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TL: Yuki


「This should be good enough, probably」

I stood up after finishing filling the bag with herbs to its limit.

I was also wondering what would happen if I continue filling it after reaching its limits but it seems like it won't go inside anymore or it just pops out.

It looks like the weight of the bag also changes, but well even if my load increased by two kilos, it won't even make me feel that much of a change, so I don't know just how much weight was added.

When I left the forest and finally returned to the city, the gatekeeper was the same soldier I've met during lunch time.

「Oh, are you finally done for today?」

「Nn, errands, done」

「You're are really fast」

「I immediately found a lot」

「I see, good work, are you returning to the adventurer's guild now?」


「The town is quite big so it's easy to get lost, do be careful until you are used to it」

「Thank you, see ya」

I waved my hands to the soldier as I move until he was not seen anymore, then I walked down the alley. I did probably live on a place where lots of buildings could be found in my previous life, after walking by an area even once, so I should be able to remember it.

Well, what if I can't? In times like that, I could also rely on Helvetia who remembers it well, right?

And so I arrived at the entrance of the adventurer's guild for the second time without getting lost, I am definitely not going to make a mistake again. The building is big and there's a large sign with a big wing symbol in it making it easy to find.

I went inside and head straight to the counter. Taking off the bag on my waist, then I put it in the counter and lift myself up the same way as I did when I first came here.


「Eh, that was really fast」

The Onee-san at the reception was quite surprised when she saw me, but she was even more shocked when she checks the contents of the bag.

「Ehh, this is amazing, it was filled up to the limit. Wah, even the quality of the Moonlight Herbs are the best and having a darker green shade――!」

Suddenly, the reaction of the one-san turned from excitement to pale blue, and I was surprised by the sudden reaction where she closed in to me in a whisper.

「The Dark Green Forest is a place where entry has been banned by the knights, did you enter that place?」

「U, un, but why」

I don't know if that's the same forest I entered, and there is also a possibility that it's now, but I will a.s.sume for now.

「The Dark Green forest is indeed abundant in medicinal herbs, however it is also a very dangerous place where war wolves thrive, and there would be many times that those war wolves would even go out of the entrance of the forest. Entry was banned because many beginners have perished in that area in the past……」

Ah, I'm guilty indeed.

I did see some war wolves in that forest so it was definitely the Dark Green Forest.

「Seeing, War Wolves, no good?」

「That's right, War Wolves are intelligent beasts and would usually fight as a group, they also usually hunt monsters in their territory. If you don't trespa.s.s their territory then the chances of them attacking would be less likely, and for the knights who are regulating the increase of monsters, not reducing their numbers is actually a big help for them」

Indeed, and because they are still considered as beasts, the only thing they could do was ban entry to that place.

But well, those beasts are afraid of me so they won't attack, however it's probably not a good idea to continue entering that place.

……No, on the other hand, it is possible that I they might find adventurers and attack while escaping. Hmmm, but that place would be the best place to gather herbs, so I will probably have to talk to Vanil Mirth regarding that place.

If I could gather some good herbs without going deep inside the forest, then the war wolves living in the deeper areas might also not try to run away.

「For the time being, it's good that you didn't enter deep into the forest, and this time please don't enter it without asking permission. I will now verify the items for the current request, and thank you for the hard work」

「Thank you, by the way, about the bag, where are can I find it?」

「If it's tool bags, then Sasuksan's place should be good, they are selling both individual and wholesale products with good quality at a reasonable price. Hazel-san's place is also good because they sell cheap goods which are also popular, but the capacities of tool bags they have are mostly small. You could also find high capacity tool bags for a cheap price at Nyx's shop however we don't recommend it because of the bad quality 」

「Nn, thank you」

「What do you want to do with the extra herbs, do you want to sell it here?」

「yes please」

Right then, after taking out the herbs in the tool bag and finishing the counting, I was given some cash by the receptionist.

「This is your reward for the quest, and because the guild card could not be finished yet today, the rewards will be delivered in cash, but when the guild card is made, the reward will be deposited in the card. So for now please receive this」

「Money, when needed, how to take out?」

「When it comes to taking out money, please visit the guilds reception counter. As long as you are a registered adventurer, you would be able to withdraw at any guild even when you are in a different country. However, if you are visiting small towns, there might be a limit to how much you could take out depending on the town so do be careful at those times」

I see, that is convenient, after all it's a profession that needs to go to many places and not only in a single country, but I wonder how a system like this was developed.

