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The Manders soon removed to the little house where d.i.c.kory was born. The mansion of their daughter and her husband was a hospitable place and a lively, but the life there was so wayward, erratic, and eccentric that it did not suit their sober lives and the education of their young daughter. So they dwelt contentedly in the cottage at the head of the cove, and there was much rowing up and down the river.

It was upon a fine morning that the ex-pirate Ichabod thus addressed a citizen of the town:

"Yes, sir, I know well who once lived in the house I own. I knew the man myself; I knew him at Belize. He was a dastardly knave, and would have played false to the sun, the moon, and the stars had they shown him an opportunity, bedad. But I also knew his daughter; she sailed on my ship for many days, and her presence blessed the very boards she trod on. She is a most n.o.ble lady; and if you will not admit, sir, that her sweet spirit and pure soul have not banished from this earth every taint of wickedness left here by her father, then, sir, bedad, stand where you are and draw!"




By MAARTEN MAARTENS, author of "G.o.d's Fool," etc. With Frontispiece.

"Maarten Maartens stands head and shoulders above the average novelist of the day in intellectual subtlety and imaginative power."--_Boston Beacon._


By JULIEN GORDON, author of "Mrs. Clyde," etc. With Portrait.

Julien Gordon's new novel is a story of the world of fashion and intrigue, written with an insight, an epigrammatic force, and a realization of the dramatic and the pathetic as well as more superficial phases of life, that stamp the book as one immediate and personal in its interest and convincing in its appeal to the minds and to the sympathies of readers.


A Romance of the Sea. By CYRUS TOWNSEND BRADY, author of "For the Freedom of the Sea," "The Grip of Honor," etc. With Frontispiece.

"This story has a real beauty; it breathes of the sea. Fenimore Cooper would not be ashamed to own a disciple in the school of which he was master in these descriptions of the tug of war as it was in the eighteenth century between battle-ships under sail."--_New York Mail and Express._


A Volume of Salt-Water Fiction. By MORGAN ROBERTSON, author of "Masters of Men," etc. With Frontispiece.

When Mr. Robertson writes of the sea, the tang of the brine and the snap of the sea-breeze are felt behind his words. The adventures and mysteries of sea life, the humors and strange complications possible in yachting, the inner tragedies of the foks'l, the delightful adventures of Finnegan in war, and the original developments in the course of true love at sea, are among the vivid pictures that make up a volume so vital in its interests and dramatic in its situations, so delightful in its quaint humor and so vigorous and stirring throughout, that it will be read by sea lovers for its full flavor of the sea, and by others as a refreshing tonic.


By F. FRANKFORT MOORE, author of "The Jessamy Bride," "A Gray Eye or So," etc.

"That 'A Nest of Linnets' is bright, clever, and well written follows as a matter of course, considering that it was written by F. Frankfort Moore."--_Philadelphia Telegraph._


By HALL CAINE, author of "The Christian," "The Manxman," "The Bondman," "The Deemster,"

"A powerful novel, inspired by a lofty conception, and carried out with unusual force. It is the greatest thing that Hall Caine has ever attempted."--_Brooklyn Eagle._


By EDWARD NOYES WESTCOTT, author of "David Harum."

The publishers of "David Harum" have the pleasure of presenting the only other story written by the lamented Edward Noyes Westcott. Mr.

Westcott's business life lay with practical financial matters, and in "The Teller" he has drawn upon his knowledge of life in a bank.



"The attention of the reader is held from start to finish, because the whole plot is original, and one can not tell what is going to happen next."--_Washington Times._

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