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"It's a shame. There's an empty plot of land, but unable to touch it."

Viscount Guy Lamonte of Istel Kingdom, shook his head while he wet his taste buds.

Guy secretly met with Baron Noel Kyword of the Byron Kingdom, as a representative of the Istel Kingdoma few years ago to form a coalition between the two countries.

At the time, Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom joined forces to attack Pershion Kingdom, but they were defeated by the 2nd Prince Ma.n.u.s Pershion.

Until then, Guy, who stood out among the young aristocrats, had been responsible for the defeat and had been forced into seclusion, that wasn't really a seclusion, for a long time.

Fortunately, Peid Nail, who had agreed to join him, was once again in power, and he was able to emerge as a key figure in the Istel kingdom.

"It's better not to be greedy. Roan Lancephil is not worth messing with."

The belonger of the soft voice was Viscount Peid Nail .
He was a man who obtained a n.o.ble t.i.tle in the last battle with Rinse Kingdom, by retreating his troops to safety from a disadvantageous position.
In his past life, he was also called Battlefield's Fox.
He shook his head as he looked west.

"We can't afford to make stupid mistakes again."

HIs point of view was the eastern border of Rinse Kingdom.
Guy went up next to Peid and whispered to him in a small voice.

"But this time and last time is definitely different. Although Roan Lancephil has flattened the
central and southern part of Rinse Kingdom, it's honestly an empty one. By comparison, North Rinse Kingdom was one step away from the war, and the control of all of Duke Webster's forces gave him more power than we thought. We're also working on the Estian Empire Army, which is based with Mills Voiza."

His words picked up a little faster.

"If we add strength to the Byron Kingdom and our Istel Kingdom, even Roan Lancephil won't be able to withstand it."

It was certainly a valid point.
Nevertheless, Peid shook his head with a neutral expression.

"Viscount Lamonte. Certainly you're right. But I'm a little unwilling."

His view and his eyes turned back.
Two pupils turned to see one of the many troops before him.
'Nuns of Count Lancephil's …….'
Nuns. (TL: written in English in the raw)

Along with Swift, who persuaded Viscount Heath Potter to join the Roan camp, he was one of six talents later called unto Lancephil's brain.
He was originally accompanied by the Istel Kingdom army, but now must remain with count Lancephil and watch over the administrative duties.

"Are you looking at that them again sir?"

Guy turned his head following Peid's gaze, and he quickly made a blank expression.
He didn't like Nuns very much.
Peid's eyes, on the other hand, were lit with admiration.

"I've decided to go beyond the persuasion of the Nuns and stand on the side of Roan Lancephil, not North Rinse Kingdom."

It was amazing.
It was already known that Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom had partnered with Clay.
However, there was a misleading story from the mouth of the Commander-in-Chief, who led the Istel Kingdom.
Guy exhaled out a short sigh.

"Well, not yet. Whether or not to work with Roan Lancephil is a decision after the informant that was sent to Rinse Kingdom returns."

He drew a clear line.
But Peid still sounded totally misleading.

"Aren't they great?"
"Yes? Who is?"

Guy frowned his visage and asked.
Peid still looked at Nuns and answered with a small voice.

"Those Nuns. Count Lancephil is doing administrative work, and there are five more people like my brothers, and he says he's the most unskilled one compared to them."
"It's most likely just a humility."

Guy wryly smiled and shook his head.
It was true that he didn't like Nuns, but he had to admit their abilities.
He did not want to believe that Nuns were, in fact, the border administrators, and that he was the least capable of any of his subordinates.

'If that's true, Count Lancephil's power is the same as a country.'

Guy shook his head.
His mind was conflicted.
Right then.


A horse ran fast on the west Rinse Kingdom border.
Guy's face brightened.

"The informant is back."

Peid who was looking at the Nuns and looked west.
An informant on a st.u.r.dy warhorse rushed to the front of his feet.

"Greetings, sir commander-in-Chief."

The informant quickly stepped off the horse and knelt on one knee.

"What is the situation like?"

When Peid asked in a low voice, the informant bowed his head and responded back quickly.

"The Lancephil Fief Army captured five citadels in North Rinse Kingdom and one major stronghold of Fief, just ten days after the war began."

Guy frowned at the unexpected report.

"Is that true? Compared to North Rinse Kingdom, didn't Lancephil Fief Army have less than half of their strength?"

The informant nodded.

"That's right. However, the report is clear. The North Rinse Kingdom army is not an opponent of the Lancephil Fief Army. In addition, the Kingdom people declared their support for Roan Lancephil, not only in Rinse Kingdom, but also in some Fief of north rinse kingdoms."
"How great. They went to war, and got the support of people in the kingdom."

