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"Ok", he said. " Then let's see if you are really true." Saying this he started to disappear. His form started fading away. His voice which too was fading said, "See you in a while".

She couldn't believe her eyes. It was as if he merged into the air and disappeared. She had gooseb.u.mps all over her skin.

She looked around. She looked at the sky and saw a peculiar thing.

The sun in the sky was at the same place as it was when she looked before. Also even though she had been in the place for some hours, there was no sign of the day moving on. It was as if everything was still here.

She felt scared and confused with all of this. She remembered her family and tears came to her eyes. Will she never be able to see her family again? Will she rot here in this place for the rest of her life? What happened to her sister and mother? They had no one who would take care of them in this world. What would happen now that she wasn't there anymore?

These thoughts made her heart wince. Her family was everything to her. Yet she couldn't take care of her own family. She cried and cried. Her shoulders started shaking. Though no one was present here, she still couldn't cry out loud. It was a habit. In the past she preferred crying silently rather than letting anyone know of her sorrows.

She curled up into a foetal position and cried out. After all there was nothing that she could do rather than cry.

She didn't know when she fell asleep, but when she woke up the surrounding was the same as before. Her stomach started to grumble. She also felt thirsty. But there was nothing around that she could eat or drink.

It was at this moment that someone appeared.

His foggy form appeared and slowly it became more clearer. As he fully appeared he said, " h.e.l.lo, I am Ares. I am responsible for defense here. "

He was kind. He gave her his hand and she gladly took it and stood up. He looked gentle so she dared to put forth her questions.

"Hi Ares, As you know I am Atsit. Where are we and how did I come here? Which country is this? How can you teleport? Are you aliens?.... " and she continued to ramble all her doubts.

"Whoa whoa whoa, " he stopped her boatloads of queries. He had a funny atmosphere around him. He was definitely the boy next door type.

"I'll answer everything. But first let's get out of here. I'm a little hungry here. So, be my date tonight beautiful Atsit. " he said while extending his hand to her.

She laughed and took his hand. She didn't know much about him but she had an eye for people. And she knew that he definitely didn't want to harm her.

In seconds the surroundings around them turned hazy and then everything turned black.

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