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//Imouto sae ireba ii V1-C14 part5 Imouto sae ireba ii V1-C14 part5 Daniel Verev 21 Jul 2018 - 19:36 "This isn't too difficult for an author, and I didn't really refine it."

Nayuta answered without showing much concern, "…Really?" Miyako exchanged looks with Itsuki and Haruto.

"…If you ask me whether I can do it, the answer is yes."

"I can, I really can, but I won't be saying it in front of others."[113]

Itsuki answered, and Haruto grimaced.

"…Really, all authors are perverts."[114]

Miyako appeared impressed and yet stunned, and sighed,

"GM: Eh…anyway, Deathmask's 'offering of the fallen angel' has succeeded. Deathmask's MP is down to zero, and won't be able to move during the next turn. Miyako's endurance and abilities are increased drastically, but there's no need to calculate anymore.[115]

Miyako: Eh?

GM: After seeing Miyako and Deathmask suddenly start their perverted ways, the men abandoned all thoughts on the battle and watched on like drunkards. Suddenly, a shrill whistle echoed, and ten men or so pa.s.sed through the excited crowd. It appears from their outfits that they are soldiers. "We are the knights of this city! End the battle!" Saying this, the knights discover the pa.s.sionate actions of Deathmask and Miyako. First, they're stunned, and they recover, yelling, "We-we're arresting you on charges of outrage of modesty!"

Miyako: Ehhh!? How!

Deathmask: Wait, onee-sama and I were just naked in public and engaging in lewd acts.[116]

GM: That's an outrage of modesty.

Deathmask: I guessed so.

Miyako: I didn't do anything!

GM: "Th-then, we'll excuse ourselves…" The men who battled the four sisters scamper away, and you four are the only ones left.

Sen: Wh-what do we do…let's escape.

GM: You're surrounded by the knights, it's impossible to run now.

Tsukiko: So we can only fight our way out now!

Sen: is this really alright?

GM: You might have a chance of beating the knights, but you'll become fugitives. Right, your choice?

Tsukiko: Mm…[117]

Deathmask: Looks like we can only follow them out. We'll explain the details later.[118]

MIyako: Why are you being so calm? You're the cause of this.

Deathmask: Anyway, hurry up and put on your clothes, onee-sama. I already put them on, by the way.[119]

Miyako: Ehh!? You're despicable!

GM: "Anyway, come along with us."

Tsukiko: Uu, whatever you want.

Deathmask: You hear that, knights! It's a simulation! A simulation![120]

Tsukiko: ?

GM: ……These guards are all decent people, and don't think that much…ehh, anyway, the four sisters are whisked off by the knights, and locked in a jail outside the city. Of course, all your weapons are confiscated. "Reflect on this over the night, you s.l.u.ts!"[121]

Miyako: I'm not a s.l.u.t! Uuu…I never thought I would end up arrested due to public outrage of modesty….

GM: Anyway, you were arrested because of the commotion that occurred on the streets.

Miyako: That's a whole lot different from lewding, okay!

Tsukiko: …And then what? Jailbreak?

Deathmask: Even without our weapons, Mysan should have been powered up enough after the ecchi to break the jail doors.

Miyako: ……Do I? I'm not going to be toyed for nothing if I don't make a ruckus…

Sen: But it does look like we'll be released tomorrow. Better lay low for now…

GM: While the four sisters are discussing in the jail cell, there was a voice from outside the cell.

Tsukiko: Hm?

Gm: Standing outside is a blond, innocent girl with emerald eyes in a dress, someone who clearly didn't fit into this sort of place.[122]

Deathmask: I see…so she's the jail warden here? Innocent looking, but probably a super pervert who loves to interrogate criminals.[123]

Tsukiko: Ugh, even if you interrogate me, I won't back down!

GM: "…No, I'm not some jail warden, and of course I won't be doing such a scary thing like interrogation. I'm the daughter of the ruler of this Aegis City, Sylvia. To be honest, I am impressed by your abilities. There is something I will like to ask for you."

