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Chapter 8.1: Saginrawa and Saminsadi (1)


The young mermaid excitedly called as she ran through the door. She was so happy to what she had found. In her palm laid an egg of Lambanang-tubig. She stopped abruptly when she felt that the egg in her hands began beating furiously. Through her widening eyes, she watched the egg as the golden lines around its surface shined brighter increasingly while the tentacles at the bottom wrapped tightly on her little hand. It then slowly spread out like a budding flower.

By the middle of the budding egg was a tiny form. It looked like a mermaid but in thumb size figure. From head to tail, its color was that of the bright marigold, while its very fine hair was instead pure white. It has two long fins on its back and they're giving off a different kind of glow.

Sarikit held the little being next to her face to look at it closely and found it slowly starting to move. It stretched out its small arms and peeked at her. Its eyes were quite huge for its small head.

“Sarikit!” The little mermaid heard a tiny voice. It was like a gentle stream of water.

“Saginrawa…” whispered Sarikit to herself.

Then, there was a glaring light!

At the end of the corridor, an approaching figure of Maalam, the Healer, could be seen. He noticed the curious light coming from a room so he made his way to it. He was stuck dumb in the middle of opening the door as he found Sarikit immediately. She was kneeling on the floor and a strange light could be seen swirling around her.

“Lambanang-tubig,” he said to himself. “An imprinting is taking place.”

On the rocky area, Roselda was laughing heartily at the young merman. He really ate everything inside the paper bag that she brought.

“Earlier, you seemed hesitant to eat those bread. But now, look, nothing's left,” the young woman shook the paper bag in front of Managat.

The merman could only smile. He was being teased by the mortal girl.

“My apologies, I couldn't help myself,” he laughed quite abashed.

The two guffawed, but suddenly, the young merman jolted. He felt an eye catching glow coming from his small bag. He inserted his hand inside and took out the egg of Lambanang-tubig.

(TL: Author really used 'felt' not 'saw')

Roselda quietened herself. She saw the merman holding something that looked like a silvery stone with a golden line that spiraled from the top to the bottom, but the bottom area still has something like tentacles that were somewhat moving.

The girl stepped aside as Managat laid it between them. It then sunk its tentacles into the crevices of the rocks.

“What is that thing?” her voice sounded terrified.

“Don't be afraid, Eda. It's just an egg.” Said the merman.

An egg, repeated Roselda in her mind. But eggs didn't look like that.

But soon enough, the two found themselves dumbstruck. The glowing golden lines on the egg shined brighter as the surface gradually separated as if cracking; it gradually opened out like a blooming flower.

Roselda felt a mixture of fear and curiosity on this scene. Fear because she can't understand the thing that's happening in front of her eyes and curiosity for it was a mystery to her. She didn't even notice that she had even bent down to watch it closely.

From the center of the egg, even though the young girl deemed it to be really a flower instead, she saw a small human-shaped figure―merman, she corrected herself. It has a blue body but the hair was pure white. The tail was of a bright blue hue and behind the small figure, she saw two still folded fins.

The little creature gradually moved. It stretched its small arms and yawned. Then, it opened up its eyes.



1Amang - Father; similar to Papang

*TN: For the record, 'Lambanang-tubig' means a water fairy; but according to Sanskrit or the olden writing style of the Filipino ancestors, 'lambana' actually means “he upon whom all depends”. Btw, 'tubig' means water.

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