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Although Xue Fusu was surprised by Bai Ye's knowledge of medicine, he did not deny that he absolutely believed that this woman was true to her word.

Even so, his gloomy face was still so tight and he could not just let his guard down for some unfamiliar woman.

The man in the cloak suddenly let out a nihilistic smile and gasped, "Fusu, I'm already like this; perhaps there will be a miracle."


"Listen to me."


Even though Xue Fusu was hesitant, in the end he compromised and threw down the man in his hand, but the butcher blocked his way again as soon as he turned around.

"I'm begging you, okay? I have only one son, and I really can't let something bad happen to him!" The butcher began to burst into tears. He was crying while wiping the tears with his greasy hands, making his face shine with oil.

"What on earth have you done to the children of these people? You didn't really eat the tofu of those men and women, did you?" To tell the truth, Bai Ye was really curious.

Xue Fusu's icy, handsome face twitched slightly and he said coldly, "I'm no h.o.m.o, nor do I swing both ways."

Oh yeah? What a pity, taboos between brothers are over!

Bai Ye looked disappointed and said in a not-so-good mood, "Hurry up and take care of things here. I need a quiet environment."

With that, she pointed her lips at the young man in the cloak.

Having his weakness poked, Xue Fusu was as good as one with his hands tied, waiting to be captured. Since he didn't talk much, he seldom gave a long speech, but now he had no choice.

"That song is called Floating Dream. Right now, they are all inside an imaginary dreamland and won't wake up, but they will be awakened after three days. If you really are in a hurry, pour a big bowl of dog's blood into their mouths; however, a sudden awakening may affect their minds. It's up to you."

Bai Ye and Xingchen looked at each other for a moment. Sure enough, it was dog's blood ah!

Once the farce was over, Xingchen took them to the best room of the restaurant.

Bai Ye asked Xue Fusu to put the man on the chair, then she laid her head on his chest without scruples, moving her ears to his chest from time to time.

She initially judged that the man in the cloak might be suffering from a disease called asthma in modern times. She asked people to bring brush, ink, paper and inkstone, wrote down a prescription for relieving asthma and coughs, and sent her disciple to fetch medicine.

As soon as Xingchen left, Bai Ye poured a cup of tea for herself, took a sip, and asked softly, "My humble self is Bai Ye, I wonder what your names are?"

"Xue Fusu."

"Xue Changqing."

She let out a "hmm", put down the tea cup and looked at Xue Fusu.

"It's just the three of us now. Although I don't mean to pry into other people's privacy, I have to say something. I don't know why you are so secretive that you don't want to show your true face, but right now I have to take off his cloak before I can do a basic examination."


Xue Fusu refused without a second thought. But although his eyes were still cold, his chest fluctuated slightly and his emotion seemed to be a little stirred up.

Knowing that there must be something going on, Bai Ye patiently explained, "Do you know what the illness of your older brother is?"

"What is it?" Xue Fusu asked eagerly and trembled slightly.

"It's asthma. Did you know that covering him like this all day will make it difficult for him to breathe smoothly and worsen his condition? Do you want him to die early?"

Xue Fusu did not expect it to be so serious; his cold gaze suddenly lost focus and was replaced by panic.

"Fusu, don't blame yourself. If it hadn't been for you, this elder brother would have died a long time ago." Xue Changqing barely propped himself up, patted Xue Fusu comfortably on the back of his hand, and then said to Bai Ye, "Young lady, my face is so very ugly that it may scare you."

Bai Ye smiled calmly and shook her head in disapproval, "Don't underestimate the mental toughness of a doctor."

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