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Robbie's POV

Next Day

As Mr. Olsen said, there was nothing found in the ruins of the house of Emaulsen, neither in Tony's blood stream nor Twen. Though, chloroform (it was banned in our country, and so, was illegal) was applied on Twen, it's quant.i.ty was just enough for anesthetic purposes and because of it's property of not staying in body for long, no trace was found. It was same with Tony. The only medicine detected was NSAIDs drugs or in other words, just simple iboprofen usually used for ridding of hangover and was legal. The trace of the very same drug was also found from the gla.s.s that was collected from ruins. There was nothing whatsoever to prove Mr. Olsen's guilt or a.s.sociation with illegal drugs. It was so frustrating that I ended up wall punching and injuring my already injured hands (because of rashly breaking a wine gla.s.s) and ended up being scolded by mum.

Fred who too came to meet Tony along with Sam, who was in the same hospital for Jenny, were all as frustrated as I was. We all knew that they were all going to be released scot free due to lack of evidence. With the involvement of Mark Winters, he would definitely get them all bailed and there was no point of pursuing the case if we don't find any other evidence against them.

I decided to not inform Tony about it. I didn't want to scare him esp after his last night's horrid experience. He will be even more worried and stressed about Twen if he knew that the culprits will get free. I have to think of a way to get Tony and Twen out of their sight so, that they cannot seek revenge. I was thinking of taking them to Guyan City (where Tony was actually from and where mum's sister and my aunt stays). Once settling there we could think of how to restart our lives. I would have arranged for it but the problem, however, was Tony himself.

Tony was discharged the very next afternoon and I took him to mum's place since I was afraid of leaving them alone in the quarters. She arranged a room for both of them. Tony did not speak a word ever since his discharge. Once he got into his room, he refused to let anyone in other than mum and Twen. Fred, Sam, Tanya visited in the next few days but he refused to meet them all. He had to be literally force fed food and in just one day, he would bath five times. I and mum were worried sick that he might destroy his health in this manner. I wanted to help him but it was like he had created an invisible wall around himself where no words were penetrating. Nothing I say or do was affecting him. So, I would send Twen to meet him from time to time to cheer him up which kind of did but as soon as he left he would revert back to his weird gloomy self.

"What's wrong with him, mum?? How can I help him if he doesn't even lets me?" I asked ma.s.saging my temples

"Robbie, it must haven been very traumatizing for him. Everyone has a tolerance level, this must have been too much for him" Mum said patting my arm

"I understand but I just can't see him like this. On top of that that bas-...Mr. Olsen did not even received his due punishment, while Tony is left in a depressed state, thanks to him. This is so unfair!" I cried, running my hand through my hair restlessly

"Calm down. Listen Robbie, I think it would be best if we arrange for a therapist for Tony. We both can't understand the depth of his pain or what he is going through. But maybe an expert can" Mum said thoughtfully

"A therapist?" I asked looking a bit surprised but the next moment my surprise turn to brooding.

Mum was right. Tony can't continue like this otherwise, his health would totally destroy. Even, the doctor in the hospital said that his injury was more psychological than physical. If he goes through a therapy, maybe, he would be able to heal his psychological wounds. I felt so useless to not being able reach him but I really didn't know what to do and just like always, he had a bad habit of keeping everything to himself.

My brooding ended with a doorbell. I and mum looked at the door which our maid went to open. The maid ushered in Tanya who was holding a small yellow rose bouquet and came in nervously. She had already visited once but she was still getting nervous by our presence! She greeted me and mum and took a place beside mum.

"How are you dear?" mum asked when Tanya sat

"I am fine Mrs. Walker" Tanya said, fidgeting with her finger, "Uhm...I just...I wanted to meet Tony"

"You know, he isn't meeting anyone. I am really worried about him. He seemed to have been impacted very heavily" Mum spoke, interwining her fingers

Tanya looked upset as she spoke, "Life is so unpredictable. It was just five days back that we were talking about nonesensical things and now..."

Tanya's lips pulled down. Mum placed a hand over hers and said softly, "Don't worry honey. Everything will be fine. I and Robbie were just discussing about getting him a therapist"

"Therapist?" Tanya too blinked in surprise like me

"Yeah" I said, "He (I sighed)...he keeps everything to himself. Even now, when he is suffering, he is preferring to do it alone all by himself rather than sharing the burden with me- I mean with us"

Tanya's lips parted and a strange blank look came over her face. "Suffering alone!" she remarked before looking at her feet and exhaling loudly.

"What happened?" I asked feeling something amiss while mum too looked at her curiously

"Mr. Walker, you just pointed out what his problem is! Alone...he is suffering alone" she said looking at me

"I-I am not getting you....I tried talking and..." I started wondering what she meant when I saw her shaking her head

"No, Mr. Walker, you didn't understand. Why do you think Tony is refusing to share anything? Why do you think he is dealing with it alone and not talking to anyone?"

I shook my head saying, "I am not sure. Maybe that's how he deals with things-"

"Exactly!" Tanya exclaimed, "Tony had always dealt with everything alone because he had no one to share it with"

I was still lost and from the look on my mum's face even she was. Tanya took in a deep breath before explaining, "Our personality is shaped by the environment and conditions we have grown up in. Tony was only 12 when his parents, who he trusted the most, abandoned him. As I understand, during his school period, he had no friend to trust or rely on and the person he first felt love from and trusted wholeheartedly also abandoned him (I shifted uncomfortably)... Don't you see...he had never had anyone who could sympathize or understand his situation, forcing him to deal with everything all alone. And so right now, he is again doing the same thing"

My eyes widen as I realised that Tanya was right. I saw comprehension dawn in mum's eyes as well. But the challenge was how to make him open up? He hadn't ever done so. How to make him talk about it? Keepin it in is only going to eat him from inside. Tanya suddenly got to her feet,

"I'll talk to him" she said, determined.

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