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“Wow,  It's the first time Kirika got a doll. Happy. Kirika want it for a long time.”


“This doll, Keep it without eating!”

Wait, no.

“Kirikchan, It's going to rot, so let’s eat, right?”

Kirikchan looks sad.

"This doll will rot?"

I feel my chest tightened.

I am ,Why I make such a character bento. I am stupid.

"Uwa~ , Delicious! Kirika, Hurry up eat it!"

Kurts muching his character figure from the head part.

It’s salty and delicious as it is written on potatoes with boiled down soy sauce.

By the way, there is soy sauce-flavored potato chips. It is a match. Soy sauce and potatoes. Oh, but maybe it was even better with b.u.t.ter …

Tears came out from Kirikchan eyes.

My chest is tightened.

That’s it! Take the pillowcase that has been put as bento cover.

Towel art were popular during school days. Make a towel art and play.

Can I make it with a pillowcase?

Roll around and fold and insert …, it's done!

“Kirikchan, look, Mr. bird, here”

Kirika switched her sight to see the waterfowl made instantly with a pillowcase.

“Wa~a, it is amazing”

Is there a thread or needle in the lodge?

As an adventurer we are always inspecting the equipment, If there is a tear on the clothes, we must fix it, right?

Ah, … in that case.

“Nee, Bryce-kun, when you check the equipment, what will you do if your clothes are torn, do you change clothes?”

“We will ask weapons-smith and armor-smith to repair weapons and armor. I will fix anything that can be fixed by myself, like replacing the cords of leather armor etc. For clothes … If there are people who can fix it and there is no clothes store around, I will ask that person. At that time, we can ask someone like party member, someone at female inn, or someone who was introduced by guild. if it’s something that’s easily fixed, you can pay it with only one bread."

“Who can fix it at our lodge?”

Bryce-kun only smile bitterly.

"Though I can’t fix it properly, well it is just a slime as opponent, we are rarely breaks our clothes."

I see. There are something that Bryce-kun arent good. His image is he could do anything. fufufu.

"In that case, As an adventurer, no, not only adventurer, rather that ask for contrac or exchange with bread, would it be better if we could sew it ourselves?"

Both b.u.t.tons and pants zipper, It is natural to ask my family to fix it.

“Well then, Kirikchan, Should we just practice sewing a little at night to become a good adventurer? I will teach you. I will make a doll. Kirikchan will practice making doll ‘s clothes.”

Kirikchan face sparkling brightly.

"Doll for Kirika? Really?"

“I can not make a fine one, If that’s okay then “

Kirikchan spread her small hands and jumped into my chest.

“Thank you, ano ne, Kirika, verry happy, not sad anymore, but something, tears …”

“Eh, that's, how much would you teach me?”

Kurts opens his mouth.

Eh? How much?

“As one of the training as an adventurer, we don't need to pay, right?  Isnt Bryce-kun didn't ask for money when he teach us handle an animal? Both Kirikchan and kurts teach me about dungeon rule, right? Nee, Bryce-kun, as an adventurer you need to learn sewing, don't you? “

Bryce-kun narrowed his eyes.

“Yuri-san can sewing? Yuri-san is a really wonderful person"

No, as I used to learn it at home economics lesson, everyone can do basic things. In j.a.pan. It is not something that can be seen as a highly respected person.

“Although it's not an absolutely necessary as adventurer, It is better that we could do it. Could you teach Kurts and me? “

“Un, sure”

Ah! I see. Men's also doing household activities normally now. Because only girl who doing sewing… there was a belief that boy wouldn't do it…. My husband told me that it’s a woman’s job.

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