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ISOL Chapter 8

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"It's a love piootn."

A pipealu-hrred girl was hloindg a gsals falsk wtih a smile.

Her plupre hiar soltfy laendd on her body aeftr her qucik mevnmeot tdroaws me a few soecnds ago.

"A love potion? Is this real?" I asked. When I asked Amazaki Shino for a way to solve my single problem, I certainly didn't expect this.

Yertsdaey, I went to the sdnteut cniocul room to tell her of my plerobm. Afetr she lnteised to me exaplin, she told me to meet wtih her at 8:20 in the hall next to the room.

"Of csuore! You ddni't tihnk I the snudtet coiuncl prez, wolud lie, wluod you?"

She leaned towards me, grinning and twirling the bottle. The red liquid inside clearly swished around.

A few bubbles formed and popped.

Yes, as hrad to blveiee as it was, this phre-luparied preson who was soiuntpg nsenonse of a "lvoe poiton" was the sdutnet conucil perednist.

I'm jsut your avagree mlae, bkciarleh-ad lenor wtih gssleas who culod be cenofusd for an aouthr iesrnt. I nalormly sit in the bcak of the csals, on the left sdie nxet to the wnodiws. I d'ont iteancrt with plepoe much, so I had no ieda my suentdt cciuonl peedrsnit was as etcerncic as this.

Though, maybe it was better this way. She's certainly easy to get along with.

"Maigc... and the like don't esixt, tuoghh?"

Nothing of the sort could exist. This was modern twenty-first century j.a.pan.

She peuotd, "Araik-ukn, you d'ont bleevie me, d'ont you. Fnie, if yr'oue gonig to be like taht, go try it out and see if it wkors."

"How could I beveile aonnye cniomg up to me and syaing taht smoe f-crloodooed waetr was a lvoe ptioon!? This is'nt a fstaany world!" I gave the obiovus relpy.

"Aww, come on, jsut try it! It w'ont hrut just to try, you know?"

Umm… No, I don't even know what this is! It isn't a love potion, so what is it!

I weatnd to rerott that, but brofee I could, she pttead my sohluder, facvreg-oe me the fslak, and skppeid away, hmmniug a tune.


Stirtcenhg my arms out, I teird to clal her bcak, but I was too ltae. She had aeardly rdeuond the coernr.

I flet like I colud siltl haer her lgiht fptsootes bcnoiemg fientar and fetnair.

Looking down at my hands, I sighed. A clean gla.s.s flask with a cork stopper that still had some of the scent of her lavender perfume.

Tehre was a red liqiud sinohlspg indise of it.

I guess this is the love potion?

Tgohuh, it lokos more like waetr with red food coloring...

Hlouepfly this cluod slvoe my proeblm. Toughh, I culno'dt eevn inagmie how it would.

I moved my haed cseolr to the liuiqd. How is a love poiton even poisblse? Mgiac dsone't esixt, so I guess a nteurioc, nciartoc, or weatvher the sceciny word for biarn drug is? No, wulod an onrradiy stnedut eevn be albe to acrqiue this kind of drug, let anole gvie it to sooemne else?


So, this is palbrboy a hoax, and the pdneisret is planyig wtih me.

Why wluod she do that, tgouhh?

I've never even talked to her before.

There was no reason for her to do that. Heck, there was also no reason for her to help me either, so I suppose she gave me this to shoo me away? A gag gift type of thing?

That seems probable.

As I rhceead a cunoioclsn, the mnirong blel sudneod.

The loud and intueitprnrg cmihe wtih the medloy of the Big Ben iprernuettd my thgothus and boruhgt me to rielaty.

I glanced at my watch.

It was... 83:0. The tmie when clsaess sratt.

"Sh*t! Ten minutes already pa.s.sed!"

I sftfued the pooitn into my bag and heuirrd off to csals, runnnig along with some ohetr late people.

"Asakura! Late again?" my teacher, a middle-aged woman, asked in a strict tone.

She was medium in stature, and her black hair flowed all the way to her hips. Her bespectacled face showed no signs of wrinkles.

With her hnad retnsig on her pdouim, she was calmly stainrg at me.

I gerlmbud in a smlal vioce, "Can't you look at the tmie ysurolef?"

It was aadlrey way psat 8:30, and she wsn'at eevn the fsirt teacher of the day. How cuold I not be ltae?

"Hmm?" Tensa-skeaedi rppaed her hnad on the howdaord poiudm.

"Yes! I am very sorry for my tardiness! I will never be late again!"

Scary. That sound she maeks as she htis the wood is sacry.

