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"Run to your room! " Ares urged as he rushed towards the chaos.

But Atsit's feet felt frozen. She couldn't move. It was as if she was fixed at that place. Darkness enveloped her. Her eyes turned black. And then she began seeing it all again. That pain, that feeling of helplessness, that horror, that nightmare! She saw it all before her.

That day too she had dreamt of a beautiful morning akin to the one she was experiencing a while ago. She was feeling happy, feeling in love with everything that she saw. The sweet singing of the birds made her feel lovely. The blooming flowers mesmerized her warm heart. The bright sun glowed lovingly at her. And her mind felt at ease.
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But then she heard loud wails and cries every where. Darkness started engulfing everything. It was gobbling up everything. She started running to escape the never-ending darkness. Screams, wails, howls were coming from everywhere. And amongst those cries she heard the cries of her father, the cries of her mother, the cries of her sister. She heard the screams of her relatives, the shrieks of her friends, the wails of her neighbours, the screams of her ancestors.

She tried to run away from it all. But no matte after her. She ran forward and luckily saw a faint red light in the distance. But the moment she approached it, she cried in fear. The red light was from a blood stained lamp. The blood came from a headless body lying nearby. And a man holding an axe was standing with his back facing her. She could not see his face.

It was at this time that someone shook her. She opened her eyes to her mothers desperate cries for help.

"Mom! What happened?"

"Your father..... he isn't opening the door of the balcony. Atsit he isn't answering either." her mother sobbed.

She ran towards the balcony. It was locked from the outside. She frantically searched an axe and hit the door.

Through the broken door she saw her father's lifeless body.

"Atsit! Atsit!" Ares called her.

The moment Ares turned behind to see whether she had left, he had seen her lifeless, blanched face. He came to her and called her several times, but it seemed she was oblivious to it all. It was as if she didn't exist here, as if she was present somewhere else.

Ares cries brought her to reality. She regained her senses. After her father's death she would often get consumed by her thoughts. Such a thing happened yet again.

"Ares?" the moment she spoke his name he embraced her in a powerful hug.

"Do not get scared Atsit. Don't let anything scare you. Be strong. Ovecome your fears." he spoke softly in her ears.

He released her from his loving embrace and ran towards the commotion.

"Run Atsit! Run towards your room. And stay there until I come back." he instructed her as he went.

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