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We are a race called mountain elves.

n.o.body can match us in the mountains.

The only ones who can be considered as a match is another mountain elf.

Unfortunately, my family fought against another mountain elf family. We lost our home and were forced to wander.

Lucky enough, we immediately found another place we can settle down.

Moreover, it is a much better place compared to our previous home.

Ysama, the leader of our group, greeted the chief with respect and courtesy.

As expected of Ysama.

Being courteous is important.

I think I should also show my courtesy too.

And so, I greeted him with respect.

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However, at any rate, but!

I'm currently dissatisfied with our everyday lives.

It is because of the att.i.tude of the village chief, the lord of our new home.

He doesn't know how to treat a woman who fell in love for the first time.

He really doesn't.

In addition, he's not someone to fall in love with.

Ysama is already at the right age.

No, I feel like she already pa.s.sed that age, no, she's just a very late bloomer….. no, d.a.m.n it!

At any rate, that man knows nothing about love!

A heartless man!

He doesn't know the word "fidelity" and is in a relationship with countless females!

Well, it’s true that I thought he's really amazing when I heard that he made this village in this area alone.

He deserves to be respected for it.

He's also really awesome to have a famous vampire and a famous angel as his subordinates.

However, that doesn't matter.

His habit of making females his past time is the worst!

I don't intend to go against him.

I even recognize him as the lord of this place.

However, I will never accept him as Ysama's partner!


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However, looking at the present situation, I doubt Ysama will listen to me.

Similarly, it is a waste of time to talk to the village chief.

I don't think he'll stop changing partners every now and then just because I told him so.



What should I do?

How can I prevent Ysama from the evil grasp of the village chief?

I should speak with someone with more wisdom.

It is embarra.s.sing to say but, we always relied on Ysama regarding that matter.

But how can I consult Ysama about this….

I can't.

All the person of wisdom residing in this village is entirely hanging on the village chief's tooth.

The demon ladies who are called here as the civil servant girls seem to be alright….however, I stopped because I can feel the pain in their eyes. How could I rely on them?

Intuition is important.

Using that, we managed to defend ourselves from various things on the mountain.

With that, the remaining ones I can rely on are Zabuton-san and Kuro-san….

But communicating with them is difficult.

They're also a little scary.


Since it has come to this, there's no choice but to rely on my own effort.

I squeezed my brain a few times but nothing came out.

Now is the time for you to be active, brain of mine!


Presently, Ysama feels something for the village chief. (My speculation)

But the village chief feels nothing for Ysama. (Might be so but I'm not really sure.)


In other words, if Ysama gives up on the village chief, everything will be OK.

How can I make her give up?

Should I say something about the age limit….no, I shouldn't.

Ysama is a wonderful woman.

I can certainly found a good partner for her.

And so, I gave up.

Yes, I gave up.

Let's think for another method….

If she saw the village chief's bad side, will Ysama give up on him?

Yes, that might be so.

Then, this will be easy.

Let's investigate the bad side of the village chief!

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That's what I thought five days ago.

The village chief, who I thought was full of faults, is a very ordinary farmer.

No, it might be better to say that he's a serious farmer.

His only bad point is his night life….

Even so, I still believe that a polygamous family is bad.


Could it be that Ysama's eyes are reliable?

No no, I should not give up.

Though I'm trying to look for the village chief's bad side, I can only observe him during my free time.

In other words, I can only observe the village chief for a limited time.

There is a possibility that his bad points can be seen during the times my eyes are off him.

I'll put off my work tomorrow.

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Today, the village chief is doing a precision job for something at his house.

Did someone ask him to do so?

He cut a small tree and get some threads of Zabuton-san from the warehouse.

What is he trying to do?

By chance, could this be connected to the village chief's bad points?


No, I shouldn't get excited yet.

I observe what the village chief is doing.


I don't get it at all.

There were times where I don't understand the village chief's action but not this much.

I totally don't, wait….


I feel like I somewhat have an idea…..it is something that I'm knowledgeable at….


I unintentionally spoke.

「Hahaha, it's not a trap.」

The village chief has become aware of my presence.

I'm ashamed of my failure.

However, it seems like the village chief didn't know that I'm secretly observing him.

「Then, what's that?」

「Ah….this will be here…..and it will be completed with this.」

「It is complete now?」


The village chief said so and put down a wooden board along with several more wooden boards arranged in a certain manner……then, the ball begins to roll.

The ball hits a board which is tied to a certain mechanism which is tied to another mechanism and is connected to some more mechanisms.

「Oooohhhhhh! Amazing! A chain of traps!」

「Hahaha, it's not a trap…. Well, it gives that feeling. But it stops here.」

With the village chief's explanation, the ball seemed to have to come and go at the cup but it seems like something went wrong there.

「What will happen if it goes well?」

「It will move here, then if you move this….it will be like this.」


Mountain elves are good at hunting using traps.

I just want to say that….

That said, I really love this!

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That day, I forgot about the time and just played with the village chief.

Though it hasn't reached the end, I'm satisfied.

I don't want to leave that masterpiece for eternity.

However, the heartless oni maid told us to tidy things up.

She doesn't know the true meaning of art.

She should have looked at it carefully.

Since it has come to this I just need to….ah, yes.

I'll clean this up.

She looks really scary.


She's just like an oni!


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At a later date.

Though I know that it’s pointless, I tried to gently speak with the village chief.

「Please don't lay your hands on Ysama.」

「As you wish! But for that to happen, your cooperation is essential! Make sure that there won't be any situation where there's only she and I! Stay beside Ya as much as possible!」

「Eh, ah, yes.」

The village chief made a face like a soldier who received reinforcement after being surrounded and isolated by enemies.

「If the atmosphere becomes good, trample it in any way you can! I beg of you! Absolutely do it! Please!」

I don't feel any lie in any of his words.

Did I misunderstand something?

No no, the village chief probably thinks that he doesn't deserve Ysama either.

Yeah, that must be it.

In any case, under the permission of the village chief, I interfered with the relationship development between Ysama and the village chief.



Why is Ysama looking at me with eyes full of grudge?


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