Peid exclaimed with admiration.
Guy, on the other hand, still looked as if it was still too hard to believe.

"Most likely the North Rinse Kingdom side underestimated them. Otherwise, such a one-sided outcome would not have come to fruition."

The informant nodded.

"That's right. Surely there were such answers, but……."

He smiled awkwardly and blurred out the end.


Guy looked anxious.
The informant answered with a small voice, as if swallowing a dry needle.

"I heard the news just before I crossed the border. Estia Empire's Viscount Heather Myers led 30,000 Empire Army to McGinley Fief….".
"That's right! He finally thought it was a good time to do it."

Guy stalled and clapped his hands while enjoying himself.
The informant's face hardened.
He sighed briefly and continued.

"He was struck by Roan Lancephil's strategy, and Viscount Heather Myers lost his life and Myers Corps withdrew after nearly 20,000 casualties."

Guy, that laughing merrily, opened his mouth and let out a m.u.f.fled sound that was not quite a quiet one.
Now, he was so amazed that he was only able to blink.
Peid, on the other hand, nodded with a faint smile, seemingly as if it was natural.

"Yes. Good work.You're dismissed."
"Yes sir."

The informant answered briefly and drove the horse into the back of the military.
Even then, Guy was in blank state with his mouth open, left his tongue hanging out as if he couldn't believe it.

"How could this happen?"

Peid replied briefly.

"Roan Lancephil."

Guy nodded with the sound of wetting his mouth.
At this point, he had no choice but to admit it.
Peid asked in a small voice.

"How about it? Do you still think you should work with North Rinse Kingdom, rather than with Roan Lancephil?"

A mischievous question.
Guy smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

"No. After all, Viscount Nails's judgment was correct. Roan Lancephil is a man who should never be made an enemy of. It would be much more advantageous to accept his offer than to fight him."
"I think so as well."

Peid nodded.

"It would be much more beneficial to fight with Roan Lancephil and get back the land of our Kingdom, which they bought, than to lose the war reparations to Rinse Kingdom."

Guy nodded silently.
Everything was decided.
Peid smiled faintly and spoke in a mischievous voice.

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"For now, shall cross the border?"

Guy laughed at this question.

"It seems that I'm going to have to do something I've never done in my life."

At the end of the day, the Istel Kingdom forces, led by Peid and Guy, began their advance.
Their destination is the Rinse Kingdom.
For now, that's how it is.

"Total annihilation on the Left-wing vanguard! Also being pushed to the front of the camp sir!"

Urgent reporting.

"I've already sent the Powell Troop of the Post. Austin Inform Captain Walter that I'm going to send him to Mount Pilton."

A neutral expression.
Soft voice.
In the midst of a fierce battle, Ian Phillips was calm, sober, and relaxed.

"Yes sir!"

The soldier, who had urgently posted the report, smiled brightly and returned to the left-hand camp.
That wasn't all.
There were countless reports from the center and right-wing forces, as well as the rear-wing force, but Ian was not at any time wondering if he had a clear understanding of the entire battlefield from his seat.
Even before the soldiers reported, he had already taken one or two steps ahead of reasonable action.
Thanks to this, the battle was unfolding very smoothly and effortlessly.

"That's great."

Viscount Heath Potter, a member of the Army who was resting after the first round, left his tongue out.
The zone flowed spontaneously.
In his view, Ian was like a monster.

'Even more of monster than Pierce, Brian, Harrison, and Walter.'

The force of the four leaders was incredible, but they couldn't possibly deal with more than one or two troops.
However, Ian seemed to be treating the enemies as if he was playing with a little boy in his seat.
Ian, who had just given a new instruction, looked back at Heath and smiled faintly.

"Rather than me, there is someone else who is much greater."

A light of admiration came to his face.
Heath raised his eyebrows slightly, as if asking who that is.
Ian turned his head and looked at the front of the battle.
He could not see too far away, but his tight, taut momentum was bursting with so much energy that it could be felt from the direction he was looking at.

"The Lord is the one that should be called mighty."

His voice was proud.

"He's on top of strategy and tactics. No……."

His eyes trembled.

"He's on the top of the battle and war."

Heath smiled and nodded, terrified to end the speech.

"Well, I can't disagree with that."

His gaze followed Ian to the battlefield.
Awe-inspired eyes.
Where Ian and Heath's gaze stayed was Roan.


With a roar, the ground burst out.
At the same time, a long path of fire came to be.

