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In the next early morning, the sun was shining brightly.

Tang Xia lay on the bed lazily with her eyebrows knitted, stretching her limbs out. As warm sunlight cast on Tang Xia's face through the mist of early morning, her face was bathed in golden light.

Tang Xia in the sleep raised her hand up subconsciously to cover her eyes as if she felt uncomfortable because of the sunlight. Then she felt that her nose itched as if something that was fluffy kept on teasing her.

Tang Xia shook her head subconsciously. However, that thing kept on teasing her until Tang Xia woke up.

After she opened up her eyes slowly, Tang Xia waved her hands when she got fully adapted to the sunlight and shook her head. When she saw the magnified face in front of her, Tang Xia opened her eyes suddenly and shouted after taking a deep breath.

"Ah!!!" A sharp and scared shout belched into the sky.

Chu Tiankuo froze for a while as he had not expected that Tang Xia would react like this. Wet with cold sweat, Chu Tiankuo was so terrified that he held Tang Xia by her waist and covered her mouth.

"You are my empress, it is quite normal to do anything with me. How can you cold-shoulder me as I don't dislike your bad performance last night?"

Chu Tiankuo's words irritated Tang Xia who just bounced back again. So Tang Xia glared directly at Chu Tiankuo.

But Tang Xia could not utter a word but 'hum' as her mouth was covered by Chu Tiankuo. "If I could move freely now, I would definitely cut Chu Tiankuo into pieces! Tear his limbs by five horses! I curse that his chest would be pierced by scores of arrows and that he would not die in peace!"

As Chu Tiankuo was not a fool, he could feel her anger and shout. But he could not care that much for the moment.

"You need to promise me that you will not shout or curse me if I let go. Blink your eyes if you've heard what I said."

Tang Xia took a deep breath and blinked her eyes.

But after Chu Tiankuo let go, Tang Xia glared at Chu Tiankuo and kept her promise by not shouting or cursing him. Then Tang Xia s.n.a.t.c.hed the cover off and checked her body.

When she found that she was naked, Tang Xia blushed and dressed her up slowly in the quilt. After everything was done, Tang Xia turned her head away and sneered at Chu Tiankuo,

"You Lothario! How could you make gestures to me after taking advantage of me? I'll kill you!" As Tang Xia said in a low voice, she found that Chu Tiankuo was wearing clothes slowly in a good mood. Then Tang Xia pushed him off.

"You shrew!" Chu Tiankuo stood up slowly, putting his hands around his waist. And he wore a somewhat darksome look with a pair of playful eyes.

"How dare you to say that! You nuts! You took advantage of me! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Tang Xia was quite angry about his words and threw things to him after she sat up.

Tang Xia planned to stand up. However, she felt somewhat sore and swollen together with p.r.i.c.king from the lower part of the body. Her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand, so she chose to sit up.

But apparently, Chu Tiankuo did not take what Tang Xia had said to heart. He said to her ears with a grin,

"Am I? Did I take advantage of you? But I remember that I was drunk last night. Then you took advantage of me?

Besides, you were quite sober last night. You could revolt even though I did something to you, right?"

"Moreover, I'm the emperor! You are my empress!

It is rather reasonable even if I do something to you."

Chu Tiankuo looked sideways at her with a trace of a smile flickering in his eyes. He wore a gentle smile in a good mood for what had happened the night before.

As Tang Xia blushed gradually, Chu Tiankuo finally burst into laughter.

"Hha, my empress is so lovable. But it will be so boring if you are still so reserved when we are having fun on the bed. It seems that you are tired because of what happened last night, take a good rest. I'll have to attend to official business."

"Chu Tiankuo!" Tang Xia pounded the table suddenly and got out of bed in spite of her weak legs. And she almost fell to the bed as she could not stand still. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You fool!"

Tang Xia made a gesture of contempt to Chu Tiankuo and walked off in a huff.

"I won't stay in this palace anymore! I want another palace! Another palace!"

Chu Tiankuo followed Tang Xia with his eyes, wearing a bigger smile.

After Tang Xia left, Chu Tiankuo had some palace maids clean the palace and attended to official business with foreign ministers.

Chu Tiankuo discussed with those ministers in the Royal Garden. Tang Xia went there, too.

What a coincidence! Should it be called fate or planned? But Tang Xia saw Chu Tiankuo and those ministers so that she hid behind the artificial hill and accidentally heard what they were talking about.

