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Chapter 1341 Be More Ladylike

"Mother, if Qiao Mei likes that photo, just give them to her. Don't tell me you still can't bear to part with my father?" Liang Lan said.

They had already been divorced for so many years. If Liang Shu really could not bear to part with Qiao Qiang, she would not have kicked him out of the Liang family back then and made him leave with nothing. Everything in the family that was related to Qiao Qiang had been destroyed and even that tree had been cut down and burned. How could there be anything that Liang Shu could not bear to part with?

What was the use of pretending to be affectionate now! It was not as if Qiao Qiang could witness it. Even if he could, Qiao Qiang would not feel moved at all. He would only feel extremely disgusted.

Seeing that Liang Lan did not understand what she meant at all, Liang Shu did not want to expend too much energy on her. Liang Shu closed her mouth resignedly and turned her head away to take a rest.

Since those things were already in Qiao Mei's hands, there was nothing she could do now, so she decided to take a good rest. She had exhausted too much energy just now.

Liang Lan stared blankly at the gla.s.s bottle in her hand. If this medicine was really so magical, then she would only feed half of it to Liang Shu and stop once Liang Shu could move slowly on her own. Then, she would threaten not to feed the remaining medicine to Liang Shu until she handed over a portion of the family a.s.sets.

She could not let Liang Guo's family have all the good things. She must take back what belonged to her!

She did not want to take care of Liang Shu for so many days for nothing! She must get Liang Shu to give her some benefits! She did not want to be at the mercy of others anymore. If she did not take her revenge now, then when?

Qiao Mei skipped her way to Qiao Qiang's backyard. This was the happiest day of her life since the day she gave birth and she was even happier than usual.

"Grandfather! Grandfather, I'm back!" Qiao Mei said with a smile.

"Why are you so gleeful? You look so graceless!" Qiao Qiang pretended to reprimand her.

Qiao Mei patted the dust off her skirt and said, "Grandfather now expects me to be graceful. Why should I be graceful? I'm not a model and don't need to go on stage to perform!"

"A girl can't go around behaving like a boy. Besides, you're already married and also a mother now. Shouldn't you portray a gentle image in front of the children? The Xia family is a prominent family after all. Don't you want to maintain the image of being the Xia family's Third Young Madam?" Qiao Qiang said eloquently.

"Third Young Madam! Grandfather! You can address me that way if you go back 100 years in time, but we're living in modern times now! You can't be so old-fashioned and superst.i.tious!" Qiao Mei said.

"Do you mean that I don't make sense?" Qiao Qiang looked at Qiao Mei unhappily.

"You make sense! You make sense! I'll definitely listen to Grandfather in the future! Can I just be more ladylike?" Qiao Mei said quickly.

The current Qiao Qiang was like a child. No wonder people used the term "overgrown child" to describe elderly folks! He still needed to be coaxed!

"Why are you looking for me? Isn't this the usual time when you go out to have fun?" Qiao Qiang asked curiously.

Every Wednesday afternoon, Qiao Mei would always ask the Xia family's chauffeur to pick her up and bring her to Antique City so that she could shop around. Many shop owners in Antique City placed their best items on the shelves on Wednesdays, waiting for Qiao Mei to come and make her pick!

The most extravagant thing that Qiao Mei did so far was to buy a small table made of golden cedar wood. Since she could not transport it back using the car, she could only borrow a truck from the Xia family. With a wave of her hand, Qiao Mei asked Luo Yu to send a big military truck, worried that her small table would be damaged during the transportation process.

It went without saying that Qiao Mei had to pay a lot of money for the service. This truck was also a vehicle used exclusively by the guard team and was usually used to transport the team's materials.

"I went to visit Liang Shu today," Qiao Mei said calmly as she sat beside Qiao Qiang.

Qiao Qiang was stunned for a moment before he nodded and said, "Yes, how is she?"

"She's not in a very good condition and actually looks quite bad, but I have already sent her some medicine. The medicine is enough to let her return to her original way of life," Qiao Mei said.

"That's good," Qiao Qiang sighed and said.

Qiao Mei took out Qiao Qiang's photo from her pocket and handed it to him. "Grandfather, look. I found this at their house. At that time, you were so young and looked completely different from now! There must be many girls who wooed you then!"

"I never expected them to still have my photo!" Qiao Qiang took the photo and suddenly felt a little emotional. It felt as if the photo was taken in another lifetime.

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