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Hearing the senior leader's words, Tang Xia was confused and got a strange look on her face. She looked at these people in front of her up and down, thinking silently, "Strange. My live show has been so terrible now. But why would the senior leaders want me to stay? Why would they even give me a raise and let me continue? Why?"

Still dim about this, Tang Xia just gave up thinking. After all, in no way should she be cheated. So she signed the contract straight out with the company. Moreover, she was eager to meet Chu Tiankuo again.

After quickly signing the contract, Tang Xia smiled and bowed to the senior leaders, and said, "Bosses, I'm leaving if there is nothing else."

The senior leaders looked genial and responded with a smile, "Go ahead. We don't mean to waste your time."

Tang Xia quickly turned away. But the look in the company changed the instant Tang Xia had left.

The senior leaders immediately changed their genial looks before Tang Xia to totally different ones. The harmony among them disappeared.

All of them started looking at the chief and objecting to him. "Why would you let her stay here? There is a bug in her live show. What we should do is to find out and eliminate that bug."

"That's right! Not to mention that Tang Xia's live show was not attracting at all. If it were not for the bug, she would probably have failed in the first pa.s.s."

"I agree. What's the use of such a woman? Why did we extend the contract? Aren't we damaging the company's interest?"

"Moreover, we have detected the bug for a long time and have been searching for solutions, haven't we? How can we leave the bug unsolved for so long?"

"Does this mean the bug would never be eliminated if Tang Xia hadn't shown up? What's the use of the men in the Technology Department? They are so well-paid, but can't they think of any idea about such a trifle?

"You must explain!"

Now all the eyes were fixed on the chief sitting above.

The chief took a snap of tea at leisure, and then put down the cup slowly. Looking at the eyes of those senior leaders who sat below, he cleared his throat and said unhurriedly, "You know nothing. We had been searching for the bug before Tang Xia stated her live show. But he hid so well that we failed to find him out all the time."

Then the chief paused for a while and continued, "Even the most excellent technician in the company can't figure out any ideas. But the bug has been with Tang Xia since her first live show. So the Technology Department asked to let Tang Xia continue her live show so that they could find it out as soon as possible. The whole matter is related to Tang Xia. So we have to extend the contract and let her continue. The bug is bound to be with Tang Xia when she broadcasts. Then we will be able to track out the bug.

"Are you sure to do this?" One of the senior leaders reb.u.t.ted. "What if it doesn't work?"

"What if the bug has lost his interest in Tang Xia and won't show up during the next live show? What should we do then?"

"Ah, does that mean by no means can we eliminate him? Then the extension of the contract with Tang Xia will be useless.

"And more importantly," one of the senior leaders said, "The bug is Tang Xia's boyfriend. Are you sure Tang Xia will help us lure him out?"

"That will be alright," the chief said determinedly, "We'll never let Tang Xia know this. All she needs to do is to be an anchor contentedly and help us to lure out the bug. What's more, now that they two are in love, we don't have to worry that she might fail to draw him out, since he will definitely appear in Tang Xia's next live show."

"And the data from the Technology Department shows that the bug has always been with Tang Xia every time she broadcasts. To say the least, we will never find out and eliminate the bug if we don't make use of Tang Xia because the bug has super power for destruction."

"So far, the only thing we can do is to extend the contract with Tang Xia and let her continue her live show. We will search for the bug step by step and draw up the plan to eliminate him."

Hearing these words, all the senior leaders looked pensively. The looked at each other and then thought for a while, weighing the gains and losses. Then they nodded. "Alright, it seems we have no other choices."

"I agree with anything as long as it's good for the company with no bad outcomes."

Me, too. But the premise is the men in the Technology Department hurry up and clean the thing up. Never leave out anything!"

"And Tang Xia. If she performs well in the next live shows and attracts enough fans, we will consider continuing the cooperation with her. But if she can't complete all the tasks independently without that bug, we won't need such an anchor.

"All right. Let's do this!"

The chief, not sure whether the plan worked and could draw out the bug, breathed a sigh of relief when the senior leaders were not looking at him.

"That's it. So much for this. Arrange the next live show for Tang Xia as soon as possible. The earlier we catch that bug, the better. Then we will eliminate him." The chief said.

Then all of the senior leaders nodded and moved on to other issues.

Another bitter quarrel began about things concerning the company's interest.

At the same time, Tang Xia had walked out of the company. Looking up into the sky, she was quite confused. "Whatever. I will be able to meet Chu Tiankuo now that I have been asked to continue the live show. I will find him no matter who he is."

Thinking of this, Tang Xia felt strange. When she logged in her ID number, she found so many messages in her inbox. She was quite amazed when seeing this.

"Why are there so many messages all of a sudden?" Tang Xia clicked these messages doubtfully and realized that many people had followed her live show, which made her an online celebrity.

These fans suddenly flooded the screen.

"Excellent, the hostess. You've accomplished all the difficult tasks."

"Exactly. So I'm going to be your fan as a pa.s.ser-by."

"I've been following her silently since she started the live show."

"Love you forever."

"I agree with the last poster. I love you, Tang Xia."

"I love you, Tang Xia."

Tang Xia lost for words when she read these messages. She didn't think too much and walked back.

Tang Xia saw many people point at her and make remarks on her on the way back. She was a little bit flurried and thus picking up her pace. She walked faster and faster until she nearly ran.

Suddenly, someone blocked her way and asked her,

"You're the anchor of the time-travel post bar, aren't you? I've watched your live show and think you are so excellent. I adore you so much. Can I have an autograph, please?"

"Well, okay." Tang Xia said confusedly.

All of a sudden, a flock of people rushed over here.

"Tang Xia, I am your fan, too. Will you give me your autograph?"

"And me, and me!"

With so many people surrounding her, she knew she would be unable to leave for a moment. So Tang Xia said, "No problem. Take your time. One by one."

Tang Xia signed all the signatures under the encirclement of the crowd. Then she walked into a supermarket instantly and bought herself a black mask. With most part of her face covered, she went back on a less crowded path.

Tang Xia returned home this way. After washing herself, she lay onto the bed. Suddenly she remembered the bug, who occupied her mind and would never go away.

Every bit of Chu Tiankuo haunted in Tang Xia's mind, which made her more and more miserable. When she realized that possibly she would never meet Chu Tiankuo again, she became even more miserable.

"What should I do if Chu Tiankuo wouldn't show up in the next live show?" Tang Xia thought silently, "No, I must see Chu Tiankuo. I will try to find him next time, or the next two times, or forever."

Tang Xia cheered herself up. "Tang Xia, you're the best. You should never give up! Chu Tiankuo is waiting for you to find him."

When Tang Xia thought this way, her cellphone suddenly rang. She turned it on only to find it was the system notification, which reminded her that it was time for the next live show.

"It's time to set off working and find out Chu Tiankuo."

With such thought in her mind, Tang Xia immediately logged in her ID number.

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