriarchs of our respective races and enjoy supreme status and power."

"Our race can still be independent."

"Isn't this better than you relying on the Common People's Regal?"

Yan Jun didn't understand Xiao Feng and Xue Chen's choice.

"Idiot." Xiao Feng sneered.

"Short-sighted," Xue Chen said indifferently.

Seeing that their offensive was effective, although they couldn't directly kill the other party, they weren't in a hurry. Instead, they turned to their respective racial factions and ordered:

"All Heaven Hidden Clan/Rakshasa clansmen, listen up!"

"Execute the real battle plan and eliminate these stubborn Yin Ghost Clan soldiers, heroes, and G.o.d Spirits with the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom!"


The two trillion Heaven Hidden Race and Rakshasa soldiers said in unison.

Then, without hesitation, he turned around and brandished his weapon, charging towards the Yin Ghost Clan soldiers beside him.

How could the Yin Ghost Clan soldiers have expected this to happen?

The Yin Ghost Clan soldiers, who had yet to recover from their shock, were stabbed in the back this time. The Heaven Hidden Clan soldiers and Rakshasa soldiers killed nearly 10 billion Yin Ghost Clan soldiers.

The Yin Ghost Clan and the Yin Ghost Clan had also lost more than a hundred deities.

When Yan Jun saw this scene, the calm and deep expression on his face finally disappeared, and his face instantly turned pale.

However, what made "He" feel even more despair came.

In the sky, Zhou Fight calmly raised his right hand and pointed in the direction of the Yin Ghost Clan soldiers.

An invisible fluctuation instantly covered the entire battlefield of the Netherworld Sacred Mountain like ripples on the water surface.

A text notification appeared.

[Prompt: You have activated your Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent, Ten Thousand Spirit Saint!]

[All spirits see you as a supreme saint and long to follow you!]

[Lord Talent Notification One: There are approximately 851 trillion Yin Ghost Clan members, 176 billion Black Iron-Tier Demon Flood Dragon Race soldiers, 140 billion Black Iron-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 80 billion White Silver-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 50 billion Yellow Gold-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 35.6 bullion White Platinum-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 10.1 billion Diamond-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 5.6 billion Extraordinary-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 3.5 billion Epic-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 265 million Legendary-Tier Yin Ghost Clan members, 2,561 Low-Tier Deity Level Foreign Race G.o.d Spirits, 1,586 Mid-Tier Deity-level Foreign Race G.o.d Spirits, 919 High-Tier Deity-level Foreign Race G.o.d Spirits and 48 True G.o.d-Tier Foreign Race G.o.d Spirits broke away from their Lords and became your loyal followers!]

[Lord Talent Notification Two: You have obtained a Spellcaster—Lovis (Legendary-Tier Advance Grade)!]

When Zhou Fight saw this result, he nodded in satisfaction.

This time, the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint's harvest was not bad. He directly gave "Him" 501,170,989,160 soldiers.

In addition, "He" also obtained 5,066 G.o.d Spirits and a total of 48 True G.o.d-Tier G.o.d Spirits!

A single Ten Thousand Spirit Saint had almost doubled the size of "His" team of G.o.d Spirits!

It was so comfortable to freeload!

Zhou Fight sighed.

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