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Tang Xia nearly forgot that in the worlds of CEO novels, selling contracts always existed... her facial expression turned dark abruptly.

[Visitor] Summer: Anchor, be careful. Last time, I see an anchor was sold to Africa to do brutal and inhuman jobs.

[Visitor] Star Eyes: Yes, yes. I used to watch their broadcasts. One of a star anchor was spurred by the world and withdrew from the industry of live broadcast forever.

[Visitor] Popcorn: That's Junlan. Just think a person who was thrown away to a wasted desert to plant trees and could not sign out the broadcast room until she completed her broadcasting time. If I was her, I would break out.

Tang Xia looked at the comments in the broadcast room with the corners of her mouth twitching. A few seconds later, she firmly chose to compromise. She looked at Chu Tiankuo straightly, saying, "Don't need to waste your money to buy a plane ticket. I love the industry of brushing toilets. I will work hard."

"Oh, such a clever foot-washing maid." Chu Tiankuo untied her, looking at her with a flash of coldness pa.s.sing by his eyes and saying, "Just focus on the toilets. Don't dream about others. I have no more patience on you."

Chu Tiankuo ostracized her. Tang Xia sharply felt an intense abhor from him, but she didn't figure out what was the problem.

The evening breeze was a little bit cold, stirring yarn curtains, so as the quietness inside. Light cast onto Chu Tiankuo's absorbing face, while he turned his face away, saying with a steely calm expression, "If there's nothing serious, you'd better disappear in my sight. Your ugly face makes me sick."

In this kind of good time, surrounded by beautiful sceneries and flowers, and under the moonlight, this CEO was still saying some poisonous words. En, this was a tyrant CEO.

In each CEO-type novel, there always was an evil supporting actress, who must own a gorgeous appearance and strong family background. The most important thing was that she was the stumbling block between the relationship of the hero and heroine.

Oh, it should be a catalyzer.

Tang Xia did not make any progress for a few days, so she was deeply looking forward to the supporting actress's appearance. When she was anxious to wait, the supporting actress finally showed up.

In "The Tyrant CEO Falls in Love with Me", the first supporting actress was Chen Shanyi, the daughter of Ruiou Group's CEO and also Chu Tiankuo's marriage target.

She finally showed up.

She wore a spring dress from a well-known brand, paired with the latest luxurious bag. Proud expression showed up on her delicate face. She threw her bag into Tang Xia's hands and turned to the Chu's housekeeper, saying, "Where is Brother Tiankuo?"

"Mr. Chu is in his study upstairs. Excuse me to report to him first. Please wait for a moment." The housekeeper calmly turned to Tang Xia and made an order, "Miss Gu, could you please make a cup of coffee for Miss Shanyi, please?"

Tang Xia just finished washing toilets. She hurried to make a coffee for Chen Shanyi in the kitchen before she could wash her hands.

A curling mist rose from a tan China cup, while the whole room was pervaded of fragrant scent. Chen Shanyi sat on the sofa and took a sip, but her refined eyebrows twisted abruptly.


The China cup was put heavily on the table, with some drops spilled out.

Tang Xia was a little bit scared. "Did Chen Shanyi find her not to wash hands?"

"What's the problem with you? I never drink instant coffee. Don't you know that?"

Tang Xia intended to answer, but a maid beside her raced to response, "Miss Shanyi, she's a newcomer and doesn't know your habits. Besides, she's different from the other maids. Sir bought her as his special maid and she said she could warm bed for him!"

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