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English t.i.tle: Why didn’t you do it?

Author:  のどか

Synopsis: The student council’s chairman and few of its officers appealed that the girl that they had doted had been bullied by others.

The suspect seemed to be the Chairman‘s fiancée.

The Chairman tried to convict his fiancée, but was made to stop by one of the twin, who was the Student Council’s Secretary.

This was the fad story of engagement annulment.

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“Shut up! Who are going to believe whatever you had said! Just confessed already!”

With all his might, Mr. Chairman had been domineering and abusing the girl in front of him.

That girl who was his fiancée looked up at him while clenching her teeth.

“No, I do not remember any of it. Even if you told me to confess, I would not be able to differentiate between the black and the white.”

Miss Shanarize replied with all her heart.

She raised her face steadily, but it truly one step before she really cry.

A~ She really felt like crying.

Even though she was the fiancée of that Mr. Chairman; it had been decided that whatever she said will be treated as a lie by him.

From the viewpoint of Miss Shanarize, it was her fiancée who had cheated on her, and she did not even remember of bullying that cheating partner of his.  What’s more, her own fiancée was protecting his cheating partner instead. Yup. It was a terrible composition when she thought about it.

In the middle of the cafeteria, during the lunch break, how could he accused her of a crime that she had never done before?

“Hai, let’s stop here for a moment. Should all of us cool down a bit?”

One person split into two and entered the cafeteria.

Hai, chairman, please lower down the hand that you had raised.


The president spoke with suspicious tone.


Miss Liliana, the cheating partner of Mr. Chairman looked at him with a rounded eyes.


Carlis, my twin brother muttered sullenly.

Shyly, my twin brother stand on my side.

I missed you, Onii-chan.

“Chairman, why are you making such a noise here? Don’t you know that there should be things that you should never ever do it?”

The chairman tried to complain as he showed a frown on his stubborn face.

“What do you meant that should not do this? I am trying to do an important things-”

“The complaint was made by Miss Liliana, towards the bullying act done by Miss Shanarize.”

The vice-chairman suddenly interrupted Mr. Chairman’s speech.

“Th- That’s right.”

“However, it is not appropriate for you to make a scene in this kind of place.”

The vice-chairman continued to advice Mr. Chairman at all time.

As expected. I truly respect you.

Even though there were complaint about bullying; people would not casually conduct the judgement act in the cafeteria which was visible to all eyes.

After confirming the fact, one will call the persons involved, listened to the situation, and then listened to the accounts of both sides before the case was judged.

No matter what happened, you should never do something such as shaming other in the public.

“But no matter how many time Liliana appealed, you would not let me judge it unless the fact had been confirmed. We already have multiple witnesses! Why are you still hesitating?”

There are several students currently standing behind Mr. Chairman and Miss Liliana; they were the student council’s accountant, my own twin brother as well as other witnesses.

They nodded their head with every words spoken by Mr. Chairman.

They were all ready to condemn; but is the guilty one really is Miss Shenarize?

“That being said, we could not do something without conforming the principle information. Fris.”

With the cue from Vice-Chairman, I stepped forward.

“Hai, hai… I will read the report. At first I would like to call all of you after school to listen to it at the right place, but it seems that it was not meant to be, therefore I am really sorry.”

I grinned at Miss Liliana and the witnesses as I bowed my head.

Are you okay? My hips was about to break.

“There are numbers of appeals done by Miss Liliana but several doubtful point were found around it. First of all, the appeal on her school supplies which had been destroyed particularly her text book by Miss Sharanize. However, based on the investigation, we managed to gather several witnesses who were with Miss Sheranize at that particular moment during the time the crime had taken place; which make it impossible for her to be the offender.”

The face of the witnesses quickly turned pale on the spot.

The chairman looked over his nose as he said something to his back.

“We should have checked to determine the speaker true or hidden intention. We should have dispatched another person to decide on it.”

“Hai, that!”

I pointed at it hard.

“You had said that you saw Miss Shanarize destroyed those school’s supplies?”

I asked the female witness.

“E, yeah. I said… that.”

Hai, I have received your pledge.

