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Originally posted on RBKTR Translations.
Author: Yi Zhi Da Yan (一隻大雁).
Translated by: Yujuan.


He actually came home with a dog.

A lame dog that was filthy, had half of its fur fallen off, even leaving a blotch on the floor I had mopped just yesterday night.

Very good.

Honestly speaking, I don't hate dogs, nor do I have any complaints about him bringing home a dirty dog he's picked up.

And yet I was still very angry.

He actually let the soaked dog run about the bathroom, and it was fine if he wasn't able to wash it properly, but he actually got the smell onto himself.

I chased him out to wash his car, then lifted the dog into the bathroom.

I don't understand, why does this dog have such an intense reaction on getting bathed, I'm not trying to s.e.xually a.s.sault him?!

After bathing the dog and mopping the floor, he returned.

I was struck by a brainwave, suddenly thinking of a new idea.

Bathing! What a good chance!

I can tell him that he won't be able to bathe properly and help him bathe! A knead here and a grope there and a rub and something uncontrollable could happen.

The extremely agitated me pulls him into the bathroom.

The extremely agitated me strips him of his clothes.

This situation is almost like a certain kind of scene within an unspeakable romance film.

Thinking about this makes me even more agitated!

Then he fell asleep.

Once the hot water poured in, he fell asleep.


How can he sleep just anywhere?!

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