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Chapter 006: all of a sudden the situation turn for the worse

I once again turned to stare at Xiaoqin, she pretended to listen to the teacher, in fact she know that I in staring at her, probably because she are waiting for my reply, make a display of who knows the romance of a teenage girl.

"Don't wait, I won't be your boyfriend!"

I directly refused her, the note also brutally torn into pieces by me.

Please your girl's heart also quickly broken for me!!

"But I'm wearing a dress! It took me all my time to made this big decision! I dressed it for you!"

Xiaoqin with confound expression, seems to have never thought that I would refuse her again.

"Hey, add the 'cla.s.smate' to me! I've already said, I don't like you! Nothing to do with what you wear! Yes, I hate you! Always hate you! I can't wait you to disappear at once!"

The triple attack should be able to shock to her.

As I expected, her eyes dark down, face full of the expression of "being abandoned".

There are more than 10 minutes that she did not speak.

Estimated wait for another 10 minutes, it's time cla.s.s is over.

Now it is the turn of Xiaoqin laying on the table, weakly look, with a sad face towards me, I really worry that she will cry in the cla.s.s.

"You... how can you just play with my feelings and my body?"

She muttered, with the broken eyes it's very aggressive.

"Hey hey hey, cut it out! It will be misunderstood! By then again, I don't have playing with your body!"

"Isn't the hair a part of the body? I have to stay long hair for you! I like short hair! After I stay a long hair, when I roll over on the bed I will often pressed my hair!"

n.o.body asks you to have long hair! Besides, even now your hair is still short hair, isn't it? Is Your so-called long hair take the boy's hair as a standard?

And why would I like to see her angry look? Because there is a former charm of little overlord? I was missing my old enemy?

When I am distraught, Xiaoqin has buried her head into a textbook and cry softly, although her voice is small, but compared with the Teacher Yu's languid voice, it can compared with the air raid sirens.

"Teacher! The new student Ren Xiaoqin was made to cry!" Our monitress Shu Sha stood up and reported. She sat in on the right side of the cla.s.sroom in the last row, next to the back door, her position almost axial symmetry with my position, not a good position, but it's she volunteered to swap with a poor eyesight cla.s.smate.

Forget to mention, Shu Sha is a limited number of the cla.s.smates that dare to stand up to me.

Her eyesight is so good that even can compared with the "Hawkeye" of the Avengers.

With her sharp eyes, it's a bright black long hair and big sister temperament, sometimes she is more like a teacher than the real teacher.

Because she has a younger brother, so she is accustomed to order the boys, although generally she doesn't ask for some excessive demands, but she just let me inexplicable feeling out of sorts.

Right, in the cla.s.s, I was a.s.signed to her role as a "justice super man".

Pursuit of fair and reasonable at any time, and stubbornly want to safeguard the interests of all people, anyway it is not possible, is that right? But precisely because of this, Shu sha is very popular in both boys and girls, many boys willingly let her beck and call, as a loyal dog at the foot of the queen, totally spineless.

If there is a day of Shu Sha and I have a positive conflict, those loyal dog maybe even dare to bite me.

Back then, it's also has some benefits that she came to be the monitress, because there is her presence, other cla.s.s often have someone bullying others, but this phenomenon rarely happen in our cla.s.s.

No, it looks like it just happened.

And that man who is bullying, it seems is me.

"Eh? Crying? Is the body uncomfortable?" Timid Teacher Yu shot me a look, then immediately avoid eye contact. "Cla.s.smate Ren Xiaoqin is valetudinarianism since childhood, we should to take care of her."

Valetudinarianism since childhood? How do you dare to use this setting? When you were young, you were better than Tyson, ok?!

And Teacher Yu, you obviously are beating around the Bush hoping I don't bully her, if you really think that she is ill, why not let her go to the infirmary? Why you don't just say it out? If you say it out, maybe I will apologize!

"I think Cla.s.smate Ren Xiaoqin is not body uncomfortable --" But the monitress don't want give me a break. "I think Cla.s.smate Ye Lin was bullied her!"

Shu Sha stared at me with her penetrating black eyes, and I was not at ease as I was aiming by a sniper.

