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TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


Right now, it won't be an overstatement if you say that I'm at the peak of happiness.

「Aidle being smaller than me… really is a fresh and new experience~♪」

「Master, aren't you embracing me a little too strongly? The magic power being supplemented is also too big」

On our bed, I was hugged by the grown Arena behind me and I'm hugging the little girl with beautiful red hair in front of me. Both in front and behind me are angels. Oooooh, the love… the love is overflowing!!!…….

Arena right now closely resembles La Veil's image and style. The clothes clinging to her look erotic, and moreover the underwear they use in this world is strapped cloth……Nn~.

Also, her overall atmosphere has matured as an effect of that skill so she now has a big sister temperament, and loves hugging me like a hug pillow. This might become a habit.

Let me say this clearly, I feel like I'm about to enter a world that I should not. My brain feels like it is going to turn to mush when she whispers in my ears……hyah~!

「Yo, you, what are you doing Arena?」

「Nothing~ It's Aidle who would always do this you know? Or maybe are you embarra.s.sed that we are doing this in reverse?」

……Naaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Oooooooooooohhh!! I, I want to attack!! I want to cling on that innocent body!! My head was now filled with fluffy feelings, so much so that I felt like it was going to explode from too much happiness! Calm down me!! O look to the front and have my heart at ease watching the girl I am hugging…

「…Why are you looking at me with that creepy face?」


「Will you call me Onee-chan, La Veil?」

「Isn't there a big difference between our ages?」

No, you see… when looking at you right, aren't you looking just like a cute little angel? Your hair also grew all the way to your feet, and there's no sign of split ends on it, not to mention the silky white skin that would be shown if you took off your clothes.

I am quite confident that I wouldn't be able to resist and take you away if you asked me right now. Ahhh, this is useless. Wherever I look, that forbidden door is looming to be opened… But, I decided to change the topic to stop my delusions from running wild.

「And so, that person over there is the Hero right?」

I pointed at the object that was spring bound by light in the corner of the room. Then Arena manipulated something with her fingers.

「Yup, I'm binding him with my power right now. And on that note, it's just the right time to hand over the ownership of the binding to you, Aidle」

「……how do I say it, is it because I am more familiar with fairy magic than you are?」

Even though I've already heard about it earlier,『Limited Growth』 is really strong. Even if my INT hasn't moved from 7100, the current Arena got over 10000 INT. And even if it's only on the scale of one day, she would be able to use fairy magic almost without limits. Even if you win by status difference, she would still be that great of a threat.

And so, I have decided to name this state of Arena as 『Special Arenchan Mode』. I didn't really know what to do with it? The name of her state was actually included but I didn't know of it you know?

So I named this state of Arena 『Special Arenchan Mode』. There is nothing else other than that right? I'm settling with that, and then I didn't really know what to do with that other thing?

「In regards to that one master. What should we do about it? If it was me, then I would very much like to erase it」

 An aura of red flames was starting to flow out of La Veil. But that is not a good thing to do you know La Veil. For now, stay down.

「As for that, I will bring him tomorrow to present it to the king. Our party members might be attacked again, that is certain. Tomorrow I'll make sure to bring down the other Hero, and then let's use the two of them as bargaining chips for negotiation」

 Depending on the circ.u.mstances, the King might just be borrowing their powers, I plan to propose various things if we do get into an agreement. I would also ask for my rewards to be included. I would also include a pa.s.s that would allow us to visit any country. Having a pa.s.s that would allow you to be in any country is awesome you know. I also want to enter the Royal Library. I would like to know about the history and information about this world.

「Now then, how should we deal with this thing?」

「Can't Master place him in your storage?」

「Well living things shouldn't be able to……Ahhh, Maybe I can do something about it using Fairy Magic」

 I put the Hero inside a chest. Then bind that chest with a tight rope, and then make it be recognized as non-living object using fairy magic and finally chunk it inside my storage.

「I have just experienced something that would collapse my common-sense, and frighteningly, I'm getting used to it」

「As expected of Aidle she is more amazing than me when doing this」

「I think so too」

 There was nothing left to do, so after that the three talked about a lot of things. Arena's resolve, La Veil's revised recognition, and about the unexpected things I did, etc.

「That should already be enough Aidle. As I have said to La Veil, I have been expecting it might turn into something like this someday you know?」

「That might be something that was inevitable, but… It was me who was dragged you into this, look, the responsibility definitely falls under me」

「Because we were also expecting that things might turned that way when we are to walk along with you. That's the reason why Arena also did her best to power up. Or am I mistaken?」

 Once that is said, I couldn't answer back… and true, I have only been thinking of trying to protect Arena.

