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Chapter 1805 - 1805: Bad Temper

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

“I know. I’ll be good,” Xia He said.

Xia Wen and Zou Ming sent out all their subordinates and finally found the valuable gifts from Xia He’s fans in various black markets. Li Hua’s husband was a gambling addict and had sold the things which Li Hua brought back to pay off his gambling debts.The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l--B1n.

Although they managed to find most of the items, there were a few which could not be found. The necklace had gone missing and they could not find any clues at all. Qiao Mei was familiar with the jewelry trade, so Xia Wen immediately told her about it.

“There’s a high chance that someone has bought this necklace for their own private collection, which is why you can’t find any information about it. People who trade in the black markets follow their own set of rules, so they naturally won’t reveal who the buyer is. Otherwise, how can they still make a living on the black market in the future? However, it’s not as if we can’t find it. It’ll just cost a lot of money,” Qiao Mei said.

“Li Hua’s husband is a gambling addict and he said that he used all the proceeds to pay off his gambling debts. He doesn’t have a single cent on him and his house is a rental. Our family paid to get those items back from the black markets. Don’t tell me we have to bear the cost? Then our family is just a

pushover!” Xia Wen said unwillingly.

“In the end, Xia He’s fans are the ones who are taken advantage of. If our family doesn’t do anything about it, won’t it make the fans feel very hurt? If so, Xia He’s popularity will also be affected. Besides, our family doesn’t lack that money. Eldest Brother, don’t be angry,” Qiao Mei said comfortingly.

“Sigh… but I’m still angry. Why does our family have to solve other people’s problems? At this point, we have to look for the missing items even if we don’t want to. But where are the things?” Xia Wen said irritably.

Qiao Mei did not care where those things had gone, but she was very curious about why Xia Wen was in such a state. She looked at Xia Wen with some interest and asked, “Eldest Brother, why are you so annoyed when faced with this matter? Your temper was not like that in the past. Did something happen at home?”

“Not really. It’s just that there have been too many issues recently. The MO family feels that our family is insincere as we don’t even go and discuss the wedding plans with them, so they’re feeling a little unhappy with us. However, they’re just dissatisfied and they don’t stop me from seeing MO Zhu. I must have sounded rude just now. I’m sorry,” Xia Wen said apologetically.

“Eldest Brother, you don’t have to apologize to me. I’m fine. Then again, it’s normal for the MO family to behave like this. After all, they only have one precious daughter and our family has indeed been negligent. Leave this current matter to me. You should go and handle the MO family. If Father really doesn’t have time, then ask Grandfather to go with you,” Qiao Niei said.

“Aren’t you busy with the university application recently? Do you have time to deal with these things?” Xia Wen asked.

“l have more free time than you. Trust me, I’ll definitely be able to get those things back,” Qiao Mei said firmly.

Qiao Mei returned to her room and wrote a letter to Yao Nian, asking him to do a check on the underground gambling dens in the capital, find out the ones which Li Hua’s husband had visited and also which gambling dens accepted collaterals in lieu of payment.

In less than half a day, Yao Nian had found three gambling dens frequented by Li Hua’s husband. The only gambling den in the capital which accepted collateral was located outside the suburbs, and the name of the place was “Carpe Diem”.

Qiao Mei touched the words on the letter and said, “Interesting… This name is quite fashionable. It seems that this gambling den might have connections in high places.”

Yao Nian even wrote in the letter that she should not casually provoke the owner of this gambling den. Even an experienced private investigator like him could not find out who the owner was. In all these years, no one had ever seen the owner’s face.

Qiao Mei did not believe in heresy and wanted to go and meet this boss for herself. Perhaps she could gain something unexpectedly?

This gambling den was located near He Nings villa.

She changed into a faded white dress and put on some light makeup before she went to the gambling den named “Carpe Diem”. Before she went, she informed Yao Nian that if she did not come back out after half a day, he should immediately inform Xia Wen,

The main door of the gambling den was very well hidden. Qiao Mei walked around the place three or four times but still could not find the entrance. It was only when she saw a manhole cover which looked different from the rest that she guessed it might be the main door..

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