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Oblivious to everything happening around her, Atsit was busy taking in all the beautiful sceneries that captured her sight. This place was ethereal. The flowers smelled so sweet. The earthly smell of the soil here made her feel at home. Thinking of home, she was a bit disheartened.

How lovely it would have been, if her sister and mother were present here along with her.

But alas, Ares said that it was still unsafe to bring them here at present as the danger of Lares lurking outside was prevalent. There was no way that he could reach them there as it was still difficult to travel inter-dimensional.

'Lares' - the word itself brought terror to her. Her invasion of privacy last night made it evident that he was a lowly person who was capable of scheming, plotting and being the penultimate cold blooded criminal.

If not for the efforts made by Ares after the incident to keep her safe, she would have felt threatened by that monster- Lares.
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As soon as Ares came to know everything he took charge. He fired the culprits and rewarded the heroes. Yes, some guards had been brought by him. But not everyone had cheated. Some unknowing guards of Ares had also lost their lives in order to protect her.

And Ares himself was guarding her last night. Not only that he even let her sleep in his suite as her suite was considered unsafe, and he himself slept in his Study.

He was surely a true gentleman. He treated her so nicely. And to be truthful, she was starting to develop a small crush on him. The way he had held her last night, she dreamed it in her sleep too.

Last night's dream was really something! She saw Lares-The Monster coming after her as she ran and ran until she b.u.mped into Ares. After that Lares disappeared and Ares hugged her. Slowly his face came closer to her and his lips met hers. And she woke up.

But after waking up she felt disheartened. She was a virgin and was unkissed until that day. Even though it was by force but still it was Lares The Monster who took her first kiss. Disgusting!

She frowned.

How beautiful it would have been if she was first kissed by Ares. How would his lush lips feel against her lips?

Right then came the voice of Ares.

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