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"Kill him for me! Immediately! Straightaway! Quickly!"

Yao Qing's anger had reached the peak and he roared.

"The elder beside him frowned, "Young master, it would be better for us not to stir up trouble within Evil Demon city."

"So what about Evil Demon city? Can it be better than my Flowing Cloud sect? Such a tiny city, my grandpa can just wipe it off instantly. Yao Kong, I am now ordering you to kill him!"

He had urinated in fright, almost thinking that he was about to die just now. The fear still lingered within his mind, if Qin Tian doesn't die, he won't be able to take it.

Elder Yao Kong, rank 1 rebirth realm, a servant of the Yao clan. He was powerful and has always been a cautious person. Ever since he stepped into Evil Demon city, he felt that there was a pair of eyes overseeing the city. The feeling couldn't be cast off and pressured him, making him uncomfortable.

No one had ever seen the Evil Demon city leader.

However, the fact that he was the universe realm was undoubted.

Yao Kong strongly believed that everything that happened was already known to the city leader, but as for why no action had been taken, he did not know.

Seeing Yao Qing's rage, his heart sank as he stared at Qin Tian, "Having such a powerful Qigong cultivation, he is definitely a one of a kind Heaven-defying disciple. If he isn't dealt with today, I'm afraid that we would be leaving behind trouble for Flowing Cloud sect."

Yao Kong's eyes narrowed and the profound rebirth force spread all over his body. A powerful aura was slowly being released.

A rebirth realm cultivator, just how strong would he be?

If he released all his power, the entire Evil Demon city would be ruined.

Those that originally wanted to watch the show turned pale as they speedily fled in disarray. They may not be afraid of those of the ascension realm, but rebirth realm was not the same.

Qin Tian's expression changed. The azure dragon and colossus elephant were crying out, rampaging about, as if they were fearful.

"Rebirth force, is this the rebirth force?"

Rebirth force, a power far above ascension force, the power to destroy and form. Everything from the heaven to earth will enter a cycle. Such power was extremely terrifying.

Rebirth, destruction?

Qin Tian closed his eyes and revealed a faint smile. Unknowingly, he seemed to have undergone an enlightenment. Everything around a range, under the law of aura, could be felt, even the flow of Qigong within Yao Kong. A feeling like that truly is remarkable.

"Not afraid?" Yao Kong was stunned. Qin Tian did not flee and his calmness shocked him. Coldly, he snorted inwardly, "Acting holy to deceive the devil? No matter what your intention is, you won't be able to escape from my crutches.

"One Sword Rebirth!"

Yao Kong shouted and his rebirth force immediately condensed into a long sword. Explosions erupted around it and scars appeared in the sky, faintly revealing the starry sky.

Qin Tian still did not move.

He was still as calm as before. The One Sword Rebirth contained the property of destruction in which Qin Tian had no way to defend against or escape from. However, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

A mysterious smile, which no one could understand.

"Haha, turned dumb from fear already?" Yao Qing laughed. Seeing Qin Tian about to turn into a lifeless corpse, he was elated. He roared, "Die now!"

"Die?!" Qin Tian smiled coldly while his expression changed completely.

One Sword Rebirth strike towards Qin Tian. The pressure was immeasurably great.

Qin Tian sneered while he shouted to himself, "F**k you, still not coming out?"

He had felt a powerful aura staring at them from the sky above the city. It was like a huge monster, covering the entire continent.

When Yao Kong appeared, it moved, wanting to descend. Qin Tian could feel its killing intent formed through anger.

Thinking about the rules of Evil Demon city, Qin Tian was able to deduce that the powerful might was something created by the city leader.

Qin Tian was gambling, gambling that he would arrive to stop Yao Kong.

Facing the rebirth realm Yao Kong, Qin Tian's chance of escaping was zero. The only reason why he did not show any fear was because he believed that the city leader will intervene.

While Yao Qing was speaking insolently, its aura rose, seemingly unhappy.


It was a clear and deep sound.

The rebirth force within Yao Kong's One Sword Rebirth vanished. The originally Heaven shaking might disappear in an instant. It was like thinking that it would be a loud fart after putting in so much effort, only for it to be a soundless one.

Qin Tian did not die.

His smile became even greater. However, his heart was fuming with rage as he swore, "I'll definitely find a chance to kill you."

Yao Kong was taken aback and immediately kept his rebirth force. He went towards Yao Qing and frowned.

The One Sword Rebirth was completely shattered, and there was only one person that could do that in the Evil Demon city, the city leader.

A breeze blew pa.s.s and a black shadow floated in midair. Behind it was two wings, around 30 feet in length. It held a dark spirit spear and its eyes were filled with a boundless dark radiance. Its aura was like an evil demon that cultivated in h.e.l.l for tens of thousands of years, making others shudder in terror.

Evil demon incarnation?!

Filled with universe force, the power of heaven and earth seemed to have condensed within its body. The force had the power to estrogen everything.

Yao Kong trembled as his face turned pale and bowed respectfully, "May Evil Demon city leader pardon."

"Does Flowing Cloud sect want to disregard Evil Demon city's rules?" The incarnation spoke while it waved the spear. A gust of force surged out and strike towards Yao Kong's chest.

Yao Kong flew thousands of feet away. With blood dripping down his mouth, he once again bowed respectfully, no anger could be seen on his face, "We dare not."

"Don't dare?" The incarnation snorted. The pair of dark radiance glanced at Yao Qing, "Does Flowing Cloud sect not put my Evil Demon city in its eyes?"

Yao Qing was risen up, his legs were trembling greatly. He landed on both his knees and head on the ground, apologizing profusely. The words that came out, even he himself could not understand.

The robe at his a.s.s area grew a lump.

Previously, it was urination. Now, it was sh*t. It was completely humiliating.

"May the city leader forgive. He is Yao Mie's grandson. I hope that you would let him off this once and give my master some face.

"Yao Mie? That peak universe realm Yao Mie?"

The incarnation was a bit stunned. Yao Kong had some guts.

Suddenly, the spear swept out, lifting Yao Kong into the air.


A deep hole was produced. Yao Kong was covered with blood. He climbed out and laid on all fours on the ground, not daring to even take a deep breath.

Facing a universe realm expert, he could only beg for mercy. There was not a single chance of him being able to successfully counterattack. And this was just the incarnation. If it was the real deal, then he would already be dead.

"Universe force, heaven and earth moved for it. Powerful, too powerful." Qin Tian was excited. The power of heaven and earth are all for one to use, such a realm was too powerful.

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