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h.e.l.lo readers! Jun here with your weekly translation of second summon.

I think I’ve gotten faster now that I decided to try other tools to understand the meaning of each words. Less time means more work done, yay! I’ll still keep it at 1 chapter a week for now though I’ll try to get more chapters done. Maybe I can finish translating the whole story by the end of the year? That is, if I’m very quick and translate like a no-lifer.

Do tell me if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.

Enjoy your read~

Tl: Jun

ED: Jun

Chapter 63 Brother And Sister Illusion

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A sound of something being dragged out could be heard.

Tia who reacted to that sound, saw blood gushing out from Elka and Alize's body.

"Gh! Elka! Alize!"

Tia unusually raised her voice.

She tried rushing over, but motion was where she was weakest at.

She could not possibly be in time to hold the collapsed two in her arms, but Brad moved in her stead and stopped the two by holding then in his arms.

"Brad! What of the two!?"

"I'm looking now!"

Brad was an all-purpose demon who mastered support magic.

Although he could not be called a specialist, his a.n.a.lytical magic would easily clarify the conditions of the two.

"Their muscles are in pieces… their insides have some damage. It's a relief that their hearts are safe, but…ha! This is…"

Brad gulped while aiming the a.n.a.lyzing light towards the body of the two.

A portion of the brains, both of them were damaged there.

It was not that severe for Elka, but he understood that it was noticeably damaged for Alize.

(If it's like this…)

Even in this world, the brain was an essential organ of a person's body.

If one is injured there then not only will their bodily functions not answer, even their magic power refining will not respond.

Elka aside, Alize's damaged state were so that even if she were to recover with recovery magic, after-effects may remain.

At the time Brad so judged, Tia looked at their bodies.

Melua's threads that was projected in her magic eye some time ago could not be seen.

"They were pulled out…? If you do something like that, then."

"Haha…Ahahahahaha! Serves you f.u.c.king right!"

Melua raised a loud laughter.

She was standing firmly on her two legs, discharging dense magic power.

The wounds on her chest was closed and if one were to exclude the blood on the mouth and clothes, n.o.body would think Melua had been injured.

"You…I'm supposed to have destroyed your magic viscera."

Brad asked while applying high recovery magic on the two.

People whose magic viscera was destroyed should have become unable to refine magic power well.

Despite that, magic power was flowing through Melua's body.

Brad could not understand.

He already averted his eyes from the fact she possessed two or more magic viscera's.

"Ehehe……I, or rather all of us have our bodies toyed around with. We've been injected with dozens of drugs and in my case the heart, lungs and magic viscera have each increased by one. Isn't that awesome? I'm already a monster right?"

She was smiled.

It was a mad smile, but for some reason she smiled sorrowfully and then painfully.

"Even this unique magic you know. They tried out some research result on us and I've gotten my hands on it because I survived that. Really, it's because I thought about dying. Ah, but Kagerou was natural I think? Well, whatever."

Melua explained while manipulating the marionette threads with her hand.

Towards the sublime background released from her mouth, Brad and Tia shook considerably.

"I don't want to think what would've happened to me if I didn't get to meet master Touma."

Melua placed both hands on the ground.

The overflowing magic power ran through the earth, completing one magic circle.


The ground shook.

Tia reflexively made her body quiver.

By the magic power of the gigantic monster that appeared from that magic circle.

"I didn't keep this fellow inside me, you know! As a last resort I would use a summon magic like this! I had to rely on master Touma to control it through!

The monster called Chimaera consisted of a lion's head, goat's body and a snake with venomous fangs as a tail. Beside those were wings and also tusks growing on the abdomen; appearance wise it was a living creature who could not be called anything but a monster. Those forelegs were seemingly large enough to easily crush Brad and the others and just by touching they could be rendered incapacitated.

"But if I use like this, I can also control this kid."

Melua jumped up.

She landed on the head of the chimaera with both hands.


『Guooooooo! 』

The chimaera let out a painful warcry.

Threads began to overflow from Melua's fingertips and slipped into the chimaera's head.

Simultaneously, threads began to link itself to her body.

Those threads continued to increase in quant.i.ty and finally the chimaera's head and her lower half became united, in a literal meaning.

"I've connected my brains with this kid's nerves. If I do this, then I can operate this kid like my own hands and feet."

"Gh! Avoid it!"


The Chimaera's arm was swung.

That which was approaching at an astounding speed unbefitting to its size was certainly able to catch Tia.

