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Chapter 34: Mich.e.l.le’s transformation did not end yet?

Led by Daniel, Mich.e.l.le looked restless as first, but when she saw Jackie in my room she smiled happily. She ran straight towards him and lunched into his chest. Jackie took her action naturally and embraced her.
Mich.e.l.le smiled blissfully from getting hugged by Jackie.
That expression was one I never saw before, one that even I, who thinks ‘Angelica = life’, thought as cute. Even for me who did not have even a shred of love for her, that smile was enough to almost make me fall in love.

Isn’t this…… dangerous?

Mich.e.l.le’s pheromone is powering up? I think that ‘power to captivate’ is growing……
Could it be that Jackie’s strange behaviour was from
‘Mich.e.l.le’s power’ not from ‘the game’s influence’?

Then, won’t it be dangerous if I bring such a thing to the castle……
I can foresee a future where there will be problems around Mich.e.l.le (affairs usually), casting the castle into chaos? Is the otome game moving to the castle episode!?

Seeing the two of them go off into their world, I just watched them while gaping, unable to say anything.
I don’t even get the usual ‘I want to do it too……’ feeling I have. This situation looks dangerous……

When I glanced at Daniel for his opinion, he made a surprised expression and grinned mischievously at the two of them…… no, at Mich.e.l.le.
Daniel, what are you enjoying this situation for! This isn’t a laughing matter!? Just what did you notice??

Realising that I was slightly flaring up, Daniel turned his gaze towards me and smiled merrily.

“Your Highness. Would it not be best to direct him to prepare for his departure first? I already told the maids to prepare for Mich.e.l.le-sama, so the luggage will be ready soon.”

He suggested that I make Jackie leave the room.
I don’t know the reason, but Daniel seems to have something in mind. Then there’s only one course of action for me.

“Now, Jackie, please go prepare to depart. Meanwhile, I’ll explain things to Mich.e.l.le.”

I gave him the permission.
As Daniel planned, Jackie obediently left. Now he won’t be here for about twenty to thirty minutes.
And then I saw what Daniel wished to show me.

The overflowing pheromones from Mich.e.l.le suddenly stopped.
On a surprising level, too!
Then there arises one hypothesis. That pheromone, might it not be something that is released when she is sincerely aiming for someone?
‘Girls in love are cute,’ is that it? ‘A girl is the cutest in front of the person they like,’ is that really it!?

That sorta feels like a carnivore going, ‘I definitely won’t let go’, you know!?
Well, it’s Mich.e.l.le, so even if the content changed, is she still a ‘carnivore’? Although you were trembling like an impala until recently?
No, but…… seeing this, she’s doing it unconsciously……

Then, Jackie who is being aimed at is about to be eaten…… Moreover, the form of the pheromone weapon is not a ‘rifle’, but more a ‘shotgun’. If it’s a rifle, it only gets its target, nothing else, but…… a shotgun……
It also damages the surroundings.

Getting other prey from unconsciously fired bullets.
Mich.e.l.le…… frightening girl!!

This is…… it might be better to separate her from Jackie while they live in the castle……

“Daniel, keep Mich.e.l.le and Jackie apart in the castle. Also, deal with Mich.e.l.le with only women……”
“Understood, sir. Once the place for their confinement is decided on, I will arrange it so that only one high quality butler is a.s.signed to her.”
“……Alright…… I leave that to you. However, I believe that there will be problems if they spend too much time apart, so also convey that I would like an environment for the two of them be arranged quickly.”

While staring at Mich.e.l.le’s unsettled backside, we discussed methods to keep the damage at the minimum……
If we surround her with women and keep men away, there won’t be anyone to be harmed……
Also, as to not sloppily fan Mich.e.l.le’s anxiety, I need a room for the two of them.
At the confinement location, I should arrange for a small cottage to be prepared for the two of them. I should also a.s.sign a butler and two or three maids that are not affected by the pheromone, then that should take care of that.

Until Jackie returns, I will explain things to Mich.e.l.le. At first, she was anxious about using that plan, but since Henry was scary she accepted my proposal.
When I told her that she can’t meet Jackie there, I noticed her eyes turning into a strange shade. Instinctively feeling the danger, I take my eyes off Mich.e.l.le and explain to her about the potential problems that might happen because of her quickly.
When I also explained that there will soon be a place for the two of them to be together, her eyes returned to normal.
She too seemed confused about her own change.
Joyfully watching our exchange, Daniel murmured, “Hm, it seems her charming powers are growing stronger…… this is interesting.”

No, Daniel, it’s not interesting, not at all, I tell you?

I contacted the school as soon as possible and sent the two of them to the castle deep in the night, without getting found out by anyone. I told father and mother the ability Mich.e.l.le had and its potential dangers, and stressed the need for caution.
I also asked them to arrange their confinement house before any problems arise.

Unless that pheromone is taken care of, we can’t let Mich.e.l.le outside.

What should I do……
I don’t want to get involved too much, but if I am to live in this country, then I must……
Well………, should I try consulting a manufacturer if it doesn’t work?
(TN: My lackl.u.s.tre j.a.panese is unable to translate this sentence. What the h.e.l.l is ダメもと?)

“Hey, Daniel?”
“Yes, what might it be, sir?”
“If it’s Mich.e.l.le’s mother, do you think she might know the method to suppress the pheromone?”
“……Indeed she might. It seems some manner of solution maybe found?”

When I asked, Daniel stared off into the distance and grinned radiantly.
It looks like he can see something again.
Just what did he see this time? From that gleeful expression, it feels like something bad, but since there won’t be any harm towards me, I’ll leave him be.

When I looked at Daniel amazedly, he looked at me with a face that said ‘it’s too fun I can’t help it.’

“Really, being your personal butler is never boring, sir.”

With an energetic voice, he exited the room cheerfully to get Mich.e.l.le’s mother’s contact.
From that unusually elated atmosphere, I could already tell that the future would be quite chaotic………

I sighed heavily and downed the little remaining green tea which already went cold.

Daniel really is the biggest troll, but our protagonist should be thankful that Daniel is just content with watching the struggle. He really should be glad that butlers don’t overstep their bounds.

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