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Chapter 13: Let’s investigate this once more.

I told everyone to disperse, yet Douglas still remained in the room.
I felt this when he was with b.i.t.c.h as well. I think that his expression is different from the Douglas I knew.
If he’s still here, I wonder if he wants to say something to us. For some reason, he keeps opening and closing his mouth.
He wants to say something, but he can’t find the opportunity.

“Douglas, is it fine for you to not accompany them? ……Otherwise, do you have something left to say?”

To make the starting the conversation easier, I give him some water.
When I inquired about him, Douglas made a surprised face and then looked at us. Judging from his expression, he probably didn’t think that he could receive counselling.
Hearing my suggestion, his face brightened for a moment, but soon his faced changed into a pathetic face on the verge of tears.
For a while, the room fell silent. Since the coffee went cold as well, Daniel started to brew new coffee. I then heard a sound as though Douglas could no longer stifle his weeping.
No one pressed him to calm down, and kept a calm silence.

We continued to sip our drinks until Douglas calmed down.
During that time, I drank two cups of coffee so stomach hurt a little. To which I discovered that Daniel was looking at me like a pitiful child.
Wait! I asked this over and over again, but why are you looking at me like that!! It can’t be helped!? I had to find a way to spend the time!
I’m not a very serious person, so I can’t endure this atmosphere! But I’m still trying my best to ignore this, you know!?

As I desperately complained towards Daniel in my head, Daniel shot a mischievous smile at me that showed that he was enjoying my reactions.

d.a.m.n! Daniel!!
Are you reading my mind or something!?

While I was fooling around with Daniel, Douglas had regained his cool. As his hands were hiding his eyes and his bangs were let down, he spoke in a tiny voice.

“I do not know what happened to me…… ……Please… help……”

During the ten years I spent with him, this was the first SOS he sent to me.

The Douglas I knew was a cunning man, where one had to tread carefully around him.
However, all of that changed last year.
The fiancée with whom they were in mutual love, died due to disease. Since then, he became heartbroken and never smiled. Shutting himself in, he never connected with anyone.
He lost his vigour and never really talked to his family. He ate so little that he started to thin.

But, only Douglas himself could overcome his mental scar.
We could only wait for the flow of time to heal the wound or for him to have a miraculous meeting.

So we watched by on the sidelines.
……Well, except for one person…… Robert.
He can’t read the mood, and on top of that he doesn’t know how to be considerate. To the depressed Robert, “There’s so many women in this world! Cheer up!!” He said something without an ounce of delicacy so shamelessly.

Still, Robert did heal Douglas’s wounds, to some degree.
After a year, Douglas recovered just enough to put on a facade, but then he met b.i.t.c.h.
Because of that, this is why he’s like this now…… The reason why b.i.t.c.h and Douglas got so close together.
……I can somewhat surmise why.

If I recall correctly, in the reverse harem route, there is a specific way to conquer Douglas.
First, conquer Robert. Then, there are more choices in the route with Douglas.
Hmm, uhh, it probably was…… ‘Are you hurt?…… You look like a wounded animal trying to desperately hide its injury,’ or something?
Robert then took an interest in what b.i.t.c.h said, to which he spouted silly nonsense like ‘Mich.e.l.le! You might be able to save Douglas’ and actively created opportunities for the two to meet. Thanks to that, Douglas route’s difficulty drops quite a bit.

……Robert…… I won’t say anything more……

There were also things like ‘I have to be happy for her sake as well,’ or ‘forgetting is not a sin.’
Also, the final push that conquered Douglas was ‘You don’t have to hide that wound from me! If you’re in pain, I’ll take care of you! Please let me!’ wasn’t it?

Really, b.i.t.c.h is quite apt at finding a man’s weakness, as well as taking advantage of it…… Just that, I wish people didn’t fall so easily for that.

“When Clarice died, I thought my heart died along with her. Yet only one year pa.s.sed, but I no longer felt as sad! This was a betrayal to her, right…… So…… So I, I felt the days grow fainter in my heart!”

Douglas started to speak while silently crying.
This time, without wailing, tears silently flowed like waterfalls down his cheeks.

“Then I met Mich.e.l.le. Her words were as if they were forcing open my wounds, as if blood started to flow again where it had stopped. Somehow……, the pain that had grown faint had returned to normal, that I thought that I was no longer betraying Clarice……”

Douglas softly laid out the emotions he felt after meeting b.i.t.c.h. Just what is the emotion he holds in those eyes……
It was more painful for the listener. ……What is that M play, it’s like ‘Second R○○’. (TN: No idea what this is)

Was that so…… Relying on the wound of the heart……
There’s no way that anyone could make a proper decision in that state. But you know? It’s troublesome if a future pillar of the country does that……

I understand the story behind Douglas’s state of mind.
Then……, how should I proceed……

Should I split him from the main culprit?
Would he require counselling and rehabilitation?
Fortunately, I have the right person for that.
Then I should get on with it!

“Douglas, you should keep away from Mich.e.l.le for some time. Meanwhile, keep close to us, and stay in the office outside of cla.s.ses.

I decided to quarantine Douglas.

Douglas’s case was rather shocking. I didn’t think he would have received that much damage from her words…..
After we finished discussing in the office, we escorted Angelica and Jessica back to their room. We also brought Douglas back to his room, and told his butler about the current situation.
I requested Daniel to counsel Douglas too. Everything’s in place!

Then, I invited Louis over for tea……
But I don’t know what we should talk about.

“Hey, Kyle. I strongly believe that if we do not take action regarding Mich.e.l.le there will be consequences for our country. Outside of those six, there are also many other n.o.bles wagging their tails at her……”

I also heard those rumours.
Bachelors being captivated by her charms, regardless of position or status. At this rate, there will a catastrophe in the future.
It seems I have to investigate b.i.t.c.h further, doesn’t it?

“Understood, sir.”

My consummate butler only heard his name but understood.
He’s a psychic, really!

“Louis, won’t you and Jessica investigate the rumours regarding that woman?”
“Of course, I would gladly cooperate, your highness Kyle……”

He liked the part ‘you and Jessica’. Louis smiled broadly and happily accepted his new mission.

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