Tsukiko: …Wait, I don't know what's there to be impressed by some s.l.u.ts who got locked up for public indecency.[124]

Miyako: So I say, I'm not a s.l.u.t![125]

Deathmask: it might not be appropriate here, but Silvia's eyes are probably out of whack.[126]

GM: "Be-because, the four of you have outstanding eyes. You didn't bring any male companions along, so I suppose you're very skilled.

Tsukiko: So you see what you want to see and twist your understanding of reality according to yourself and you have no idea of your own ugliness…I hate people like you.[127]

GM: "There's no need to be so harsh when you just met for the first time…anyway, please listen to me, okay?"[128]

Sen: Let's just listen to what she has to say.

GM: "Erm…thanks. Looks like you're the most reasonable of them all. So here's how it goes—"


While Haruto was reading Silvia's line, the BGM of the smartphone he placed on the kotatsu suddenly changed to a different ringtone[129]

"Woah! So-sorry. It's the editor."

Haruto hurriedly left the kotatsu, went to the kitchen, received the call as he kept his voice down.

"Yes, this is Fuwa."

"Ah, sorry. This is Kawabe from the editorial department. Is it convenient to talk now?"

"I'm not at home…is there something urgent?"

"Ahh, there's something I want to check with you, sensei. We should have received your afterword for the manga version. Have you submitted it yet? I haven't received it thus far, so I was wondering if there was some mail trouble.."

"Eh…! Ah, so-sorry, I forgot! I'll send it over today!"

"I see. I'll leave it to you then, sensei…anyway, it is rare for you to forget you work, Fuwsensei. Did something happen?"

"Not really…I was engrossed in some other things…"


"An-anyway, I'll hurry up and send it over! Sorry to cause you trouble!"

Once the call was done, Haruto returned to Itsuki and the others.

"…Sorry, I got some urgent matters to handle. That'll be all for today's session."

"What!? I feel the story's about to get started!"

"…I'm really sorry."

Haruto lowered his head in apology, and Itsuki looked peeved, saying in frustration.

"…Well, let's just continue next time."

"Yeah. " "Looking forward to it too." Miyako and Chihiro chimed in.

"…You guys are willing to continue?"

Haruto timidly asked, "Do you have to ask the obvious?" and the other four gave such a look.

"I was really bullied, but this game is really interesting." Miyako said.[130]

"This is the first time I knew of such a game. Thank you for letting us play, gamemaster."

Chihiro gave a tender smile.

"I'm going to do unspeakable things to Tsukiko onee-sama next time."

"Enough already. I don't want to rely on such shameless moves."

"Man s.l.u.t prince. I hope that you'll allow something that lets senpai get into some indecent plot development, like being touched by orcs hands or slimes."[131]

"I'll think about it." Haruto gave a grimace. "…Really, thanks guys. I really enjoyed myself."

While Haruto gave a tearful looking smile, Itsuki muttered,

"…Is that your old trauma at work?"

"…More or less…thank you Itsuki."

That night.

In a house that was a 20-minute bus ride from Itsuki's house—the Hashima's bathroom.

Hashima Chihiro was in a bath, recalling everything that happened in the TRPG that she played today.

—Today was really fun…

Chihiro never thought she would have a chance to play a game with brother and his friends. Everyone was interesting—though being a 'future stepbrother' really left Chihiro a little troubled.

And then—

"I'll protect my little sister!"


The brother's words appeared again in Chihiro's mind, and the lips loosened for some reason; at the same time, Chihiro felt a gripping pain.

—Little sister, huh…

Chihiro looked down at her bare chest.

They were a little smaller than average compared to those of the same gender…no, a lot smaller.

However, Chihiro's chest certainly had lumps unique to girls.

Hashima Chihiro is a girl.

The older brother Itsuki has yet to know about this secret.

If only I have a little sister (Imouto sae ireba ii). I don't have one though.

Once Hashima Itsuki's world is turned upside down, how will the story develop?

At this point, n.o.body knows.[132]

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