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"Ah?" The CEO's att.i.tude had been changed?

[Visitor] Popcorn: Ow, this means you two will have a date. Congratulations, my anchor. You're getting closer to your success. Scatter flowers!

[Visitor] Little Glutinous Rice: Though it might be a good thing, I feel an ominous premonition somehow. He is a vicious CEO, extremely vicious.

[Visitor] Jin Diandian: Anchor, I can't bear this plot. I have to say something. You have dressed like this, so you two should have contacted more intimately.

[Visitor] Little Fairy Stick: The upstair comment is correct. Intimate contact could be a good chance to give out sparks of love.

As a qualified heroine of CEO-type novels, she must master the skill of falling over. On all account, she must throw herself into the CEO's embrace to have intimate contact.

Tang Xia measured the distance between her and Chu Tiankuo roughly. Considering the falling point, she pretended to twist her ankle by accident, throwing herself forwards Chu Tiankuo.


Chu Tiankuo had no intention to catch her and even stepped back a little to avoid the trouble.

Tang Xia failed to throw herself into Chu Tiankuo's embrace, but she heavily fell down onto the wool rug with an extremely strange posture.

The first battle, lost!

She was rubbing her achy elbow, finding a white belt was in her right hand irrationally.

Tang Xia was shocked and her heartbeats accelerated.

This seemed to be the belt of the CEO's bathrobe...

The air pressure around Chu Tiankuo became colder and colder. Clouds of dark aura swept towards Tang Xia. Her eyebrows raised, and she slowly lifted her head.

Then, she was stunned.

The night breeze pa.s.sed through the window, blowing over the edges of his loose bathrobe. It was likely to be two white b.u.t.terflies dancing over the air.

[Visitor] Star Eyes: Wow! Wow! Wow! The indescribable scene finally comes!

[Visitor] Summer: What's the problem with the system? It unexpectedly forms a mosaic at this key moment.

[Visitor] Little Glutinous Rice: Whoops, why did my front turn into yellow? (Funny face)

The angry air pressure continuously roared towards Tang Xia. Chu Tiankuo wore a horrible smile, revealing his teeth like a wolf. He said, "Gu! Mu! Mu!"

"I'm not on purpose." Tang Xia crumpled on the ground, covering her eyes with her trembling hands. She embarra.s.sedly stood up immediately and rushed out of Chu Tiankuo's room.

The door was closed again.

Chu Tiankuo's smile gradually disappeared and a treacherous light pa.s.sed in his eyes.

"Ah, it's really interesting."

When night came, the endless darkness covered the whole city. Splendid lights sparked in Empire State Building. It was shinning like a bright pearl of this city.

There stood a vintage European-style palace. Luxurious relief and dazzling gla.s.s ceiling lamps all represented the style of capitalism.

Tang Xia wore a long blue-white dress, with a platinum purse in her hands. She looked over the whole hall, a sense of wealth-revenge bringing about in her mind. This was the so-called vicious capitalism!

"Chu Tiankuo, it's the interesting place you mentioned before?" Tang Xia turned to the man beside her and asked in a low voice.

Tonight, Chu Tiankuo was extraordinarily cool. His proud face was tense with a light smile. When he stepped into the hall, he caught everyone's attention.

They were looking at him with admiring, loving, or curious emotions, but when they turned to find Tang Xia, only resentment and indifference left.

It was the first time for Mr. Chu to take a female companion to join a banquet like this, which caught all the persons' attention.

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