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Published at 22nd of July 2019 08:28:16 PM Chapter 8
Magical song part II Vol 5 ch 8

All the guests and other guests who came for dinner applauded .  
Her voice would have been wonderful said all the guests at the time of that noisy meal listened to it . It seems that there was no mistake in my eyes that I saw through “this child is amazing” when I saw her at first glance .  
We went back to the room and talked about the success of today until late .

「it was a great success today!!」 
「Well, Ms . Carla was a very nice person, and I never thought he’d be so good」 
「How about it? It’s a bit late, but would you like to say thank you? 」 
「Oh! Well」I said, I’m getting up until all the customers are off 「and I also want to know the answer to the question from day . 」 
He’s talking about how to play the guitar .  
I was also curious, but is there a different way to play gilta?

「Good! Well, then, let’s go quietly so as not to wake the other guests . 」

「Yes! 」

We nodded and quietly left the room .

We went down the first floor from the second floor room, we were walking towards Carla’s room .  
At that time, the shadow of a person leaving Carla’s room…… .

「Who will it be? 」

「as for the length of that hair MS . Carla isn’t it? 」

「I don’t know it’s dark, but it’s definitely Carla . 」

For some reason we hide in the corner of the corridor .  
「Do you have… . . Gilta? 」

「It seems so, Hey, why don’t we follow up on this? Maybe we can see another way of playing gilta? 」

I wanted to peek and I decided not to, but I cannot win curiosity and decided to follow you after all .  
Walking through a dark corridor, Carla opens the door and goes outside . In a hurry, we went after her and opened the door .

There was a backyard . It was a question of whether it was OK to call it a backyard……no .
In this commercial district where shops are concentrated, a s.p.a.ce that seems to be separated from reality, a beautiful flower bloomed, and a G.o.ddess was standing in the middle of the stage in the sky where the fantastic Moon Light shines faintly .


「Alas…… . 」

Carla was turning her back on us, but the beauty was still intact .

「Visitor, as you can see here, there’s nothing in the backyard . Isn’t it better to return as soon as possible? 」

Carla is asking with her back turned …… Or was she exposed?

「hahaha, did you find out? 」

CarlSan smiled after a dry laugh

「Yes, firmly so what are you doing? Late at night . 」

「I think I would like to thank you for making it better…, later I also like to answer the questions during day . 」

「 Ah! At first thank you for thanks So, what’s the other way to play the gilta? 」 Carla who has been asked to look back, she is able to stand at a stretch .  // She keeps talking to Carla where she looks back and asked at a stretch . Oh, my G.o.d, I can’t thank you so much .

「Is it another way of playing? 」

「Yes, she told me how to play the “mysterious way”…… . I can’t help but be curious . 」

「Huh…… . All right, let’s play a little…」

Carla’s holding up the gilta somewhat horizontally .  
She looks as if she saw something strange about Carla, who held Gilta horizontally . I understand that it is rude, but I will do the same style .  
How will you play with such a position?

The sound of Carla playing the Six Strings was the same as that of me playing . When I looked at her with a slightly disappointing feeling Carla’s left hand moved .  
Of the six threads, several were pressed with a finger .

When she played the string in that state, the sound that flowed from it was a completely different sound from the previous one .

Carla plays the gilta while changing the position to hold the thread repeatedly and changing the thread to hold it down . There was a world of music that I could not imagine being created by gilta alone .  
We make a living playing simple music by having six sounds on the instrument called gilta . It is common sense for us gilta player to say so Buddhist preaching to one sound . Isn’t the performance of Ms . Carla who breaks the common sense lightly just like a place of blue heaven … . .  
She also has a round eye next to it . You seem to be quite surprised, if I remember this technique, wouldn’t it be a pretty great addition to her song? I still can’t figure out exactly what’s going on…… . no .  
It was such an overwhelming performance .  
It was so small and really small, but could hear the sound of Carla’s breath . A small sound that I would have heard because I worked as gilta player .  
But I understood it a little what Carla did thanks to this next sound .

「ra~~♪ rara~♪ ~~~~♪」

――― Shock .

It was exactly those two letters that ran to her and me .  
A high singing voice with a transparent feeling reaches comfortably in the ear, and it can hear even a low sound that is not supposed to be heard strangely . The low sound is not as jarring as the noise, but rather a wonderful chord that mixes well with the high notes . The sound that gilta plays there gets tangles up .
When I realized it, she and I shed tears without understanding .

「thank you for your hearing」

「…… Is? ! It over…… . It was a splendid tone!!」

「……」 (Still coming back to reality)

I had suddenly pulled back to reality by a performance that had been over before I knew it .

「Ms . Where did you learn it! ? How to play this! ?」

「……」 (Still coming back to this reality)

Carla who quietly talks to me quietly listens . It seems that she has not returned from the world of singing yet .

「This is the way I play in my home town . It’s a place I can’t go back to any more…」

Such a thing…… . There was a family with such great gilt-playing skills…… . And you can’t go home? No…… . no . No, let’s stop it, this question is too stupid .  
When I am conflicted it in heart, she seems to have finally returned .

「”…… Is? ! It’s over…… . no . It was a splendid song!! It has a mysterious melody, but what song is it? 」

It’s the same way I came back, but I don’t care…… . no . you can’t ask more questions right away .

「The song is also a song from the home town」

「It was a language I’d never heard of…」

「is it language of ancient civilizations now . Is it a magic language . 」?

「…… Eh? 」

It’s no wonder she is surprised, in fact I am surprised .  
The magic language is a language that is said to have been used extensively by ancient magic civilizations . When this world were prosperous, the magic was even more powerful, and it seems that people could easily fly in the sky . Now it’s a valuable thing that appears only a bit in the old literature, and it is something that scholars are desperately a.n.a.lyzing for the development of new magic techniques .  
Even a song spelled in that magic language! ? I wonder how much I’ve said right now, – Ms Carla! ?

「Well, shall we go back to the room? If you cannot get a rest early, it will affect tomorrow?」

That’s right . Carla’s going back to the inn .  
We could not move from that place for a while .

―The story of two people who were later called『a diva in the sacred precincts』and『a string player of Yugen』 .

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