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Chapter 1784: Three Quests and Tracking Secret Technique (2)


Translator: Henyee Translations       Editor: Henyee Translations

Although he had not mastered the core technology, who knew about technology? With the current inspiration, Can Li might be able to develop a multi-person teleportation quantum array core many years later.

Therefore, Can Li had to be dealt with. Either his mental body would be obediently sealed by Xu Tui, or it would be completely destroyed by Xu Tui. This was inevitable and necessary.

Then, Can Li was very sensible.

Similarly, it was not just Can Li. Yan Jiuqu and Can Li were the same. They were also the candidates that Xu Tui had to destroy. Yan Jiuqu’s core-forging ability was stronger than Can Li’s. He had to destroy him. Other than that, Xu Tui was also prepared to give Yan Wuyu a huge gift by killing Yan Jiuqu. He also wanted to completely cut off Yan Wuyu’s escape route.

The moment Xu Tui crushed Can Li’s head and sealed his mental body, Tu Ning and Tu Rusong immediately noticed this place. There would definitely be mind power fluctuations from these two actions.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, who would use their mind power to pee?

Something was wrong!

The moment they sensed the fluctuation of mind power, the mind power of Tu Ning and Tu Rusong instantly pounced towards the temporary washroom. However, the moment their mind power arrived, Xu Tui had already turned into a blue stream of light and soared into the sky from the temporary washroom. He fled into the distance.

“He’s escaping!” Tu Ning and Tu Rusong were instantly shocked. Tu Rusong, who was hiding in the dark, almost reflexively soared into the sky and chased after them.

Tu Ning was a moment slower than Tu Rusong as Tu Ning gave the order first. There were still 19 Planetary realm experts below the Nine Satellites guarding the canyon. One of them, Eight Satellites, had been brought to the testing planet by Yan Wuyu.

The scene of Bing Zhen freezing Tu Ying and the other four Planetary realm experts had shocked Tu Ning to this day.

At this moment, Tu Ning did not know why Xu Tui had suddenly fled. However, he knew very well that if he and Tu Rusong had chased after him, they would not have been able to stop Bing Zhen.

Therefore, Tu Ning gave the order before he chased after him. He directly ordered the 14 intermediate and high-level Planetary realms to chase after Bing Zhen with them, leaving behind five Five Satellites Planetary realms to guard here. Yan Jiuqu was also left behind.

“Inform Lord Qianshan immediately!”

These orders were all given by Tu Ning’s consciousness. They were completed in a second. The moment they were completed, Tu Ning led 14 Planetary realm experts into the sky and chased in the direction where Xu Tui had escaped.

At the same time, Tu Ning began to send a warning to the confidentiality chief, Tu Chengshan, and the planetary guards of Planet White Mountain. The planetary guard of Planet White Mountain was also a Nine Satellites Planetary realm. After receiving the news, he would immediately come and surround them.

This way, there would be three Nine Satellites surrounding Bing Zhen.

After informing the Confidential Chief, he should be able to send two Nine

Satellites Planetary realm experts as reinforcements in a short period of time. He might even be able to come over personally a few minutes later.

In terms of these points, Tu Ning, the temporary captain, was still very reliable. All the measures were in place and he had thought it through. However, neither Tu Ning nor Tu Qianshan noticed something—the most fundamental communication network.

Tu Ning had used the military quantum network when he informed the garrison and confidentiality chief of Planet White Mountain.

Ah Huang could not intercept and tamper with information on the military quantum network. However, Ah Huang was already prepared. It would use the civilian network of Planet White Mountain and its own data power to attack the military quantum network server on Planet White Mountain with all their might when Xu Tui attacked.

In an instant, Ah Huang temporarily paralyzed the military quantum intelligence network of Planet White Mountain.

Then, Tu Ning, who was rapidly chasing Xu Tui, widened his eyes in shock. There was an abnormality on the Internet. The message could not be sent for the time being.

“How did that happen?” Tu Ning was stunned. He sensed that something was amiss. But he had other means of communication. As the Nine Satellites

Planetary realm who was lurking here and secretly monitoring Yan Wuyu, Tu Ning was actually Tu Chengshan’s trusted aide. Therefore, Tu Ning had the Ling Inquiry Disk.

No one could interfere with the communication of the Ling Inquiry Disk. The only problem was that the communication on the Ling Inquiry Disk was a little like a primitive call. It could only be communicated after the call was connected.

Fortunately, with Tu Chengshan’s status, his Ling Inquiry Disk was specially guarded. It would not take long for the call to connect. However, just as Tu Ning took out the Ling Inquiry Disk, Tu Rusong, who was tracking Xu Tui, suddenly exclaimed, “He disappeared. Brother Ning, Bing Zhen has disappeared. ”

“Impossible!” Tu Ning was stunned for a moment. In just an instant, he caught up to Tu Rusong. However, what surprised Tu Ning was that he did not sense or discover Xu Tui’s aura.

“Hurry up and use the tracking technique to see where he went,” Tu Rusong exclaimed.

The Spiritual Race was still extremely cautious, especially the Tu Clan under the jurisdiction of the Second Master. Before this, they had silently injected a special earth spirit into Xu Tui and the others’ bodies through a secret method.

Although there were not many people who could track the earth spirits, they could sense the approximate location as long as they activated the secret technique..

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