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Chapter 31: Kissing, the mouth’s skin was bitten off

Probably in the entire world, this sort of high-profile coming out of the closet could only be done by the despicable Pan Lei.

His old man should despise him a thousand more times for placing all the blame on his head. If Tian Yuan was his father, he must have smacked him a hundred times over. This unlucky child really makes people angry to death.

“My third uncle got more irritated because before my grandfather left, he repeatedly warned my third uncle to not scheme against Lei Zi. Grandpa said that it was wrong for the dad to frighten his child. If you scare the child to do something, problems may arise.

Grandpa also ordered my third aunt to look for Chinese and foreign experts to treat Lei Zi. Even if he can not be cured, liking a girl a little bit should also be good. Truth be told, that’s already out of the question.

When everybody had gone and left, my third uncle couldn’t contain it anymore and blew up. If it were not for my third aunt stopping him, it was estimated that Lei Zi could’ve pa.s.sed on to the next life. After taking a good beating from third uncle, Lei Zi couldn’t get up for half a month and stayed in the hospital for several days.

At the age of 19, my third uncle thought that what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve and so, he sent Lei Zi directly to the army without notifying anyone. He made him start as a private and from there, he slowly rose through the ranks without relying on his family’s power.

He joined the army camp of commandos wherein his ident.i.ty was unknown by the talented people there. He diligently worked hard step by step, went to the military school, and pa.s.sed the devil training camp.

He did not go home to visit his relatives in those five years. After becoming a military instructor in the special forces, he finally returned home. My third uncle’s fury also vanished. Lei Zi did not make him lose face. Using the ident.i.ty of an ordinary person, he won over the special forces instructor position. The journey all the way was difficult but he worked hard to get into where he is now. He is a real man.

Being in the army for 11 years, he has experienced the rain of bullets, has attacked the drug dealers at the border, blew up bombs and rescued countless hostages. He earned countless meritorious deeds, which couldn’t even be found on the shelf of the highest-ranking soldiers.

He also stirred up troubles such as intentionally killing criminals, deliberately abusing the prisoners, and challenging the ordinary soldiers and people to train with him at shooting while in the camp, all of them being mercilessly beaten by him. The company commander would then find their captain to cry out their grievances.

During one of the military exercises, he led his men towards the enemy’s old nest, and took the red string of the division commander which meant murder. Not only that, he also fed the division commander’s dog with sleeping pills and took a few chicken from the kitchen when they left. The enemy’s division commander flew into rage. However, those people above are very fond of Lei Zi, so he was not reprimanded.

My grandpa likes him very much. Us two brothers had been in the army for a few years but we were not able to stay long. However, Lei Zi was different. He feels deep affection with the troops and enjoys being together with his brothers. My grandpa hopes that he can be a soldier for the rest of his life. I heard that his military dumplings are about to rise again. After spending a few years in the special forces, he will be going to the military district. His future is indeed bright. " {T/N: Whew! That’s a wrap for Pan Lei’s pre-Tian Yuan life story. I thought I was translating his biography. lol!}

This is not strange at all. Such kind of wickedness that makes people fume with rage, Pan Lei is definitely capable of doing.

“Dr. Tian, Lei Zi is a good man. He will love you dearly. If there is any danger and you will be put in a difficult situation, he will help you settle them. This should make you happy.”

Tian Yuan only laughed and didn’t comment. His own brothers would naturally stand on Pan Lei’s side. Listening to a few praises will not make him compromise. He wants to observe and study things on his own. Besides, he likes girls for more than 20 years, and that will not change just because of this bandit. He is not some young virgin lady who climbed the mountain and was suddenly s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the bandits, and later on becomes the bandit leader’s wife. I don’t believe that Pan Lei would dare to treat me as such. If he dares to do so, I will castrate him and cut off the Pan Family’s direct line of descendants!

Huang Kai was the first one to fall on the ground. After Pan Lei triumphed over Huang Kai, he had stopped drinking. While staggering, he stood up and started clinging on to Tian Yuan. He also began to drop light smacks on Tian Yuan’s face like a chick pecking on some rice. “Dear Tian’er, my candy, let’s go home.”

Lin Mu shivered at this and almost spat out. “You, can’t you not be a bit more disgusting?!” Zhang Hui kicked him in the foot.

