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Early the next morning, Yu Qinghuan had got all dressed up and went to the filming site. The first scene was between him and Fang Zhongxi.

The strange thing was Fang Zhongxi who was always on time was unprecedented late today. The whole crew had waited for him for quite some time and finally he arrive with a sorry face.

Since this was the first time, plus his apologizing att.i.tude was very sincere, Liu Jia'an didn't get mad but only waved at him, letting him get prepared.

Fang Zhongxi looked a little not himself, like very uncomfortable. One could tell easily even if he was wearing a thick layer of makeup.

"Are you OK?" though they were not familiar with each other, since Yu Qinghuan saw it, he still showed his care when he backed on to the camera.

 "I'm fine." Fang Zhongxi answered coldly. Noticing he didn't want to talk to him, Yu Qinghuan said no more but started to clear up his costume with his head lowered.

This was the second to the last scene of Yu Qinghuan, still a rescuing scene which was quite energy consuming.

When Yu Qinghuan found the right feeling and saw Fang Zhongxi also nod at him, he then showed Liu Jia'an an 'OK" gesture.

Liu Jia'an understood and scanned the standby lighting engineers, then shouted, "OK! Action!"

 "Move! Move! Move!" Ye Sheng who had fallen for his work in the battlefield was sweating profusely, with blood stains all over his white gown, totally a different man from that rich kid image.

He was the headmost, commanding two soldiers carrying a stretcher, looking very anxious.

The gunfire was on, and the injured were carried away one bunch after another. They were totally short of hands. When Ye Sheng was racking his brain to figure out how to transfer those limited hands, he suddenly saw a colleague coming from outside.

 "Great. Come with me. The patients are too…" Yu Qinghuan grabbed Fang Zhongxi over joyfully. But before he finished his words, Fang Zhongxi suddenly staggered and fell down.

 "Cut!" Liu Jia'an frowned and shouted at them, "Zhongxi, what's going on? Ankle sprained?"

Fang Zhongxi's face was ghastly pace. He looked anguished with cold sweat on the tip of his nose. After resting for some time sitting on the ground, Fang Zhongxi raised his head, "Sorry, director. I feel a little uncomfortable."

Liu Jia'an was ill-tempered, but this was about the actor's health, he could only suppress his anger and turned to w.a.n.g Chengcheng and Li Hongxiu, "You two get prepared. We'll shoot your part later."

The two of them responded and went to their own dressing room.

While Fang Zhongxi tried a few times but still couldn't pick himself up. He could only say to Yu Qinghuan with a very low voice, "Come on. Give me a hand."

 "Zhongxi, isn't your broker here today?" asked Yu Qinghuan while sending him to the rest room after helping him up.

 "Hm." Fang Zhongxi answered with a low voice, like he didn't want to talk about it.

Yu Qinghuan was not a gossiping person and asked no more. When he helped Fang Zhongxi sit on the couch in the rest room and was about to leave, he inadvertently scanned his collar and immediately got surprised.

Fang Zhongxi now was only wearing a thin costume, the fastener on the top of which was unfastened, exposing the deepred marks on the skin.

Though having not experienced, Yu Qinghuan was an adult after all, he immediately recognized what those were.

 "You see it?" noticing his staring, Fang Zhongxi didn't panic but only raised his head and said blandly, "I hope you can keep it to yourself."

 "Don't worry." Yu Qinghuan withdrew his eyes and said, "I'm not interested in other's personal life." then he turned around and was about to leave.

When he just took one step, Fang Zhongxi's cold voice was heard from behind, "do you look down on me?"

 "You overthink it." said Yu Qinghuan without turning his head, "there are too many ways ahead and everyone has his own choice. So I don't have a thing with your choice at all."

The narrow and small rest room, the sullen atmosphere, everything here made Yu Qinghuan  nearly suffocate. He didn't want to stay here one second longer. So before Fang Zhongxi said anything, he already pulled the door open and strode away.

The wind in midwinter was dry and cold but had a kind of refreshing feeling. Yu Qinghuan took a deep breath and sat in a corner, staring at the ground blankly.

This was one of the reasons why he hated this circle. Everyone wanted to be famous by hook or by crook. The dark side of humanity was ruthlessly exposed here.

But when Fang Zhongxi asked him whether he looked down him, he still lied.

In fact he looked down on this kind of people who used his face or even his body to exchange for a future.

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