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The child's cry is like a dull thunder, breaking the stalemate, and Florence subconsciously covers his mouth.

Rodney then notices the child in her arms. He is shocked when looking at the child's feature, "This child is..."

"No!" Florence denies it immediately. But it seems more suspicious as a result of her reaction.

Rodney is not a fool. He frowns and whispers, "Miss Li, you know Mr. Si very well, don't make things difficult for us."

The stalemate is almost devastating.

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With Nelson in her arms, she looks at the bodyguards in front of her. Finally she compromises and puts down Nelson. She slowly bends down and kneels on the ground. "Rodney, I beg you to let me go..."

“Florence!” Not only Ruth, but also Rodney is shocked by her doing.

Rodney is clear how Florence was spoiled by the old man while others may not know about it. At the age of 10, she was taken out of her own family and brought up by him. In a h.e.l.l-like family, she lived a better life than other children in that family. She was so arrogant then, but now...

She goes down on her knees and is so humble to beg them to let her go!

Hesitating to help her up, Rodney hears an icy sound behind him that interrupts him.

 “Florence Li!”

Li suddenly raises her head and sees that Brain Si stands at the doorway of lounge, coldly staring at her. His eyes are full of disdain and disgust, "You only learned these from my old man during the ten years?"

Rodney looks at them and knows there is something to say between them. Therefore, he signals at the other bodyguards and takes Ruth out.

The small lounge restores to its original tranquility.

Florence watches him walk up to her. The stunning face seems to overlap with the one four years ago. She opens her eyes widely, a deep despair spreading all over her.

Soon he stops in front of her, slightly bends down, raises his hand, picks up her chin, and asks in a cold voice, "What's wrong? You want to run away after hurting me?"


He does not give her a chance to finish her words. Instead, with examination, his eyes fall on the crying Nelson. The blood relation is so magical that Si recognizes his child at a glance.

Raising an eyebrow, he wants to reach out and hold him over to see clearly.

The child's big eyes are still full of tears. Obviously, he doesn’t know what has happened. Nelson only knows that the bad guy in front of him is fierce and that his mother seems being bullied.

After all, he is too young, and the distinction between good and bad is simple in his mind. Seeing Si’s hands stretched over, he bites it without thinking.

Even Florence does not know how to respond to such a situation.

Instead, Brain frowns, pinching Nelson’s cheek, and forces him to loosen the mouth. He says coldly, "Like his mother, like her son!"

Nelson is in pain, but he cannot escape, crying vaguely.

Florence is so distressed that she wants to bring Nelson back. As a result, Si has already guessed her thoughts before she acts. He s.n.a.t.c.hes Nelson and goes back two steps immediately.

She falls to the ground, trying in vain to catch the child. Her wounds in the head have already made her at the extreme; seeing the crying Nelson, she feels powerless and pleads, "Brain, even if you hate me, don't hurt Nelson, he is only three...”

Squinting at her, Brain says in a cold voice, "Li, you are really courageous. Didn't you think of the results when you concealed everything and gave birth to him four years ago? Hadn't you thought that if I find the child, I will kill him by myself?”

Florence Li bites her lower lip, she knows that he can do anything. She reaches out and wipes the blood flowing into her eyes, looking up at him, "Brain, he has nothing to do with you. How could on earth you let me go? If you hate me, we can go now and never show up again. Isn't that enough?"

"well..." Brain suddenly laughs, as if he were a messenger from the h.e.l.l, "Li, you were raised in my family, don't you know the rules there? It's easy to know whether the boy is mine when we get to the hospital. If so,I would rather kill his than have him kept outside! "

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