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"Boom Boom Boom!"

Iris jolted awake as she heard the loud bangs at her door. They were so loud they sounded like explosions. 'Who is the idiot knocking at my door in the middle of the night? Office hours are already over, I don't need somebody crashing my door! How did they even know where my house was?'

She groggily got up and made her way downstairs. She peeked through the window and saw a group of men madly knocking at her door. They were clearly in a foul mood; just this morning, she concluded another deal with these men which would greatly benefit Venetia. They were all delighted at getting the exclusivity of her town. She could not understand what caused such a drastic change in their mood.

She was about to open the door but before she could, a silhouette rushed out from behind. It was Venus, one of Iris' most powerful monsters. She was a succubus but as a boss monster, her race was officially: Succubus Dowager.

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She usually slept at the brothel she was in charge of; due to her characteristics, she was the best suited to oversee this type of business. As a matter of fact, the brothels were Venetia's most lucrative business; the s.e.x industry had always been very profitable. Venus held a lot of power in the town, so much that many people tried to use her.

As she actively worked at the brothel, many tried to get close to her and use her power to take over Venetia. They thought she was just a poor woman being used by Iris as she worked as a wh.o.r.e at the brothels. Little did they know, Venus was doing this out of her own volition; it was a way for her to gain a lot of experience.

As the brothels generated the majority of Venetia's income at the beginning, greedy players thought they could get Venus to betray the town's mayor. But little did they know that Venetia was actually a dungeon. Venus was extremely loyal to Iris and as soon as she heard the players' words, she personally moved to kill them.

The poor players had already set their resp.a.w.n point at Venetia's graveyard. As soon as they resp.a.w.ned, Venus would once again hunt them down. She killed the players over and over until they disappeared forever. Since this incident, n.o.body dared to attempt corrupting the inhabitants of the town. Although it did attract the animosity from the guild the players belonged to, it ended up causing an overall increase in Venetia's popularity.

Just a few minutes ago, Venus had been enjoying herself at the brothel like every other night. She was on top of a player, taking her sweet time, moaning in pleasure. She displayed a pleased and playful expression but was internally sneering. 'Humans are really weak these days. They can only last for so long. Tsk, that man boasted he could last for thirty minutes but he is already showing signs of giving in. Nevermind, I'll just give fewer stimulations; the longer he lasts, the more experience I'll get out of this.'

However, she suddenly heard loud sounds in the distance. As a monster of the dungeon, she was constantly looking around for threats. There was a respectable distance between her brothel and the mayor's house, but with her acute senses and the silence of the night, Venus was able to hear it.

She frowned; there was a possibility that Iris, her mistress, was in danger. She no longer cared about the man beneath her. She contracted her lower muscles, drowning the poor player in pleasure. The latter grunted as he released his seed before fainting.


Venus hurriedly got up and without a care for her current appearance, she rushed to the back of the brothel. There, a hidden tunnel connecting her brothel to Iris' house could be found. For the sake of convenience and emergencies like this, Iris built these secret tunnels, to allow her monsters to swiftly travel across the town without being seen by others.

As she rushed out, Venus encountered a few succubi who heard the commotion. They were also getting out of their rooms, leaving their fainted customers behind. "You girls go there from outside but stay hidden until I say otherwise."

She ran as quickly as she could. In less than a minute, she pushed open the door on the other side of the secret tunnel and saw Iris about to open her door. The latter paused upon seeing her friend.

"Venus. Do you know what is happening?" asked Iris.

"I don't know. I just rushed here when I heard these men banging on your door. If they are looking for trouble, I do not mind teaching them a lesson," said the proud succubus.

Iris laughed lightly. "Then, wear some clothes first. You don't look very threatening when you are showing everything."

The two girls chuckled, bringing peace to their mind. Venus did not need to go all the way back to the brothel; one of the rooms in Iris' house was hers. She quickly got dressed while the banging at the door never stopped.

Iris then finally opened the door, revealing a furious group of men.

"Iris! What is this about? Were you trying to trick us in signing your contract?"

"Vultex will not take this lightly!"

The men shouted at the confused Iris and Venus. Seeing that the situation was going nowhere, the succubus released her powerful aura. The players were taken by surprise, they were all pinned down on the ground by the monster's aura.

Finally, the town became silent. The neighbors had already woken up from the noises and were observing the situation in the distance.

"Now that you are finally quiet, we can speak properly. Come in and explain the situation. We don't know why you are so enraged at us," said Venus. She maintained a solemn expression but hid her aura once again.

Forced by Venus, the four players had no other choice than to comply with her instructions. They sat around Iris' dinner table and started explaining the situation.

"You think we would never discover this? We request for our contract to be void this instant. Even if you use force, Vultex will not back down. We know very well you are an agent of Blue Lagoon!" said a middle-aged man.

"Thomas, let me speak. It will make things easier," said another man with a fiery gaze. His name was Endless.

He took a deep breath before turning toward Iris. "Iris, you know our situation. I cannot believe you tried to trick us; especially me. You know very well that Vultex is attempting to develop in this region. We invested a lot here, especially in Venetia. But we found the truth earlier. You are an external member of Blue Lagoon, am I right?"

"What?" Iris was taken by surprise. Although she was a dungeon master, she interacted with the players and knew the situation of the game. She naturally heard about Blue Lagoon, but she could not understand how Endless somehow linked her to that guild.

Another man frowned and shouted, "You cannot hide it from us! We obtained direct information from the inner circle of Blue Lagoon. Your parents are high-level members and as we speak, they are already sending a large group of players here. You set up this town for them! They even arranged a direct meeting with Count Desmonds. How do you explain this?"

Iris was even more confused but at the same time, she was starting to feel irritated by the Vultex members' uncooperative att.i.tude. "My parents? I lost contact with them before even joining New Earth. I don't know what you are talking about."

The players kept speaking; they spoke together, resulting in a loud brouhaha. They felt betrayed; they invested so much in this town to develop it and now, they were learning that it actually belonged to one of their biggest compet.i.tors? They would be ridiculed by everyone if this information was made public; they had essentially been financing the base of their compet.i.tors.

However, Iris was no longer listening to them. Instead, the only voice she could hear was Gaia's.

"Greetings dungeon masters! I hope I am not disturbing anything important, but I have a very important announcement to make! The third trial is about to begin! I know we are ahead of schedule, but this trial will be quite different from the previous two!"

"It is time for you, if you haven't yet, to learn about another facet of being a dungeon master. The trial this time will come in the form of a quest. Complete it to pa.s.s the trial. I wish you the best of luck."

[System prompt: You have received the quest: "The Third Trial"]

Destroy the ent.i.ties unrelated to the dungeon outside of the dungeon. Each ent.i.ty destroyed will reward the dungeon master with a certain amount of Destruction Points. Obtain a minimum of 10000 Destruction Points to complete the quest. The more Destruction Points a dungeon master has at the end of the quest, the better the final reward would be.

Task: Collect Destruction Points by destroying ent.i.ties outside of the dungeon

Completion: (0/10000)

Duration: 14 days

Rewards: Based on the amount of Destruction Points collected

Note 1: The ent.i.ties to be targeted includes but are not limited to: Villages, towns, cities, bandit groups, monster nests, other dungeons, players, etc

Note 2: The amount of Destruction Points awarded by each ent.i.ty can vary significantly. Destruction Points will only be awarded if at least 80% of the damage is dealt by monsters belonging to the dungeon

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