Although Xiaoqin lying on the table crying is quite poor, but I also want to maintain my position in the cla.s.s.

If the man was defeated, then he will be defeated again and again.

I crossed my legs, look back at monitress, make a nonchalant att.i.tude.

I should look more like an evil man.

There is monitress to take the lead, the cla.s.sroom set off a wave of private discussion.

"Yes, I just saw it, Ye Lin seemed to use ruler to beat..."

"That position really can not sit on! That new cla.s.smate really bad luck..."

"Hey hey hey --" this is girl who like gossip, "Ye Lin like reached his hands inside the new cla.s.smate's dress -- lewd!"

"I can't believe it, I haven't found him to be this kind of person! Or should we don't ever wear a dress..."

My heart attack by fire, almost got mad with them.

Seeing the cla.s.sroom will be a mess, a bespectacled boy sitting on the right side of Xiaoqin, suddenly rise his hands and stood up.

"Don't talk nonsense if you don't see!" He adjusted his black frame gla.s.ses.

What's the name of this guy? I remember he is the number one running dog of our monitress! Is he going to defend me? In this world there is still a good man!

After everyone's attention focused on himself, this bespectacled boy pointed at the middle ground of I and Xiaoqin, as if it's the crime scene, then loudly announced:

"I just heard what cla.s.smate Ren Xiaoqin was said! Cla.s.smate Ren Xiaoqin said -- Ye Lin playing with her body!!"

What the f.u.c.k?! Are you just hear this sentence? Don't interpret out of context! How would I so shameless to playing the female cla.s.smate's body in the cla.s.s!?

I was surrounded by the sight of the whole cla.s.s in one moment.

Now my image in the minds of the cla.s.smates, should not only to kill more than a dozen people, but also certainly had played with a lot of girls?

The role of lone wolf will become the role of lady-killer! It's all your fault, Ren Xiaoqin! How can you pay for my lose! I worked for more than a year of my image! You don't just lie on the table and keep quite! Do you really crying? Is your face smiling? Ah ha ha ha ha ha that kind of malicious smile? I was wronged by the whole cla.s.s!

Although my heart set off a storm which is enough to let the t.i.tanic sinking for twice, but on the surface, I still have to make clear att.i.tude, as the G.o.d of gamblers have a bad hand, at least cannot lose the momentum.

Fortunately, before it become a criticism meeting to me, the bell rang.

Teacher Yu dismissed the cla.s.s in a hurry, leave the cla.s.sroom.

In order not to be entangled, I went to the toilet after cla.s.s, no one dared to stop me.

Before leaving the cla.s.sroom, I saw Shusha and the other two girls went to Xiaoqin's seat, seems to want to comfort her.

Although she was bullied by me, but it also let her make new friends in the first day of school, isn't it?

I do not know why, but feel some comfort in the heart.

But Shusha staring at my back, her eyes are very unfriendly, let me sort of awkwardly walked away. If in the Warring States era, with this kind of resentment eyes, I certainly would have been shot dead by her with a feather arrow.

Today I was a little bit of constipation, what a pain.

The toilet is full of cigarette smoke, and certainly some people skipcla.s.ses and hiding here smoke.

I was sitting in the compartment, hear outside the two boys while urinating while chatting.

"Hey, I heard that there's a new girl in cla.s.s 3. She is pretty nice!"

"You can forget that, be careful! Do you know, that very erotic very violent's Ye Lin attracted to that girl, because that girl did not agree his request, she has been bullied!"

When I came out of the compartment, smell smoke all over, both of their face had changed, and one of them scared p.i.s.sed on his pants.

Oh s.h.i.t this thing has spread to other cla.s.ses! And it has been processed into such a version!

In this way, wouldn't it be very quickly to be all the school's students misunderstanding that I'm chasing Ren Xiaoqin? And because the girl do not agree, then I use violence to threaten her?

I don't remember that I had this kind of setting! I'm a aloof lone wolf, not a lady-killer!

By then again, to calm down, what if this rumor is processing by Xiaoqin? As long as she say it with Shu Sha and the next three girls, it is certainly very easy to spread.

It seems the bullying is still not enough...

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