This 30-year-old man that has gotten himself drunk had transformed into a three-year old kid. The difference is that, a three-year-old baby will be hugging his mother, while the big and burly man, Pan Lei, is embracing Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan also drank quite a lot. Even if he flushed once with cold water, but the two brothers still poured a lot.

Tian Yuan is holding him? Pan Lei thought. But he is just thinking too much. They’re simply supporting each other. Pan Lei clung on to Tian Yuan’s waist, his hands arbitrarily touching the other man’s body. While walking, he kisses and gropes the other man from time to time.

“Tian’er, you don’t know just how much I like you.” Pan Lei spoke and then kissed him on the cheek.

“Tian’er, you agreed, right? We will be together in this lifetime.” Then, Pan Lei pushed another kiss, but this time, directly on Tian Yuan’s mouth. The latter pushed the former who is playing rogue in the corridor. There are some people here who would want to save face!

Pan Lei smacked his lips and now, he’s grinning like a fool. “I like the sweetness of the wine. Let me taste it again.” Hence, Pan Lei leaned his face towards Tian Yuan and kissed him again, and again, and again.

No matter what Tian Yuan does, whether pushing him, or kicking him, or yelling at him, Pan Lei just didn't want to let go. In between those kisses, he kept saying words that would make people die in shame.

‘Tian’er , I love you very much.’

‘Tian’er, you are my baby.’

‘Come, Tian’er. I’ll treat you like my own eyes. Let me kiss you.’

‘Call me ge.’ 

Such sweet speech and honeyed words give people a toothache.

This went on even when they entered the elevator. Hence, the people inside couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed at them. This is just too bold!

Inside the elevator, the sound of Pan Lei’s incessant kissing is really loud.

Tian Yuan tried to dodge and shake him off but it was all in vain. Thus, he turned to the four big men who are squatting on the ground, laughing to their hearts content, to cry for help and rescue him. Save me, ah! They are not a !  Why do they want to see them kiss each other nonstop and be seen as a joke?!

{T/N: [1] kissing fish- The name kissing gourami (kissing fish) is derived from what appears to be kissing between fish; however, scientists still are not sure of the true purpose of the behavior. It is believed to be a harmless territory challenging behavior which generally occurs between two males.  & }

Pan Zhan and Pan Ge waved their hands. They could not even prevent Pan Lei from getting drunk. How much more after he’s already drunk to the point of holding his man with intense pa.s.sion? This little brat should be very happy after kissing his wife several times. They should let him know later what happened today.

“Don’t kiss anymore! You are biting off my mouth’s skin!” {T/N: The raws indicate ‘mouth’ but I guess it was the lips of Tian Yuan that’re being devoured by Pan Lei. Tian Yuan felt that Pan Lei’s constant kissing may have peeled off the outer layer of his lips. Poor Tian’er. Hehe..}

Lin Mu plopped himself down and sat on the ground, the image of an elegant n.o.ble son was shattered by this act of him. He is covering his belly with his hands as he laughed out loud to the point of dying. Aiyo! Ouch! This pair of buffoons could really make him laugh till his stomach cramps.

Pan Lei looked at Lin Mu distractedly, as if recalling something. Tian Yuan took this brief moment to push Pan Lei away which the latter didn’t mind. Instead, he grabbed Lin Mu by his collar.

“You have not yet given my family’s Tian’er his jiànmiàn lǐ. Where is his jiànmiàn lǐ? Boy, there’s no such thing as free of charge, ah! If you go to the zoo to see the monkeys, you must still buy a ticket!”

Tian Yuan ruthlessly kicked his b.u.t.t. What nonsense! You are a monkey, your entire family are monkeys!

“Did I not already give him his jiànmiàn lǐ? Which surgeon doesn’t like a scalpel. I sent him a set of scalpels imported from Germany. That was a complete set of original scalpels.”

Pan Lei was very satisfied. He patted the shoulders of Lin Mu, who all along has been grinning. Pan Lei can put a hole in a flagstone with just a single punch, and if he didn’t answer right away, who knows what might’ve happened to him. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d did not even give him a second to think. This awfully hurts people.

Pushing him away back to Tian Yuan, Pan Lei once again began his kiss à la chicken-pecking-rice.

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