「About that. It's because we are friends, La Veil and me also want to protect Aidle!! Do you agree!!?」

「Ah, Hai!!」

 I wasn't expecting Arena to be too pushy about that. I don't feel like I could win against her anymore……

「I will protect Aidle and La Veil」

「I will protect Master and Arena」

「I will protect Arena and La Veil」

 Sharing each other's trouble, that what we pledged at this moment. Let's enjoy our journey from now on. Cooperating with everyone, we will overcome every hardship that comes our way.

 Waking up in the morning, I remembered that we slept hugging each other. La Veil returned to her Onee-san figure, and Arena returned to her normal figure, that was the same as mine. While the three of us were sleeping soundly, the sun has already risen up in the sky. I leave the two that were still asleep and go down to greet Aguersan.

「Morning, Aguersan」

「Oh, morning. You sure woke up late today… Can you afford being relaxed like that even though it's the final match today?」

「It's not really like that. Oh right, I'd like to consult you with something, you see I would like to pay for the in the room. About that you see, I kind of broke it!?」

After telling her that, I handed over a gold coin, but despite that I was still pounded on my head. Uuuu, it hurts…

「Reimbursing is good but giving too much just makes you look like an idiot, 10 silver coins should already be good enough」

「Ah, hai……」

After receiving the money, Aguersan went away and disappeared into the back of the kitchen. Well then, when will those two wake up.

When I returned to the room, La Veil just got up. Although her hair is usually arranged, right now it is disheveled with bed hair popping out all over the place.  While looking at me with droopy eyes, she greeted me with a soft smile saying 「Morning, Master」.

「Good morning La Veil. Is Arena still not up yet?」

「She will probably be down for a while. That skill is just too insane after all. It's almost close to being the work of a G.o.d disabling the characteristics of a Holy Sword」

 Well that's to be expected… oh well never mind that. After preparing to go out La Veil carried Arena and then we left the room.

At the entrance of the Inn Aguersan was waiting for us.

「Today is the last day. I couldn't really expect and tell you to win it. But, all I can say is give it your best and good luck!!」

「Hai, thanks Aguersan. We will be back later!」

Some day in the future, when I stop over again in this country, I will definitely stay at this Inn again.

 While walking towards the stadium while receiving cheers from everyone, I found a stranger. It was a person from A Block… If I remember correctly, she was called Bisom ething? She looks kind of confused but, I wonder what's wrong?

「Etto… You were Suvia right? What's the matter?」

「Eh…Ah, you are. No, just that, about Morial……」

 After hearing about what has happened, it seems that in the fight against the Hero in the quarterfinals, the Hero forcibly healed his wounds without permission, and that ended up not being able to return his severed limbs. And because of that, it seems like he won't be able to fight her anymore in the future and that resulted into her feeling depressed about it.

「I see… Master」

「I understand… Ne, Suvia, in today's finals. If I win, won't you go and visit Morial tonight?」

 Light finally returned to Suvia's eyes. She looks straight into my face they returns looking down again.

「That is… but no matter what I say now, his life is…」

「That is not something you should decide, and also, it won't be a problem if you do support him from now on. Don't you agree to that?」

「……Even if I do this timidly I guess it couldn't be helped. That's right… I will expecting much from you in the finals」

「Un, then see you later」

 Although she was showing a shadowed smile, she still sent us a one and then went way.

「If everything will be finished today including the finals, let's also visit and cure him」

「That is so. I do like happy endings」

「Me too~. Or more like, all fairies do too」

 After that, a lot of other players went to greet us until we reach the stadium.


「Mu, have you awaken? Good morning Arena」

「Ooh, morning Arena. Did you remember what happened yesterday?」

 Arena who just woke up replied with 「AUu-…」 while nodding drowsily as she digs deep in her memory.

「Ah-…was saved-then-?」

「「you have been saved」」

 Arena descended from La Veil's back and stretched her body, then stroking her head I hugged her and we cuddled for a bit. You did your best. I feel like tears would flow out of my eyes from the long yet short absence.

「Aidle, do your best? Mukyuuu~」(Close Distance + Upturned Eyes + Close Breath + A kiss on the Cheeks)

「La Veil, Today I will be shining」

「I don't think you will be shining more brightly than what you are right now master. Have you already prepared yourself with the Hero?」

Fuhahahahaha. No worries, right now I am invincible!


The small La Veil and the big Arena's physics were like a reverse of the two's exact physics other than hair length.


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