It was all because she herself felt bored so that she idled about on her own. As she was not familiar with the roads in the palace, she went to the Royal Garden accidentally.

She wanted to pick some beautiful flowers and saw through the leaves that Chu Tiankuo was drinking with his ministers.

As she dared not to bother them, she picked some flowers and hid behind the artificial hill.

"How bold and powerful you were last night, Your Majesty! You own such a good capacity for liquor that you can remain calm after drinking that much!"

"You are flattering me! It is common for me to drink as it can relieve your worries. It will be a contempt for the wine if you get drunk so easily." Tang Xia thought it was Chu Tiankuo who said these sentences as his attractive voice was easy to tell among those people.

"Hha, you are right, Your Majesty! I propose a toast to you." A minister said and drank up his wine.

"Hha." Chu Tiankuo's gestures and expressions were so elegant and attractive that Tang Xia was impressed by his good acting.

"But what did that minister mean? Does he truly own a good capacity for liquor? Why don't I think so? How could he get drunk that easily last night if he truly owns a good capacity for liquor?"

As she thought so, she took a step sideways subconsciously. Tang Xia thought she could leave so that she need not hide anymore. Unexpectedly, there was a stone under her feet. Therefore, she twisted her ankle.

"Ah." After experiencing what had happened the night before, Tang Xia's legs were weak. Besides, she stepped on a stone for the moment. So Tang Xia fell to the ground.

As a heavy falling sound came from behind the artificial hill, Chu Tiankuo and his ministers looked at the direction. After seeing the part of clothes from the artificial hill, Chu Tiankuo knew it was Tang Xia and shook his head, wearing a doting smile.

He stood up slowly and made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest. "Sorry, my beloved woman is coming here for me. We can get together again another day."

Hearing what Chu Tiankuo had said, the ministers knew who it was behind the artificial hill and left.

After the ministers left, Chu Tiankuo wore a smile and said, "Don't hide anymore, come out."

Tang Xia stood up with difficulties and came out from behind the artificial hill awkwardly, lowering her head.

After she came out, Chu Tiankuo wore a serious look immediately and held Tang Xia up.

It turned out that Tang Xia twisted her ankle.

"Tell me, what did they mean? Do you have a good capacity for liquor? How can your capacity for liquor be called as 'good'?" When Tang Xia was held up by Chu Tiankuo, she was a little frightened but did not revolt.

After she raised her head up and found Chu Tiankuo's look was a little serious, Tang Xia was worried and planned to change the subject. So she came up with that question.

As Chu Tiankuo knew exactly what she was thinking about, he just wore a smile after hearing her question and let it be.

Chu Tiankuo's not answering her question made Tang Xia snort.

After summoning the imperial physician, Chu Tiankuo knew that it was not a big deal as Tang Xia just twisted her ankle. But he was still a little worried.

So he left with the imperial physician to take a topical application of drug for her, leaving Tang Xia accompanied by Little Orange in the Imperial Study.

As Chu Tiankuo had left, it was a good chance for Tang Xia to inquire Little Orange. She asked with a smile, "Little Orange, His Majesty is so toilsome as he must attend to numerous affairs every day. But he owns such a bad capacity for liquor as he got drunk that easily!"

As Little Orange was rather loyal to His Majesty, she felt angry although the negative comment was made by Her Grace.

But Tang Xia was the empress anyway, Little Orange froze for a while and answered, "Your Grace, are you kidding me? He won't get drunk after drinking a lot!"

"What? He won't get drunk easily?"

"But he..." Then Tang Xia thought about what the minister had said in the Royal Garden.

And Tang Xia knew the whole story.

"Chu Tiankuo!"

After put on her shoes, Tang Xia ran to the Imperial Hospital quickly, squinting her eyes. And she just saw Chu Tiankuo come out with unguent in hand.

She hurried to stand in front of Chu Tiankuo, "Chu Tiankuo, how dare you to fool with your 'big sister'!"

Chu Tiankuo froze for a while and knew what she meant. "Big sister? My big sister tastes good!"

Then he wore a gentle smile, not blaming Tang Xia on calling him by his name.

But those imperial physicians, palace maid, and eunuchs regarded it so unbelievable that they all froze.

Although Tang Xia was still angry, she was forced to go back to the palace with Chu Tiankuo. And news that the empress shouted at the emperor spread over the whole palace.

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