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Published at 11th of July 2019 03:18:50 PM Chapter 98

Kouma ran inside the forest .

Towards the light, and cutting down any sacred swords attacking him on the way without wasting any of his breath .

And then he finally arrived at a clear s.p.a.ce .

“So you’re the one who spread that barrier”

“Hum… You do not question me thoughtlessly”

Said a white haired man as he turned his head .

He was a tall and quite an impressive man with a wide cloak .

However, he understood that the airs.p.a.ce that occupied the place around him was seized by this man .

“The creatures called humans have always been like this . Convinced that they themselves are the highest . What arrogance, the summit of the world are not the likes of you humans . It is our G.o.d, the Almighty Creasyl . And then――――me”

The man looked up to the sky and spread his hands .

He behaved as if he believed that all the words he just spoke of were true .

However, Kouma also faced him with an indomitable and dignified att.i.tude .

“ … The summit of the world and such don’t matter to me . I will defeat you . That’s all there is”

“Quite the conceited human aren’t you――――I can see the need for punishment”

Both his arms still spread, the man rose to the air .

“I am one of the Seven Sacred Swords! The Prideful Sword Lucifer! The one who rules over pride!”

“I am Kouma… A trivial senior high school student”

Yuuhi was running through a rough rocky area .

She was clad in black flames and instantly burned away the flesh of those nearby .

And what awaited at the end where she continued to run towards, was a man with long and smooth black hair .

There was deep crease between his brows and his eyes were sharp .

He was wearing clothes based on red and black, and grasped in his hand was a sinister double-edged sword .

“You’re the key of the barrier?”

“Oh shut up . Think about it yourself before asking someone”

The irritated looking man pointed the sharp glint in his eyes towards Yuuhi .

However, that did not make Yuuhi falter .

“It doesn’t matter whoever you are . I’ll just kill you either way”

“Aaah, so noisy and annoying! You’re making me feel angry…”

Yuuhi prepared herself and so did the man .

The emotion that rose on both of their expression was one, anger .

“I am one of the Seven Sacred Swords, the Wrathful Sword Satan . I shall hear your name”

“I have no name to give you . You’re going to die either way, so it’s fine right?”

“ …I’m definitely going to kill you”

“I’m hungry~, I’m hungry~”

“ … What is that desu? That over there”

“It’s dangerous you know…”

Where Shironeko and Mineko’s eyes pointed towards was the appearance of a girl who reached her “arm” to the sacred swords around her and ate their body with the “mouth” on the palm of her hand .

Her arms bent like tentacles and due to her palms having a mouth, they had oval shapes .

“Aah, it’s mankind, I haven’t been able to eat any of them recently… Should I eat some”

“She’s coming desu”


Her arm stretched .

The two took care of it safely, avoiding her by separating left and right .

However, the trees behind them were bitten and eaten by the mouth and turned into a vacant plot of land .

“ … We can’t be touched by that desu”

“We won’t simply finish this … easily would we”

“Aah, I haven’t eaten trees for a long time either . Delicious”

Forgetting that she aimed for the two, the girl began eating the trees .

In doing so, the trees of the forest vanished in the blink of an eye and a large plaza was made in the blink of an eye .

“But, I want to eat mankind too… Say, can I eat you? I can’t control myself though”

“I’m sure I’m not delicious desu”

“I don’t think that’s the problem though…”

There were no feelings of tension in the conversation, but their facial expression were serious .

The two once again calmly evaded the arm which went back to its target .

“Let’s go desu”


“I’m hungry~”

“Uwah, so only I get to go against someone like you? I’m so jealous of the other sacred swords, I won’t be able to enjoy anything like this”

“ …Are you the key to this barrier?”

“That’s right, so?”

In front of Elka stood a boy .

The boy gazed at Elka with round eyes .

And then let out a sigh .

“You’re a small fry right? I easily understand that you’re the weakest among the humans who have come attacking us”

“Whe- where could you…”

“Your eyes are too cloudy . You’re not watching me . You’re distracted, kind of like that”

The boy scratched his head hatefully .

“You clearly understand that you’ll be going against me and yet, why aren’t you watching me? I’m going to become jealous you know?”

“Shut up! I can fight”

“Then will you show me the proof? That you can fight for a bit”


The boy moved in front of Elka’s eyes in an instant .

If it was her until now, she would’ve seen everything .

However, the current Elka could not even perceive him .

“I am the Envious Sword Leviathan . The sword who is going to kill you”

Leviathan clapped once .

The instant the two hands touched each other, a shock sprung forth and blew away Elka .

“Hey! So that barrier will go away once I beat you up right!?”

“ … The troublesome has come . I don’t want this”

“What, slovenly man ain’t ya”

Ahead of where Roa headed to was the figure of a man lying down on bare ground .

The man gazed at Roa in a languid state .

He stood up without any changes before long and readied his sword which he took out while still hunched back .

“It’s troublesome, but it’s for the Almighty Creasyl so… let’s finish this quickly, okay? The barrier will dissolve if you kill me you know”

“Heh, aren’t you quick on the uptake . Then let’s do it”

On one hand, a forever languid man .

On the other hand, a ferocious girl showing fighting spirit .

The two terribly contrasting people faced each other .

“I’m the daughter of the beast king, Roa Leonail”

“One of the Seven Sacred Swords, Slothful Sword Belphegor . Aah… just giving my name is troublesome”

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