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Side story collection: No.7 Fushimi Saruhiko

“Hide me please!” Akiyama Himori burged into his room on the evening of his off duty day.

Needless to say that Fushimi Saruhiko was not happy and let his displeasure blatantly show on his face. “Whadda–”

At workplace, Fushimi held a higher rank, but age-wise Akiyama was 6 years his senior.

“&h.e.l.lip;What on earth has happened?” Fushimi corrected himself in time, smoothly switching to a more polite speech pattern due to the reason stated above.

As a general rule, the dorm’s rooms were supposed to have two occupants each, but Fushimi brought the power of his status as ‘Captain Munakata’s favorite’ into play when it really counted and thus hogged a whole room all to himself. The very thought of having to live with some stranger made him shudder in horror and disgust.

Visitors rarely bothered to call on Fushimi’s room, but tonight was an exception and Akiyama, normally serious and mild-mannered, acted outrageously impudent. It almost looked like he really was being driven into a corner.

“Hidaka is chasing me with scissors!”
“Yes! All because today Lieutenant Awashima remarked that there were too many squad members with offending bangs to her taste. Hidaka found her comment amusing and went along, setting out to cut off everybody’s bangs by tomorrow&h.e.l.lip; He’s targeting you as well, Fushimi-san!”

Just then, Hidaka’s voice reached the ears of a gaping Fushimi. “Akiyama-saaaan. Where are yoooou~? Hiding from me is useleeess~!”

Apparently, Hidaka was walking down the corridor closing in on Fushimi’s room and snapping his scissors like some sort of bizzare psychotic killer.

“Wha&h.e.l.lip; Gimme a break, will ya! And besides! As far as cutting off bangs is concerned, Captain should totally be the first in the line, so go start with him!”
“It’s so cruel of you, Fushimi-san! Are you actually going to abandon me and let him victimize me?!”

Turning a deaf ear to his pleas, Fushimi kicked away Akiyama, who was clinging to him desperately, and made his escape through the window.

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