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Kukuri was the first to catch wind that there was to be a Halloween party in Yashiro and Kuroh’s room, promptly announcing, “I’ll come too! You’re gonna cosplay and have fun, right?? It sounds like a blast! Let’s do it!!”

At this, Inaba stepped in with an a.s.sured expression, “Then that means I’ll have to join you as well.” She ran a quick glance over Kukuri–before seeming to slip into some imaginary fantasy and clapping her hands over her cheeks, flushing darkly.

Mishina piped up as well, throwing the group a thumb’s up and announcing his partic.i.p.ation with strange phrasing: “Yeah~! Let’s get down!” It was clear both he and Inaba were merely tagging along in the hopes of catching Kukuri in cosplay, but neither Yashiro nor Kuroh could find any reason to turn them down, understanding that events such as this were more fun the more people partic.i.p.ated.

On the appointed day, their room was grandly turned out, as Neko and Yashiro had been in charge of putting up decorations. Chattering giddily, they’d hung up Christmas tinsel and strung imitation New Year’s pine decorations they’d pilfered from the storeroom, utterly out-of-season decorations all over the place.

It wasn’t entirely clear whether or not Neko eve understood what exactly Halloween was in the first place, but Yashiro seemed to be enjoying the act of decorating as well as how happy Neko seemed with the work, regardless. They laughed and giggled between themselves, the very picture of a pair of close siblings as they dressed up the room.

In the kitchen, Kuroh was hard at work preparing the meal together with Kukuri. Scooping a bit of the broth up with a ladle, Kuroh brought it to his mouth for a quick taste-test. “Mm, I think the taste is coming along quite nicely.” He nodded to himself, mien serious. He had pumpkin simmering on the stove in a sweet, sugary broth, a dish he’d firmly sworn absolutely had to be enjoyed on this “Western holiday of fanciful dress”.

There was always the chance that Kuroh as well didn’t quite understand just what Halloween was in the first place. But he was also preparing sweet skewered rice dumplings, rice b.a.l.l.s coated in sweet red beans, and sweet bean jelly, explaining, “Well surely we must have sweets on this holiday, yes?” Apparently he’d pa.s.sed out such j.a.panese confections to neighborhood children before–together with a costumed Ichigen-sama.

While there were plenty of points to make snide commentary on here, before Inaba, Yashiro, or Mishina could pipe up, Kukuri chuckled, “That certainly sounds like it was a fun Halloween!” bringing the scene to a conclusion.

Kukuri, wearing a deep red ap.r.o.n over her school uniform, was standing at Kuroh’s side, peeking over his shoulder at his hands as they moved about the kitchen area and commenting in admiration, “You really are amazing, Kuro-kun! Your movements are so skilled!” Kukuri was no slouch in the kitchen herself, but Kuroh was just that much better, on par with professional chefs.

A smile grew on Kuroh’s lips, and he held out the ladle for her, seemingly suggesting she taste the broth as well. She took it and brought it to her lips. “Mm, delicious, Kuro-kun! As expected!” She tossed him a thumb’s up and winked. Kuroh gave a nod, satisfied.

With nothing to do themselves, Inaba and Mishina sat at the low tea table and watched this exchange. “…Don’t you kinda feel left out over here, Mishina-kun?”

“…Yeah, this is bad…!” he agreed, and the pair frowned worriedly at one another.

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