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1538 - Extra Chapter: Isis Episode ~ ~ Epilogue ~ ~

Once upon a time, there was a being who created a certain world, called the Great Evil G.o.d of Despair. Born with a strong sense of loneliness, desiring to be connected with beings other than themself, they sacrificed most of their power to create a world…… and were rejected by all the beings inhabiting it.

Once upon a time, there was a lonely girl born from the magic power of the dead. She had a heart more tender than anyone else’s, yet she had the accursed ability to spread death to everything, so she could only tremble and weep with loneliness.

She was picked up by the most powerful Primordial Demon, and although she no longer spreads death, her heart never truly received warmth, freezing with each pa.s.sing year.

Before she knew it, she was called the symbol of death and the frightening being, and like a fate that can’t be escaped even before she was reborn, she was rejected by most of the world.

However, at the end of her long solitude, she met the sun. Her beloved sun that melts the ice in her frozen heart and gently pulls her hand. The being named Miyama Kaito radically changed her surroundings.

Before she knew it…… She no longer felt lonely, and she naturally began to think of every day as enjoyable.

In a dimly lit room, Isis quietly opened her eyes. Even in the dark room, she can see as well as in the daytime, and looking at the sleeping Kaito, who was embracing her, she gently smiled.

The moment she met Kaito and he took her hand, Isis was convinced. She was born to meet Kaito, and he was the destined person she had been waiting for……

(……That premonition…… wasn’t a mistake…… Kaito…… changed my everything…… If it weren’t for Kaito…… I would surely…… still be alone and trembling in this castle.)

In fact, after meeting with Kaito, Isis’ thoughts became more positive. She remembers her antic.i.p.ation to meet Kaito, and her enjoyment from spending every day with Kaito.

It was as if the dark and colored world had been dyed with colors, and things that she had seen as a matter of course began to look different.

(……It was truly mysterious…… Even though…… there should be no way I’d love Kaito any greater than this…… I feel like…… I’m loving him more and more……. and that…… makes me really happy…… Being able to…… confidently say that I love Kaito…… makes me happier than anything else.)

Gently reaching out her hand to Kaito, brushing the hair sticking to his face to the side, she then put her hand on his cheek and gently stroked it. Feeling the touch and warmth of Kaito’s cheek, Isis couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of affection, making her smile.

Thereupon, Kaito stirred up a bit and slightly opened his eyes.

[……Hnn? Isis-san?]

[……Ahh…… Sorry…… Did I wake you up?]

[Ahh, no, please don’t worry about it. Is something the matter?]

[……No…… Nothing much…… It’s just…… with Kaito by my side like this…… my feelings of love for Kaito feels fulfilling…… is what I was thinking.]

When Isis apologetically told that to the awoken Kaito, Kaito kindly smiled, wrapped his arms around Isis’ back and hugged her body.

Of course, there was no reason for Isis to refuse his embrace, so seemingly acting like a spoiled child, she happily leaned her body towards Kaito and fell into his arms.

[……I also feel the same way. How should I say this…… It may actually be a very fulfilling thing to be able to naturally feel affection for someone and be able to verbally express it to them.]

[……Unnn…… After all……. that means that you have met someone that you can cherish that much…… That’s why, I’m sure…… that it makes the heart…… the soul happy.]

As Isis happily said this, Kaito lightly placed his hand on her head and gently stroked her soft and smooth hair. While narrowing her eyes comfortably at that feeling, Isis continued.

[……Kaito…… Thank you…… For meeting me…… For loving me…… That…… makes me really…… really happy…… I’ll make sure…… you won’t regret it……. I’ll do my best…… so that Kaito would feel glad that you’ve come to like me.]

[You’ve already achieved that goal. After all, I truly believe that even now, from the bottom of my heart…… Rather, I am the one who should thank you. I’m truly glad that I was able to meet you.]

[……Kaito…… I love you…… I love you very much…… I love you…… so, so much…… that I can’t fully express it in words no matter how much I try.]

[I love you too, Isis-san.]

As if wanting to say that if words can’t fully express it, the two embraced each other tightly, expressing their feelings through actions, and repeatedly exchanged kisses.

In the castle that was supposed to be built in a place of extreme cold, feeling the warmth that almost seemed to burn them……

The girl…… “was” lonely.

That isn’t the case now though, for as long as her beloved sun continues to illuminate her, it will never snow in her heart again. The wish of the sorrowful G.o.d who trembled with loneliness, seeking others———— was indeed fulfilled.

And she…… Isis will walk onward to the continuation of her dreams in the future. Together with her beloved……

【Since Serious-senpai was completely buried in sugar fills, it will take her 3 chapters until she returns.】

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