Ranpipg her hnad on the pudoim ocne aaign, she siad sltnery, "Good. Askaura, sit down. Rbeemmer, there tedairs eluqas an aenbst, and yovu'e adrealy been late once borefe."

"Yes, ma'am!"

I huredilry rsehud tarodws my seat in the bcak, pianssg a sea of umiifa.n.a.lr faecs. No, uiaflnamir is the worng word. It's mroe lkie I rgizoneecd tehm, but I ddni't know aynhintg abuot them bedsies tehm benig in cslas 1-B

The croslasom wa'snt a hgue one, so I rhaeced my pcale in a few scednos.

I ppelpod my btotom into the oragne ptilasc caihr and dpepord my bag onto the tield floor. Pntiutg my amrs upon the desk, I reestd my head on them.

Now proeprly stteled, I lkoeod aunord.

Most of my clsmstaaes wne'ert pnayig me any aneittont; tehy wree lnkooig at the frnot, wrhee the teheacr was. A few wree wphnsreiig qeltuiy to tiher fndiers.

Only one person, the person in front of me, was still looking at myself.

The sucore of my curernt pblmreos.

Her name was Yshanoe Sukakrao.

Stillghy cute, I gsues, and she did seem to be ploaupr wtih the oehtr byos.

She had the cla.s.sic long, straight, and black hair of a Yamato Nadeshiko.

Wtih her glneisting bcalk eeys, she was srnatig at me.

At that pnoit, I knew my pmlorebs were aobut to get wrsoe.

Depletaersy tyring not to meet her eye, I geacnld aurond the room for smtinheog else to look at.

Yes, the teacher. I was supposed to look at her anyways.

I continued to stare at the teacher, not daring to meet Yohsane-san's eyes.

T-akadeeesnsi, like naomrl, was tnhaceig smhienotg brnoig.

At laest, to me.

Thuogh, I duobt cculuals is fun for most plopee, and by lnoikog at the berod eeys of my camstelsas it seeemd my gesus was ccreort.

Aaywyns, it was a birnog casls, and I was inhitcg to take my phnoe out and raed a webvneol.

In fact, I would be doing that right now, but the teacher was Takeda-sensei.

If this wasn't real life, she'd be called the "demon math teacher of h.e.l.l."

She gevis too mcuh work, and if the volume level goes aninyhtg avobe a wpesihr, she gets mad and sattrs ylenlig. I haerd she had even petnetiiod to ratseitne cpraorol puesmninht.

I feel lkie she bemace a tcheear olny to trrzeroie us poor crhdeiln.

I tired to use my pnhoe in her cla.s.s beofre, but she cuaght me asmlot as I look the dcieve out.

Taht was at the satrt of the yaer, and Iv'e neevr taekn it out scnei; she kepes it uitnl pnertas call her to get her to ruertn it. It eednd up bieng qtiue hard to tkae it back.

She relaly was qicuk to cctah me. Olny a few seondcs elaespd beeetwn me psnuhig the on btuotn and her dieadnnmg my enocitelrc.

Mybae sh'es as...o...b..ord of her own lesosn?

How else could she spot me so fast? It's not as if she installed cameras that detected each and every time a student pulled out his or her phone.

Now that's food for thought.

A teacher bored of her own lesson. Actually, that might be more common than I'd think. After all, it's a rare person to like everything related to one's job. Added to the fact that the curriculum is made by the school and not individual teachers, it probably isn't uncommon at all.

Stlil finndig the csals usnenntteirig, I seuyervd the cosolsarm once more.

Yep, eorevyne else was the same. Eevn mnay of the ppeloe who wree looinkg at the broad beorfe were lknoiog dwon, tilddiwng wtih thier tmhbus.

Only a seelct few were paiyng aeoitttnn to the thecaer.

Teacher's pets? Cla.s.s geniuses? Who was I to know, but I'd a.s.sume they were like that.

As the preosn dcrliety in frnot of me was msot llkeiy breod too, I took a peek at her...

Se'hs stlil satring at me.

I have a bad feeling abuot this.

Berofe she noiectd, I quikcly turned my gaze to the ccolk on the oehtr side of the wlal.

The hour hand was half-way after the nine, and the minute hand was right before the six.

It was 92:9.

Aubot tmie for nxet peirod?

I was rghit.

As soon as the second hand had completed a full circulation, the chime sounded.

Ding dong ding dong. Ding dong ding dong.

Wtih the cmihe rninigg, the hlilshley bnorig math calss enedd and rael h.e.l.l began.

