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"Is this the place?"

Second Master Jing looked at the somewhat paint-chipped wooden gate and thought to himself that it was no surprise a poor boy from a lower country would live in such a rundown place.

"I, Second Master Jing, disdain bullying someone from the lower state, but who told you to overestimate yourself and go against Divine Healer Mu? For the sake of my elder brother's recovery, I have no choice but to trouble you."

After saying this coldly, Second Master Jing raised his hand intending to knock on the gate.

This was the etiquette ingrained in his bones.

However, halfway through the motion, he realized he was here to arrest someone, not to invite them.

"Arresting someone requires the appropriate momentum!"

Second Master Jing withdrew his hand, raised his chin, and with an imposing aura, pushed open the wooden gate of the courtyard!

The scene inside the courtyard was like this——

Gu Yan was lying weakly on a rattan chair basking in the sun. Old Master Meng, who had just woken up from the effects of the drug, was also lying on a rattan chair sunbathing. One was gravely ill and not long for this world, the other was dazed and still processing the effects of the drug.

Lady Nan was making poison again, but as the saying went, ‘If you walk by the river often, your shoes will eventually get wet.’

She sneezed, causing the poison powder to spray all over her face, successfully poisoning herself. She was now leaning against the wall, vomiting black blood.

Master Lu had just fought with the horse king, and his right leg was cramping. He hobbled into the front yard.

Second Master Jing stared at the courtyard full of the elderly, the sick, and the frail, completely dumbfounded!

This, this, this was too tragic!

It made him a bit hesitant to make a move!

But speaking of which, where was that boy?

Although Second Master Jing had never seen Gu Jiao, he had heard her description from Second Madame: ‘a teenager with a red birthmark on the left side of his face.’

None of the elderly, sick, or frail in the courtyard matched this description.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, Second Master Jing heard a thrilling sound of something cutting through the air.

Someone was practicing martial arts, specifically with a long spear!

The sound came from the backyard.

Second Master Jing couldn't help but look in the direction of the backyard. He was standing outside the front yard, separated by the main hall, and couldn't see the entirety of the backyard. Only when Gu Jiao's figure appeared at the back door of the main hall could he see her.

However, this didn't lessen the impact the youth’s movements had on him.

He could tell that the youth’s spear techniques were not flashy, but each thrust was like a wandering dragon, carrying a force that could shake mountains and rivers!

Second Master Jing suddenly found himself unable to move.

The youth’s figure only occasionally flashed by the doorway, but inexplicably, Second Master Jing felt a long-lost excitement, one he couldn't explain!

He even forgot he was there to arrest someone and just silently admired the youth's display of spear techniques.

Gu Jiao was practicing the spear techniques taught to her by Old Marquis. As she practiced, she suddenly had a burst of inspiration and executed a move she had never used before.

This move was incredibly powerful, the spear breaking through the archery target in the backyard and flying toward the front yard!

Second Master Jing's pupils contracted!

It was only then that Gu Jiao noticed someone at the gate. There was no time to draw her bow, so she kicked the arrow quiver, causing an arrow to shake out. She then kicked it swiftly, and the arrow collided with the flying red-ta.s.seled spear, slightly altering its trajectory with a bang.

The red-ta.s.seled spear shot into the gate panel next to Second Master Jing!

Second Master Jing touched his cold neck; he was only an inch away from being nailed to the gate panel!

The elderly, the sick, and the frail in the courtyard were too preoccupied with their own troubles to pay him attention. They glanced at him briefly, then went back to sunbathing, dealing with dementia, coping with poisoning, or nursing their legs.

Second Master Jing: "..."

Gu Jiao walked over.

Having practiced with the spear for so long, she was covered in sweat, her cheeks were flushed, and she exuded youthful vigor and spirit.

Seeing the youth walking towards him, Second Master Jing felt a moment of disorientation.

His mind inexplicably flashed back to many years ago, when his brother-in-law walked toward him. Back then, he was just a spoiled brat in Shengdu, always causing trouble in the streets and was once caught in the act by the eldest son of the Xuanyuan Family.

At that time, he had no idea that guy would become his brother-in-law, and he arrogantly declared he would fight him for a hundred rounds——

In the end, his brother-in-law really beat him up for a hundred rounds, and he had no power to fight back.

That day, his brother-in-law walked toward him with the same look in his eyes, reminding him of a defiant wolf.

The fear of being dominated by his brother-in-law surged in his heart, so much so that when Gu Jiao came up to him, he stood rigidly straight!

"Who might you be looking for?" Gu Jiao asked, staring at him intently.

I'm looking for you! To take you back and vent Divine Healer Mu's anger!

"I'm... just pa.s.sing by." Second Master Jing cleared his throat and responded.

Seeing Gu Jiao looking at him with a cold expression, he felt a jolt in his heart, "Can I ask for some water?"

Gu Jiao pulled the red-ta.s.seled spear out of the gate panel, causing the gate to crack with a snap. This was probably the umpteenth time this had happened this month, but with two carpenters in the house, it wasn’t a problem.

Gu Jiao took the red-ta.s.seled spear and went inside to get him some water.

Second Master Jing glanced weakly at the wooden gate beside him. With another crack, the gate split in two and fell.

Second Master Jing patted his chest. My goodness, that look was just like my brother-in-law's! Scared me to death!

Second Master Jing's fear of his brother-in-law was deeply ingrained. G.o.d knew how many times he had been punished by him. After his brother-in-law died in battle, when Second Master Jing went to retrieve his body, his hands couldn’t help but tremble.

He always felt like his brother-in-law would come back to life just to beat him up one more time before dying again.

Gu Jiao came back with a bowl of cold water and handed it to him.

Second Master Jing looked at the chipped and broken bowl. He wrinkled his nose in disdain, not wanting to drink at all.

But as soon as Second Master Jing met those eyes, so similar to his brother-in-law's, he quickly grabbed the bowl with both hands and gulped it down!

Seeing him drink so eagerly, Gu Jiao asked, "Do you want more?"

Of course not! I’m not here for water!

"Thank you." Second Master Jing said.

As soon as he said it, he wished he could slap himself.

Jing Sheng, oh Jing Sheng, have some dignity! Your brother-in-law has been dead for years, and you still get scared like this just because someone has eyes like his. Are you still the number one scoundrel of Shengdu or not?

Arrest him!

Tell him he’s dead for offending the Divine Healer of the Duke Estate!

Gu Jiao brought over a second bowl of water.

"I'm from Duke An Estate!" He declared, his handsome face turning serious.

Gu Jiao crossed her arms and looked at him coldly, "So?"

Second Master Jing's confidence wavered, "I heard you treated my elder brother's illness..."

Elder brother?

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Shi Dai responded, “You’re really amazing! I applaud you until I spin like a spiral and fly around the moon three hundred times! And also——you have dimples when you smile!"

Jiang Baiyan: ...?

After seeing her at a lantern festival with another man, Jiang Baiyan lowered his eyes, his fingers twirling her hair. He said in a mocking and sinister tone, "The mansion in the western suburbs...if I hide you there, no one will find you, right?"

Shi Dai replied, "Does it come with meals and lodging? Can I sleep in everyday? Oh, and your cooking is the best!"

Jiang Baiyan: ...?

Jiang Baiyan was supposed to dislike her, even hate her, but as their separation drew near, his eyes turned red and he grabbed her sleeve, pleading, "Don't abandon me, alri—”

Shi Dai responded, "Alright, alright, I’ll only have you. Mwah."

Jiang Baiyan: ...?

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