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In the end, I rushed through the forest with Ai Fa while it’s still dawn.

Looks like it will be dark soon, the vicinity has become very dim.

“I have spent wasteful time because of you, don’t die if we are attacked by giba in the darkness.”

While holding Ai Fa’s left shoulder and advancing faster while protecting my hurt right leg. I ask “Giba?”

“Did you prepare that pitfall to trap him? Is that the animal that looks like a wild boar?

“....Wild boar?”

“Yeah. It’s black in color, round, and have horns there and there…”

“That’s a giba. Did you see it?

“I seen it. No, I was chased by it. That’s why I fell to that pitfall.”

“You are clumsy. When you are being chased by a giba, climbing a high tree is the common sense”

“That’s why I said I didn’t know the common sense of this place.”

While we run, I look at the place where i grabbed Ai Fa’s left shoulder

“Hey, is the fur on this cloak, giba’s fur?

“Of course. I am a people of Morihen and we hunt Morga’s giba. People of Morihen hunts giba, eat their meat, and sell their tusk, horn, and fur to live.

While carefully moving through the bushes, she sullenly looks back at me.

“.....And the resident of Capital of Stone despise us, because we, people of Morihen are “giba eater”.”

“Hmm? Why? Wild boar is delicious“

Again, i am not boasting, when i was in second grade of junior high school, on my winter break, I partic.i.p.ate in Hunting Friend a.s.sociation’s Farm campus, and got some experience in handling wild boars and deer. That time’s nabe pot was really delicious

“That is not a wild boar, its a giba. Giba’s meat is hard and smelly. People of morihen that eat giba’s meat are also smelly.”

“It’s not smelly. Because you are letting out such a delicious smell.”
(TL: uh...ok smell fetish? this is rare)

Ai Fa’s deep blue eyes is letting out an irritating sight.
Umu. Girls in p.u.b.erty are really hard to handle.

Also, to not damage Ai Fa’s honor i also said that it wasn’t because of the meat and fat, but rather because of the strong smell of sweet fruits and refreshing smell of various aromatic herbs, all of the smell intertwined with the meat’s smell producing a bit of the flavour of the meat, and that stimulated my appet.i.te.

“No, but, really. I have a very sharp nose. That giba must be delicious”

“The meat is not good nor bad.”

Oh. That is a very bold remark. Isn’t that a challenge to a cook apprentice like me?
But, there is no way to display the sense of my world in this situation. So, to not make any unnecessary talk, I concentrate to walk silently.

Then, after walking 15 minutes through the forest….Suddenly, my visibility increased, and the forest is gone.

The sun has sink...for about 80%.
Illuminated by the orange afterglow of the sun, a rustic mountain village can be seen.

(Ah...This world is really a world where human beings can live)
For some reason, my chest becomes full.
It’s dim and i can’t see it well. But at the rocky area where the opening of the mountain is, there are many small rugged wooden house scattered like dots. Some of the houses are letting out smokes that seems to be caused by fire high to the sky.

(....It’s a delicious smell after all)

Because of meat’s protein, perhaps the smell of herbs and spices melts into the air.
It was hard to calm the sound of my stomach to not anger Ai Fa.

“Outside of the forest somehow feels calm and good. How many villager live in this village?

“Don’t know…..Well, it’s about 500 at most.”

“500 people? Quite a large village, but from what i seen, there doesn’t seem to be that many house.”

People of Morihen lived by dividing Morga Mountain and Jenos’ territory. The village was built all the way from the north to the south. It takes more than half a day to come from one end to another end of the village.

Fumu. It’s an extremely long territory. The houses are also scattered like dots. I feel like this village has a pretty relaxed small population, I don’t really get the “village” feel though.

I wanted to collect more information but, an unexpected intruder has appeared.

“Yo, Ai Fa. What’s with that shabby brat?”

We were called from the side by a man with a deep voice.

