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Translated by: Parthios

Edited by: Black Jesus


Jikuu Mahou chapter 333: Real bandits

「Ninja man, appeared!!!」

I appeared between the 4000 bandits and 100 villagers.

『What is that guy!』

「That's the guy from a little while ago!」

Both parties are surprised at my appearance.

『I don't care, take him down!』


One of the bandits said so while the man next to him was holding a rifle. Peng! He suddenly shot. Typically, would you attack without listening? Isn't this strange?

Pashi! I caught the bullet with my hand.

『I, Idiot......』

『You guys attacked me, didn't you?』

『Wh, what happened!』

『To protect myself, it seems that I have to 【Ma.s.sacre】all of them...... do you agree with that kind of recognition?』

『Hahaha, do you think that you alone can win against us?』

『Haa? You think you're gonna win against 4,000 people?』

...... They didn't want to listen to me.

『Everyone, shoot!』


When the bandit's leader cried out, bandits with about 100 rifles set up their guns.

Apparently, it seems that they couldn't prepare enough guns for everyone.


Instead of gunshots, a violent explosion sounded, and lightning fell on the head of the 100 people who were holding guns.

『What the h.e.l.l!』

『I, I don't know. Lightning struck suddenly』

Looking up at the sky, there was Oracle-chan and the lightning spirit. It was probably that Oracle-chan grasped the exact the position of the people with the guns and the lightning spirit accurately dropped a bolt of lightning at that place. Don't do a cooperative attack!

『d.a.m.n, this is a total attack. All members charge!!』



He gives off a feeling of not being able to take the lead very much, and they advance in disorder. It was only three people who had a saber who have attacked me obediently.

I chop off their hands holding the three sabers with my mithril sword.

Therefore three hands and sabers fall to the ground.



Those who heard the screams of three people stopped approaching me.

However, because the guys in the back who did not understand the situation tried to proceed. Nearly half of the bandits were trampled down.

These guys don't have a leadership at all.

『What are you doing! Turn around and attack!』


The leader gives instructions. First, let's crush him.

I step over the bandits who had become stampede and slowly walked to the leader.

『Uwaa, he is here. What are you doing, protect me quickly!』

The two who were next to the leader challenged me reluctantly.

But, they are really frightened. Morale is also quite low.

I jumped over them with a jump, ran over to the leader at once and pressed my mithril sword against the leader's neck.

『Checkmate. Hurry up and withdraw』

『Hiii, I know, I'll withdraw. Only my life is saved~』

The leader barely admitted defeat.

Weak, too weak....... Something isn't right.

However. Suddenly the [Attack prediction range] was displayed.



I dodged the attack momentarily with [Teleportation].


A few bandits were firing around. Thud.

Their leader crumpled down.

Yes, they shot their own leader.

They are hilarious.

And the leader was breathless.

『Did you do it?』

『He's dead』


Idiots, you killed your own leader.

『At once!』


Several bandits clash with the leader.

Hmm? What are they going to do?

As I think what they are doing, they are robbing their dead leader's belongings. And ran away just like that. Really, wasn't he your leader??

The bandits who lost their leader and were suffering from too many events, began advancing arbitrarily without permission towards the village this time.

Even though they have no leader, why do they do this without permission?

I got back to the village quickly.

『You can take all the money!』

『Are you looking for a woman!』

...... I seem to have been misunderstood.

Clearly, I thought they were army people who dressed up as 'bandits'....... But they were truly "bandits".

Well then...... can I kill everyone......?

A few minutes later, near 1,000 bulky garbage was scattered around the village. The other guys seem to have withdrawn.

「I really cut the boring stuff......」


I caught a deep sigh.

「E, Emm, Ninja man-san......」

Nimchan, along with the village chief, approach me cautiously.


「E!? What is it?」

「The village has been made dirty by me」

「What are you saying! Thank you for rescuing the village」

Ah, it was an empty fight. Let's a.s.sume that Nimchan and the people of the village were saved.

「As thanks, a reward......」

Backlash! Nimchan...... to me...... a reward...... regret! It's not a situation where you're thinking something strange!

「It's bad, but I have to chase the people who ran away」

「Bu, But」

「I'm really sorry, I beg you to clean up」

「Yes! Of course!」

If it is true, you can put it in inventory and throw it away somewhere, but it is not good to show such things too much.

「Well then, farewell!」

I jumped in parentheses and walked away from the place.


In the forest, I came together with Lightning spirit and Oracle-chan.

「Farewell! ...... After all that~」

「You were watching!」


Oracle-chan is teasing me.

「Seiji also has 【Tracking Beacon】 attached to him」


A, is that so, Oracle-chan is the information magic spirit, can she see everything.

「By the way, the collaboration attack between the two of you was great」


An inconvenient topic. As an adult, I  divert the story to another topic.

「Right~、Lightning-chan and I are loveable~」

「Well, I love Elder sister Oracle too」


Elder sister Oracle? Oracle-chan is like a little brat, but the spirits, I wonder if Oracle-chan is the oldest one of them?

The lightning spirit is hugging Oracle-chan and Oracle-chan is stroking lightning spirit´s head. They suddenly became friends. After all, if we fight together, is friendship emerging?

「By the way, Oracle-chan, what about the other beacons?」


There was no problem in seeing the lovey-dovey of those two, but I tried to change the story.

「Emm, the other villages were safe, and the survivors of the bandits seem to have escaped」

「What about the guys that escaped?」

「They´re running away to the north」

North...... are they going to run past the border?

Shall I hunt them one by one so that they won't do such a thing ever again?

I tried to raise my heavy waist and walk out!

When the tracking beacon informed me of "danger".

「Who is in danger!?」

「It looks like Nancy´s mama」


Oracle-chan answers quickly.


Jennifer-san and Lily-san were surrounded by bandits when I confirmed the footage of the tracking beacon.

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