With this, the route for them to change their argument had been smashed.

“The witnesses have been talking to each other to get their story straight.”

The chairman proudly said.

“It seems that the witness testimony is certain….. Then, those girls who had testified for Miss Shanarize should be consider as an accomplice… Is that really so? Are we having some kind of a confusion here?”

I need to listen to that girl’s account once again.

This is important. One wrong remark from a student might deceived other people.

“I… had lie….”

“That’s weird. During that time of the incident, there were several other witnesses with you.”

The female student began to stagger.

She began to notice. Behind me there were several other witnesses. It seemed that the witnesses over there are friend with the one over here. Right now, I was glaring intensely at those witnesses over there.

“According to their testimony, you were supposed to have been chatting with them in a different building at that time of that incident, so how did you come to witness the crime?”

Starting from Mr. Chairman, all the people over there were unable to refute this time.

The surrounding spectators simultaneously began to get noisy.

“Then someone had made a testimony that the school supplies was tossed down the staircase. And the witness is you. You also testified that Lady Shanarize was the one who throw it out?”

This time I asked the boy who was behind Mr. Chairman.

“Ano, that, that….”

As I said it clearly, the boy who had been condemning Miss Shanarize earlier began to retreat back.

“I heard that there were few male students who were with you on that day as you left the school building; but apparently the incident did not happened in those stairway. Therefore, you should not be able to see anything particular, right?”

The school boy began to waver.

“And most of all, at that particular time, Miss Shanarize was helping the teacher in the staff room, therefore under that kind of supervision, it was impossible for her to commit the crime.”

I looked over towards the student who had come out as a witness.

“I will ask you once again, did all of you really—“

“I am sorry!”

That boy began to apologize.

“The truth is I did not see anything. I am sorry. All my testimonies so far is a lie.”

The witnesses on that side began to apologize at once.

“What… is this?’

Mr. Chairman, what was wrong with you?’

You face was pale blue.

“Why, are you telling such a lie?’

The first girl desperately confessed as I asked her.

“Wa- we were asked by her.  She told me that she had been hara.s.sed, however, she could not charge it since there were no witnesses; so she asked us if we can save her – Liliana-sama is.”

The chairman quickly directed his gaze to Liliana.

“That is the lowest!”

“This incident? You are horrible”

“You are just a liar to us. Yeah.”

“Can you please not talk to me again after this?’

The witnesses on this side who were originally in a friend relationship with the witnesses from the other side began to denounce their friendship with those witnesses.

Well, if you insisted that a lie was a truth, then the person who were telling the truth will be called a liar.

You should not solidify the crime by charging the innocent.

What’s more, you should not make a mistake in your judgement.

Then, it was no longer a justice but instead mala fides.

“I- I really had been hara.s.sed. However there was no evidence, therefore I want you all to save me! It was really painful and sad, this sort of thing.”

Miss Liliana made an excuse as she shed her tears.

“Well, that, in an adult society, you will be charge with the crime of perjury. Is it okay to a.s.sume that you had falsify all the testimonies?”

When I asked the witnesses at that side, all of them acquiescence to my statement.

“Then the next item, although you had complained that someone had destroyed your uniform, the main content was that, someone had broken into your room in the dormitory and then teared up your uniform; however when I checked with the security guard, the residence’s matron as well as the maids and the servants for their confirmation all of them had said that Miss Shanarize had never entered the dorm where Miss Liliana had resided in. Miss Liliana and Miss Shanarize resides in different dorm, therefore any respective visit or departure should have been recorded. If you were saying that she had invaded secretly, then it means that the security had been negligence in their duty.”

First of all, I make an explanation on the influence of such matter to the surrounding people.

This was not a laughing matter.

In that situation, the humble people will be discharge due to their failure in the management of the dormitory.

This school’s whole dormitories were meant to look after the sons and daughters from the respectable families.

If this situation really related to the deficiency on the security, then this was actually a big problem that need to be resolve.

“However, there seems to be something weird in this situation. Miss Liliana, it seems that you have not made any new uniform after your last complaint?”

“E? Why?”

Lady Liliana began to tremble.