“It’s nothing. This is unrelated to you, Diga Sun” (TL : ディガ=スン = Diga sun)

“There is no way i am unrelated right? I am from the house of Sun which from people of Morihen’s viewpoint are like rulers”

A big person rudely approaches us.
It was a young man dressed like Ai Fa.

He’s tall. Though it’s by the standard of my world, around 180 cm.
(TL:It should be said as j.a.pan’s standard, i had a dutch friend that was around 190++ cm)
His bone and muscle seems steady, and his weight should be around 80 Kg.

Short dark brown hair, dark skin color, blue eyes. Other than hair color, His traits looks similar to Ai Fa.
He is also wearing a cloak and a vest that match to his big body, and on his neck, there is a fang necklace similar to Ai Fa, but it has more fangs.
On his waist are thick long sword and a knife.

Blocking our way, he throw us an unreserved gaze.

“Hmph..Strange clothes, huh? You, which people did you come from?”

Although he has a deep voice, his way of speaking is unpleasant somehow.
Also, he has the same eye color as Ai Fa, but his eye color is dull and impure.
Even though he is the second person i meet in this world, he doesn’t seems to be someone who can leave a favorable impression.

But, for someone like me who works with discretion at service industry.
If I lose my cool to an opponent like this, then I am not fit to be a merchant’s son.
When i thought so, I put in all my effort to be as polite as possible.

Just now, Ai Fa said “You are unrelated”.

“I don’t owe any favors to Sun family, and you are a man that can only give troubles. Someone with a big mouth like you, should just get your useless huge body to the waste quickly.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what did you just say?
That man’s face color changed, but Ai Fa’s mouth didn’t stop.

“If you got any problem, I will fight you anytime. So, don’t appear in front of me again. You are an eyesore, Diga Sun.”

After saying that, Ai Fa began to walk quickly.
I have no choice but to quickly walk with her since i am borrowing her shoulder. When I to the side of the angry young man, i bow a little as in being humble.

“You stubborn stray woman! Take care of your head so when i hunt giba i don’t accidentally break your head!”

Voice of the man who lost temper, echoes through the foot of the mountain.
The calm and quiet scene was ruined.

“Uh hey, it might not be a problem that an outsider like me can interrupt. But, can’t you take care of you relationship with your neighbour a little?

“That man, Diga Sun, is a man that sneak into my home and tried to rape me when my father died. That’s why i hit his lower body until he can’t stand up anymore and throw him at the river after that.”


“Since then, because i have humiliated the heir of Sun family, i lost my place at the village…..Should i really cherish my relation with a guy like that?

“I take it back. I regret bowed at him. I wonder if I can hit him once.”

I said so while releasing my grip on Ai Fa’s shoulder and grasped my right hand at powerful momentum. My fingertips digs into my skin.

“What are you saying. Diga Sun isn’t someone that is worth hitting.”

“No, but, then it’s unfair because you are the one that getting the shame.”

“I don’t feel ashamed at all. I am a person that thinks families are troublesome. That’s why i actually feel relieved”

She is glaring at me with strong and decisive blue eyes that can’t be compared to the man just now.

But, if you harm that man from the Sun Family, I will be the one that have to take the responsibility. If that happens, I will be truly banished from the village….Do you want me live as a homeless person like that?”

“Ah...that’s , of course. Sorry. I didn’t think of it from your standpoint. I guess it’s because I’m hungry that i am so short tempered.

Then as if it agree with me, my stomach rumbles with the sound “gugyuru”.

Ai Fa nab my wrist, while her is trembling with purupuru.

“You...Is that on purpose? Do you want to be pushed down to the river?”

“Of, of course it’s not on purpose. How can i imitate a rumbling stomach sound! Just laugh if you want to laugh.”


Ai Fa thrust away my arm and began to walk wide apart.
I rushed to her side and grabbed her left shoulder again.

Then, while watching the nape of her neck that becomes red. I thought that “Human in this world is also warm to touch after all.” That was just a rambling though.

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