However, Brad held her and the injured two in his arms and leaped.

They were quicker out of the way than the arm was swung, but it was impossible to avoid the wind pressure.


They were thrown to the muddy ground.

The three were safe because of Brad not letting go of the hands that carried them, but he himself was. .h.i.t strongly in his back, choking in his breath.

"Hahahahaha! Unsightly and clumsy! Look……You'll die if you don't dodge you know?"

Flames could be seen inside the chimaera's mouth.

Brad gasped and clicked his tongue.

Those flames should have the power beyond SS rank looking at the density of the magic power.

Even he won't be able to easily defend against that.

"…I will do it."

However, at this moment Tia was in this place.

Tia stood up and began her chant.

"I have no other way to cancel it…except with this. Oh brave stream of water, blessings and calamities, source of all that is mother Water. Oh piercing, striking and crushing waters of calamity, lend us your strength now and strike our foes――――――――!"

Above Tia's head an enormous magic circle was formed.

Simultaneously with the chimaera's flames being fired, a raging stream of water appeared from that magic circle.

Upon colliding, the two magic counterbalanced each other in mid-air, raising the sound of an explosion.


"Did it pretty good didn't you!…We can shoot as many times we want you know!"


The next flame had already acc.u.mulated inside the chimaera's mouth.

Seeing that, Tia made a sour look as if she ate a bitter bug.

There's too little time to fire water while chanting that much in rapid succession as expected and she won't be able to be in time even if she were to possess the magic power for it.

Even so she has no other choice but to do it.

It's instant death if her side gets. .h.i.t even once.

If Tia blunders, then all four would wind up dead.

"Now! How long will you be able to endure I won…der…h…huh…?"

"? …What?"

The moment she tried shooting the flame, Melua's movement abruptly came to a stop.

From her state where she stuck out her arm, that movement of her gradually became sluggish.

As if her body was solidifying――――――――――――

"――――――hmph, it finally showed effect."

That time, Brad mumbled.

Standing up with a disgusted look, he lined up beside Tia and looked up at the chimaera.

"W- why…is my body…slow…"

"You can hardly move anymore isn't that right? I became anxious when you fused with this giant thing, but I'm most glad it worked.

"? What in the world are you talking about?"

Among them, the one who understood everything was naturally only Brad.

Neither Melua whose body's freedom suddenly ceased to be effective, nor his ally Tia; they could not understand anything of this situation.

"When I did a surprise attack on you b.a.s.t.a.r.d in the beginning, I stabbed you with this red knife."

What he took out was a red knife.

It was a dark red, shining and frighteningly beautiful knife that sucks blood.

"This is . On the surface there is a special poison that seeps out with my magic power. I had it enter your body during that surprise attack."

A liquid dripped drop by drop from the knife.

That was a red liquid, but it was thinner than blood and lighter in color.

"This is a poison that hardens blood like stone. With a small quant.i.ty it is only effective enough to dull a foe's movement, but if I stab you deeply like back then and stab you in the center of your body on top of it, then it is easy to do something like transforming the blood in your whole body into stone."


Melua could no longer understand his words.

The chimaera which the girl was controlling completely stopped its movements and crumbled down from being unable to support its body.

"It's regrettable, but you've already reached your limits. You can… no longer hear anything, I suppose."

Melua could no longer speak.

However, her eyes that she could still move a little caught the figure of a single magic soldier at the end of her vision.

Because the exterior was tattered, a single man was trying to crawl.

The man's name was Ramell.

It was the man who was convinced he was the brother of the currently dying Melua, no, Amelle.

It was supposed to be memories that was inserted by magic, but even at this point of time, Ramell was pointing a look of a family towards Melua.


He himself was tattered.

The damage from being kicked by Glain back then must have been great.

Even while blood is flowing from his mouth, Ramell called her, his sister's name.

Why is that person looking at me with those eyes I wonder.

Even though I deceived him, even though I did something terrible.

Even though I even did something unreasonable to his beloved miss Alize.

Why is he looking at me with such gentle eyes I wonder.

Your little sister is an illusion and our family was make-believe.

Despite that, why?

Come to think of it――――――――

The everyday life I spent with those people… wasn't bad I guess.

Aah, it would've been nice if I really was his little sister.

If I was then I bet I wouldn't have needed such strength.

More――――――――like a normal girl――――――――――――

"Good bye, monster tamer"

On top of the crumbled down chimaera, was a figure of a young girl extending her hand like she was wishing for something.


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