“The uniform of this school could only be purchased from a designated store; and records had been kept to identify who bought things from that store.”

I have checked with the store themselves.

“I- I have a spare.”

“I have make a confirmation on your spare clothes. This conformation comes from the dormitory’s matron, Shimizaki-san. I wonder how many spare you have. As a result, after I matched the uniform that you wore now, it seems that you have everything that you had purchased previously.”

When I revealed the evidence, there were no more excuses for Miss Liliana.

“I will ask you again, is this incident really happened?”

Clearly, based on the result, it was quite doubtful that any of it really happened.

“I- Don’t you believe in me?”

Miss Liliana began to turn pale.

Were there anything to believe somewhere?

“I believe in you, at first.”

The Vice Chairman, Blizzard burst into a laugh.

He looked at Miss Liliana with an ice-cold eyes.

“But, Fris told me that it was not good to decide things based on testimonies alone. Therefore, I thought that it will be good if I can support that testimonies with an investigation.”

Hai. I was able to confirm Miss Shanarize alibi at once.

Then, I checked the credibility of the testimonies and it looked like a false evidence no matter how many time I thought about it.

“I truly disappointed in you.”

Vice Chairman quickly slipped away from Miss Liliana.

“Is this really alright?”

It was the Student Council’s advisor who cried out.

“We had originally planned to call Miss Liliana and all the student involved in falsifying the testimonies to the staff room after school. Due to this, we had decided to hold the staff meeting ahead of the schedule. We thought of closing the school for the afternoon. However in this case, it seems the cla.s.s will be as usual.”

Yes, if Mr. Chairman had not arbitrarily act in advance, it will not turn up like this.

It had been decided yesterday— however, Mr. Chairman and the treasure as well as my brother, the general affair officer, Carlis, did not come into the Student Council’s room yesterday therefore were not informed on this matter beforehand.

“It seems that the Student Council’s officers should also come and listen to the story.”

In this way, the conviction play early on had turned into a farce play. It had truly become a breaking up ceremony.

Miss Shanarize voice out to Mr. Chairman.

“I already understood about that matter regarding to the engagement annulment. Let’s annul the engagement between us.”

When he heard about the engagement annulment, Mr. Chairman looked at Miss Shanarize in desperation.

“I am unwilling to be with a person who do not want to listen to my own plea. I will tell my father to acknowledge this annulment of engagement.”

Ara~ra, the chairman began to stumble.

What a sorry sight~.

“Then, gokigen’yo.”

Lady Shanarize bowed gracefully before she turned away from Mr. Chairman and walked away.

“Ma~ it ended like this. This is because you had been deceived by your cheating partner and thus made the false claim.”

I hit Mr. Chairman’s shoulder, trying to comfort him.

It was useless, Mr. Chairman crumbled to his knees.

“Who are you trying to give the finishing blow for?”

“Eh, I am trying to comfort him, you know?”

The Vice-Chairman sighed.

“Fris, why have you been doubtful of Miss Liliana?”

“Because I know that she is a liar.”

The vice-chairman asked and I replied to it.

“How did you know that she is a liar?”

“She told me that she can distinguished the two of us by looking at us properly.”

“She was able to tell the differences?”

Both Carlis and I are similar.

Even our parent sometimes made a mistake.

Liliana can distinguished the two of us.

It is certain but—

“Being able to distinguished, but she still treat us [Twin] as a set. Can you really called that as [I am properly looking at you]?


I know, I said that I might be in a hiatus, but currently I am trying to run away from the reality. It hurt me looking at the red mark on my paper.. urghh~  (இ﹏இ`。)

Anyway, I already checked this, but there might still be many grammatical errors scattered somewhere (I am too used in reading that I tend to skim things). Gomen nasai, I will look over it later (which I don’t know when, to be honest, Tehepero) (/≧ω\)

Currently I am crazy with Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu and its KOI DANCE.. totally kawaii… (〜^∇^)〜

Anyway, do check out other short stories available in this site. I did not post all of them in Novel Updates (I am shy since my projects usually so short… ha..ha…)  (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Till then, Ja ne. ヾ(☆▽☆)

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