「Now then, in order for us to make a card for you, will you please fill up information in this paper?」

When a piece of paper and pen was taken out, I was in cold sweat. It should be fine if it was only reading because I can at least rely on Helvetia for that issue, writing on the other hand is impossible. Will my adventurer qualification be cancelled because of this……?

「Can't write」

「Araa, is that so, it's all right, then will you please answer the questions that I'm going to ask starting here?」


After that I was answering questions about my name, age, etc, and then I was given a red card and a map where the location of the shops that sell Item bags were written. It seems like my adventurer's card will be made around 3 to 4 days.

When I went outside, it was already around sunset, and the neighborhood has now started to darken.

I will probably visit the shop that was told to me tomorrow, thinking about the explanation from before, Sasuksan's shop with high quality goods would be the best choice to check. If I can buy it now with my cash on hand then it would be good, but if it's not enough then I could also wait for my card to be issued then buy it when I receive my prize money.

I wanted to return to Jewel Inn now, but I first went to the knight headquarters. I was told to inform them the place where I would stay but I forgot to mention it yesterday.

When I asked about calling Ansel-san or Vanil Mirth-san at the headquarters, Ansel-san came out from the back, the same way as before.

「Jewel Inn, where I stay」

「I see, Jewel Inn is it, I'll take note of that. It will probably take around 5 days for your place of stay to be finished, so please stay there for a while」

「Nn, understood」

We didn't really talk that much, so when we finished briefly communicating what we needed to, Ansel-san went back inside while I went outside and returned back to the Inn.

I am currently looking for the shop based on the map that was given to me yesterday, and the first shop that I found was Nyx's Shop.

The inside of the store was not that big and there is an impression that the goods were not properly arranged or more like piled up randomly.

There seems to be a lot of Adventurer-like people shopping so it was more prosperous than I have expected?

『Hmm, even just from the looks『Eeew』 is already my reaction』

Eh, is it really that bad.

The store is full of people so I can't casually react, but Helvetia continues her monologue.

『Look at that, all the tool bags and other magic tools over there, those are not something that you would be able to safely use, and that's probably why the prices were at disposable levels……nope, no way, it's no good to buy things in this store』

Even though you told me to look, you do know that I can't see magic power like you do……

But I guess, this shop would be popular even for beginers who really want to save money, but it is a store that won't be related to me. After all I have more money than normal beginners, and my cost of living would be covered by the knights.

The next was Hazel's Shop, which was not that wide as expected, however the goods they display were properly arranged and give an atmosphere of cleanliness on the shop which is definitely better compared to Nyx's Shop.

At a corner where tool bags are arranged, Helvetia reads out the prices of the products and the amount of load they could carry. All of which are too low both price and capacity with 500 grams as the highest it could carry. What would you be able to carry with only that amount?

I would need a capacity of at least 4 Kilos, and when it comes to heavy equipment, that also won't enough and would end up becoming useless in a short amount of time.

Finally, the last place we came to visit was Sasuka's Shop. Just from the image alone, you could already tell that it caters to a wide variety of customers, mostly rich people, especially when looking inside the store.

When I went inside, it gives the feeling of 「Do you have money (*Boom) 」 which was kind of intimidating, and a bit overwhelming.


A familiar old man appeared to receive me when I walked inside the store, and it was the old man who I knocked out when I wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.

「Ah, about that time, sorry for knocking you out」

「Hahaha, I was the one who told you to attack me at that time, you don't have to worry about that. By the way, why did come here? If it's okay with you, I could give you some recommendations」

「Nn, Tool Bag, came to buy」

「Hmmm, our tool bags here are a bit expensive, you know…… but well, if it's for the champion of that compet.i.tion」


「Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Sasuka Zahag, of the Sasuka Conglomerate, also the chairman of this store」

「Oh, Chairman-san! I'm, Toto」

「Hahaha, I know. Also, you don't have to be so formal with me. I only come to check out the store from time to time after all. You were looking for tool bags right, then how about we develop some custom made one's for you instead, that way it would suit you needs better, you want it that way too, right?」

「got it」

I'm going to receive my guild card soon, then I would be able to live in a new home, I also got to know Sasuksan so everything seems to be sailing smoothly for now.

I was a bit worried before about staying in the city, but it seems like I'll be able to find many good people around here so I can spend my time without much to worry.

I guess, my first goal is to raise my Adventurer's Rank.

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