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[There's nothing quite as scary as knowing that the boogey man is coming for you. The fear of the unknown, of change, of failure and of defeat.....at times like that, if you aren't careful you usually end up doing something stupid!]


"The strongest would be the starlight organization, it's ran by a woman from the Spanish isles called Miranda, she's in the first realm of the earth gate, right in the first level too. But even if that's just a step above the peak of the true element realm, that's still a difference of two whole gates, you can't beat her. And not to mention, every organization in this tower, from the second floor all the way to the sixth are under her command, it's why we couldn't do much but swallow all of the insults and rough housing of the Night Shroud organization!

Young Master Xiao Feng I think it's much to early to challenge them, you just came into the academy, students and learn for like six months or a year, I'm sure with you talent you can even beat the leader of the fourth floor!"

Zhang Xuelan tried desperately to plead with Alex, however forget even Alex, not even Louis would have allowed the man he had chosen to follow to back down.

Win or lose this was something important that they had to do, besides they were not going to let themselves lose, even if it's going to be a tough fight. Alex turned his head to Louis and inclined it a bit, as if to tell the young man to handle the situation in front of them. Neither of them were at peak shake considering they just left the Orcon Forest after going through some serious amount of problems, but the two hour drive here was just enough for them to restore lost energy, they could fight for an entire day now if it was required.

"Alright listen up, Nigh blanket or whatever you call yourselves." Louis spoke up as he stepped out to stand in front of them. As usual by some divine providence the late afternoon soon seemed to let down it's days upon Louis's golden locks, making his entire body seem as if it was glowing good, as a wind came out from G.o.d knows where and began ruffling his clothes and hair.

Alex and Anya blanched in annoyance, Xiao Mei had stars in her eyes, though to be honest he felt as if that meant quite a bit of unfortunate events for Louis in the future at the hands of his sister, what that might be...…..he wasn't sure he really wanted to know either way.

"By the time I'm done with you, you can all take your defeated and battered body to the next floor and tell them that Alexander Zhang Xiao Feng Alé of the Zhang clan and Wudang sect has laid down the gauntlet. Send your best, loser takes all. We win and you f.u.c.kers can get the f.u.c.k out of our tower!"

Jafar looked livid and besides himself with rage, this was definitely not what he expected to happen, and even worse was the name he just heard. Of course it was the heir of the Zhang family, after the fiasco during the emperor's birthday, there was no way they wouldn't send him here to study and also to protect him. And rumors abound was that he was strong, too strong. But there was nothing Jafar could do about it, the rules of the academy stated that a challenge can not be withdrawn, and it can take place anywhere and anytime. 

But Jafar had to admit he was quite embarra.s.sed, he wasn't even getting to fight the tables Childe Spirit Wind, but he wouldn't be complaining about that.

The stories about this boy so far has not made him admirable, rather it has made him extremely terrifying, he sorely hoped that it was just exaggeration that and open Dantian realm cultivator had enough power to face someone in the earth gate, that would be just ridiculous, because jumping realms in battle was already ridiculous, but there were talented people capable of doing it, but jumping gates! That's f.u.c.king ridiculous!

"And who are you to make such demands of me!" Jafar asked, trying hard to salvage his dignity in one way or another.

"Ahhh! Forgive me for my rudeness monsieur; my name is Louis, Louis Lumiere." And then Louis gave a flourished n.o.bles how, Alex would have sword that he saw hearts floating off Louis's body.

"Lum..... Lumiere!" Jafar felt as if he swallowed an egg, not just him, even the people behind him had more fear on their faces than usual.

"Ahhh I see you folks know of my name, perhaps you have met my big brother no? Oh! Surely you just have, and given that you're almost p.i.s.sing yourselves, I guess I can say you're not in his good graces. Oh well, that's him and this is me, please motherf.u.c.kers! En garde!" Louis was even more cra.s.s and disrespectful than Alex, but that was to be expected, after all, it was he who taught Alex how to really curse like a n.o.ble.

Louis's body flickered as a beam of light shot towards Jafar and his lackeys, Louis appeared behind Jafar, facing the four that were standing behind him as he threw a punch into the jaws of an unsuspecting girl. He kicked her out immediately, before he ducked down over a sloppy right hook and grabbed at the person's throat, before rising up and slamming said person down in a choke slam that forced a glob of blood out of his opponents mouth. It was just an instant, but Louis had taken down two people, Jafar was shocked, not even he could do that, and he knew for a fact he had a higher cultivation realm than Louis.

The remaining two were stuck where they were, but Louis decided that if they weren't coming to him, then he was going to them. He rushed at them, only for him to comfort his body to the left as a light shield spell rose up, blocking against the Saber that crashed against his side, thrown by Jafar in a desperate attempt to catch Louis unguarded.

Seeing their leader attacking, the other two took a step back as spell circles began to appear in their hands, of course they were all mages., But so was Louis and his spell casting abilities have been refunded in the midst of life and each situations, so while these trio of idiots with one having the delusions of being a spellsword, a discipline that Louis masterfully wielded, not to mention his cultivation skills, it was like a bunch of seven-year olds chasing after an adult.


There was a bright flash of light that blinded all three of them, the spell was released in a controlled environment, and with Louis control over the darkness element, it was all too easy for him to manage the explosion of light and made sure it was focused on Jafar and his lackeys. They lost their sight as Louis rushed the first, a heavy set guy with a turban on his head, and gave him a clothesline that turned his body inside out, forcing him to rotate three times in the air before he landed hard on the ground, groaning and moaning in pain.

Louis didn't have to move far as he sent a super kick under the jaw of the fourth, the fact that she was a girl didn't matter at all to Louis as she stood there frozen for a few seconds, before she fell back on the ground like a sack of potatoes completely knocked out. 

Louis was on a roll, he was bouncing on his feet, a move he had copied from Alex on more than one occasion. Apart from the fact that it p.i.s.sed your opponent off, it helped sharpened your focus and made the entire fight as fun and as light hearted as it could be. Jafar had finished a spell as the saber on his hand took on a brown hue, grains of sand created out of his Mana gathered in the saber, giving it more power as Jafar raised it up and slashed down, yelling out his anger and distaste in his native tongue.


Louis just raised his hands up as his light shield came up, defending against the six meter long and three feet wide sand Saber that cake crashing down on him. Jafar looked up expecting to see Louis in a rather terrible and defeated state, but there was not even a single scratch on the shield, Louis stood there his left arm outstretched and his right hand in his pocket, looking completely bored.

"Are you done? Good let's end this joke of a fight."

The shield, for the first time since Alex had seen Louis use it, actually moved on it's own, shooting forwards and slamming into Jafar with the force of a speeding car. Jafar flew back, blood spurting out of his mouth as he landed rather painfully on the ground, a couple of bones probably broken in his body. But Alex didn't care so much about Jafar's loss as he turned to Louis and asked in surprise. 

"You Modified the spell?.....How!"

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