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As I wondered where could I have seen her, Hasumi stared at the bishoujo with a surprised face.

Are they acquaintances?


"I never thought I'd meet Sousuke-sama in such a place, what an unexpected meeting. I'm truly happy!"

"Yeah, truly."

"Is Sousuke-sama shopping?"

"Yeah. Because it's Miku's birthday soon."

"Aah. Miku-sama's..."

I completely became air.

This bishoujo-san seems to like Hasumi.

She has the unique heat of someone in love, in both her expression and her eyes.

Her voice was incredibly sweet too.

I wonder if Hasumi noticed her feelings.

".......incidentally, what relationship does Sousuke-sama has with this person?"

"Aah. She is a cla.s.smate."

"Nice to meet you. I'm called Kaguragi Rinka."

It seemed like I was able to return from air to human.

I introduced myself.

Still, bishoujo-san, can you stop glaring at me with bare hostility, please?

It has a certain force, so it's bad for my heart, you know…...

"Kaguragi, she is my childhood friend."

"I'm Sousuke-sama's fiancé, Tachibana Himeka."


Are. Did Hasumi have something like a fiancé?

But the bishoujo…...Tachibansan said with an expression full of confidence.

"Yes, that's right."

".......fiancé candidate….you mean."

"Well. That's saying it in such a cold way."

A sly expression appeared on Tachibansan's face.

At that, Hasumi stared at her with an expression that appeared to be troubled.

They sure get along.

Well that's only natural. They are engaged. It's not strange for them to get along.

Since he met his fiancé in this occasion, it would be better for me to leave, right?

I will treat him to tea another time.

"Fufu. You really seem to have a good relationship. Since I would be too much, I will excuse myself now."

Saying "gokigen'yo" I bowed and, turning around, I walked to the right with my back facing the two.

Somehow I feel gloomy. I wonder why.

Hasumi had such a cute fiancé.

Though in the manga there shouldn't have been such a setting.

Nh? Manga…..?

When something was about to come to mind, my arm was grasped forcefully by someone.




When I turned, I felt shaken in having found Hasumi's well-arranged face so near.

"I told you to wait so many times already."

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. It hurts, so my arm, release it, please."

"Ah, sorry."

Fl.u.s.tered he released his hand.

I stroked the arm Hasumi grabbed. You d.a.m.n guy with too much force.

"What about Tachibansan? She is your fiancé right?"

"Himeka seems to have some tasks, she left a while ago. Besides, Himeka isn't my fiancé. She is a fiancé candidate."


"Yes. There are many of them, there's my childhood friend and cousin too."

"Is that so….."

I felt bewildered at myself that felt relieved in hearing that Tachibansan wasn't his fiancé.

Are? Why did I feel relieved?

Feeling disturbed I opened my mouth to deceive him.

"She really is a lovely person. When she was next to you, you two looked really good together."

"......you're really saying this?"

Muttered Hasumi in a low voice.

I didn't catch what he said and, when I asked him, he shook his head and said: "it's nothing".

"......but, honestly speaking, I feel relieved that Tachibansan isn't Hasumi-sama's fiancé."


"I mean, if Hasumi-sama had a fiancé I would feel guilty when staying together with you. Moreover, I couldn't demand sweets from someone that has a fiancé……"

I felt convinced by what my own mouth said.

That's right. If Hasumi had a fiancé I couldn't ask him to make sweets so light heartedly. I would be stumped if the misunderstanding about him having a fiancé remained.

That's why I felt relieved that he doesn't have a fiancé.

Yeah, I'm convinced now.

"......aah, it's that, mh…...well, you're right……."

Hasumi grumbled something.

When I tilted my head, Hasumi smiled bitterly and said: 'shall we go somewhere to eat something sweet?'

I nodded, of course. Sweet things! Sweets!

We went to a suitable shop and satisfied ourselves.

And in one way or another, I was able to treat him. Hasumi looked disgruntled, but I am satisfied.

I was able to return today's debt.

And then, on the day of Miku-sama's birthday, that was on a weekday, I met with Miku-sama after the dismissal of cla.s.ses and handed over my gift.

The student council was on suspension. There was no work today, miraculously.

"Happy birthday, Miku-sama."

"My…...thank you for especially coming to me."

Miku-sama accepted my present looking really happy.

I hope she likes it.

I told her that I bought this gift with Hasumi.

And that in that place I met a bishoujo that claimed to be Hasumi's fiancé, at that Miku-sama unusually knitted her brows.

"So you've met Himeksan….."

"Yes. Is she also an acquaintance of yours?"

"Yes…..I don't talk much with her though……. Rinksan, has she done anything to you?"

"Yes. Oh, but she gave me a terrible glare. She seem to like Hasumi-sama, right?"

"Aah…..as I thought. She really likes Sousuke. I've been glared at quite frequently, too."

Miku-sama shrugged her shoulders as if stumped.

It looked like she did various other hara.s.sments other than glaring as well.

And at that, "I returned the favour twice back though..." Miku-sama appeared to be the type that if she fell down, she wouldn't just rise back.

As expected of the manga's rival character. Her smile was dark. I liked that too though!

But, because I was scared, I didn't ask how she returned the favour.

There are also things that are better left unknown. Yeah.

And then I was told by Miku-sama to "be careful of Himeksan."

I think there is nothing to be careful about, since I think we won't meet again.

Or so I thought, until was attacked by her.

"I've been waiting for you."

She said while sweetly smiling, and other than a bad premonition, I didn't feel anything else.

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