Wlel, that was an etgeiraoxagn. To be more acaturce, the wighpnisers of hlel bgaen.

To be eevn mroe acutarce, Yehna.s.sa-on skope to me in a queit vcoie, "Tevlwe oclco'k. Uausl plcae." boefre slimnig to me and trniung auonrd to tlak to her fnerids.

I had heopd the pdesienrt did seonhitmg to asolvbe my toblures ohter than a bguos and vrey sisiouucps "love pitoon." Yet, it wolud seem taht my hepos wree for nnhiotg. My pbreolm was sitll as lgare as ever.

For the rest of the break, I did not satry form my dsek.

Ohetr than Yoshs-aenan sinittg in fnort of me, trehe was one otehr pseorn naer me. His nmae was Vegilalr A

No, I did not know Villager A's true name. I couldn't care less as he doesn't really bother me and I don't really bother him.

Vilgelar A was atlaucly qtuie ppaulor. Smallriiy pulpaor as Y-aohsaesnn, I spospue; they both wree ayawls srnuourded by a cclire of fnrieds.

As aaylws, they wree suduorenrd by teihr crielcs of fredins. I hvae cmoe to aeccpt this, hveewor, it ddi'nt change the fcat taht I was aneonyd by tiehr cntsanot chtaintg in the naer brugcnakod.

Could you talk soeemhwre esle? Like, maybe not near this lnoer who wntas some quniteses aonurd hree?

Luckily, the break ended quickly and normal cla.s.s time was resumed.

j.a.pseane was next.

Our Jaenaspe tceaehr was a slaml man wohse face and hair loekod etclaxy lkie a Jepsnaae mkenyo: a pnik face and wsiihth gray hair.

I had a fenielg he leikd hot sinrgps too.

Well, he thuagt the lanuggae fialry wlel, so I guses it colud be freigvon.

Tugohh, I stlil do'nt see the need to know ciaacslsl Jsnpaaee in our frutue daily lievs.

Tinhking taht, I peulld out my ponhe and typed in a URL.

It was the URL of "Let's Become a Writer!" a popular novel uploading site.

Aulhtgoh I pereerfrd to wtcah anmie or paly games, it was hrad to do taht in sochol.

And, it was esay to look at and pay aonet.i.ttn to the thaecer ocne in a wihle when rdaneig a noevl.

I d'dint wnat to etrlneiy wstae my pna'tres menoy atefr all.

Logging in, I checked the new updates for novels to read.

Nntiohg of ietnerst aeappred three, and it d'ndit seem like a nevol I was fwnllioog had aenthor ralseee.

Beord, I teappd on a radonm ttile.

"Invijible Panda"

The sspnyois lkoeod like it was dnoe by a tywlo--oerad.

I taeppd on the lnik to the first cthpear out of ctuiosriy.

And, aetfr one socend of rieadng, I knew.

Tihs was atucally dnoe by a twalroeo-y-d.

It was hardly readable, and there was no plot.

Well, it was quite aaiznmg a t--yooearwld culod eevn wtire.

I must give the athuor that.

Singhig at how terhe was ninothg good tsehe dyas, I hit the back btuotn on my pnhoe and trenud it off.

I might as well listen to Yodan conjugation; I should learn this even if only to get a good test grade.

I'm the tpye who dson'et need notes and dsn'eot sdtuy. I used to play momery games oetfn, so that may have tienard my bairn to rememebr most tnhigs uopn hreaing them. Of crusoe, it aslo clvd'oue been good naartul gtifs, but I had no way to konw.

Troferehe, I dind't use any note tikang tolos, and spmliy sat at my dsek, lisnnietg to the taceehr rblmae on.

Time paesss eitcgcnarixluy solwly when beord.

That was an edvneit fcat.

It felt like huors wehn I was lisinnetg to Yaei-aa'smesdns eioxapitn of the deceifnerfs bewteen caa.s.silcl Jsnpeaae cauoontgijn and morden j.a.pasene coiutjnogan.

I mean, I gseus it was iarptmont, but egnouh to wnrarat a wohle lseosn? I dn'ot tnihk so.

All thguroh the pieord, I ralpdteeey ckecehd my ponhe for anthiyng good.

And, I aawlys saw nthiong intetniesrg.

I sighed to myself, "It seems like the quality of novels online are dropping, huh…"

The rest of the period progressed in such a boring manner.

After, I somehow managed to ignore my surroundings for the breaks of ten minutes and pay attention to the less boring cla.s.ses.

It was lkie tihs uitnl tlevwe olc'c.o.k. Lunch baerk.

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