"Do, Dodge it!"
"d.a.m.n it!"

Rinse Liberation Army soldiers escaped the flames and flung their body from side to side.
In that instance.

"Brutal murderer!"

Amaranth Troop, wearing red armor, was spotted within thundering cry.
A valiant figure of sword and spear spread as it traverses between flames and flames.


The Soldiers of the Rinse Liberation Army collapsed without a chance in resistance.
The rear soldiers then fired arrows at Roan.
It was the most challenging and difficult of the Lancephil Fief Army's battalion.

"Raise up your Parma!"
"Yes sir!"

The nearby Amaranth Troop soldiers quickly lifted a small shield over their heads.
Roan, on the other hand, snorted and swung Travias' Spear in a long arc.


h.e.l.lstorm of fire unfolded over their head.


The arrows that flew through the s.p.a.ce in a momentum were unable to penetrate the flames and disappeared within the smoke.
Roan's eyes glanced behind the enemy.
He could see the archers sighing behind the infantry.

'I'm going to have to deal with them for now.'

Roan bitterly smiled and kicked the horse.
A merciless a.s.sault.

"Stop him!"
"We cannot be pierced through!"

The infantry lined up to maintain their ranks.
It's hard to break through the guys at once, even for Roan.
Nevertheless, Roan kicked the horse harder.

Doo-doo doo doo doo doo!

The war horse raced like crazy.

"Is he going for head-on collision with us?"
"Did he go mad?"

The Rinse Liberation Army infantry crouched down and shouted out their curses.
Amaranth Troop, on the other hand, did not mind at all, focusing on what they had to do.
Anyway, for them, Roan was beyond the human category.
Meanwhile, Roan and the warhorse had almost reached the front of the Rinse Liberation Army infantry.


Everyone in infantry swallowed a dry needle and shouldered each other.
An expression of a willingness to never back down.
At that moment.


Roan and warhorse, who were rushing furiously, disappeared.

The tense infantry opened their eyes wide to Roan's disappearance, he vanished like a ghost, like a wind.
Looking left and right, even looking at heaven and earth, Roan could not be seen anywhere.

"Where the h.e.l.l has he gone……."

When one of the soldiers started to rant off.


Roan and warhorse appeared behind the infantry with a blast.

"Ro, it's Roan!"
"It's the WarG.o.d!"

The Archers, that were breathing relaxedly, screamed with a startle when they saw Roan appearing in front of them.

'Blink's power is getting better and better.'

That was the reason why Roan was able to break through the infantry at once.
It was thanks to the blink magic using Brent's ring.
Roan smiled and twisted his wrists.


The flames soared along the Travias' Spear.


Every time the spear danced, the flames raged, and every time the flames came, the archers disappeared into black ashes.
It was the annihilation of the Rinse Liberation Army Archers who hara.s.sed the Lancephil Fief Army.

The penholder was broken.


The commanders around him looked a little surprised, while coughing or swallowing their saliva.
Clay was the one who broke the penholder.
A hardened look.
But soon his mouth went up.
Originally, his eyes were so small, but now it could not be seen anymore.

"It looks like the penholder is worn out."

He trembled, and cleared the remains of penholder he was holding, then turned his head.
At the end of his gaze was a soldier that looked worn out.

"Tell me again."

A voice was still soft and calm voice as usual.
But not only the nearest commander, but also the defeated and worn-out soldier knew Clay's innards was burning.
The soldier bitterly smiled and opened his mouth.

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“The First Soldiers of the Rinse Liberation Army, who were deployed to intercept the Lancephil Fief Army, then went into battle in the Chroma Fields, The Canuden Plains, and The Beech's Fief.”

He took a moment to breathe, then continued.

“We lost all of the fights.”

All the commanders saliva were bursting in their mouth.
He heard it twice in a row, but he could not accept.
The report of this defeat was not expected at all.
That's why Clay, who was reviewing several operations, broke the penholder he was carrying.
It's an unexpected defeat for Clay.
Of course, he was claiming that the penholder was worn out.
Clay patted his chin with his fingertips and smiled faintly.

“Have we really been defeated at the end of the battle?”
“Yes? Well, that……”

The soldier hesitated for a moment from an unexpected question.
Clay's eyes beamed with sharpness.

“The official report will be released in a few days anyway. Report the truth as it is.”
“The truth is……”

The soldier looked at the commanders for a moment and answered with a small voice.

“It's a complete defeat. The enemy seemed to know everything about what we were doing and how we would behave.”

It was worse than the one he had just reported.
The commanders' faces hardened.

‘The Lancephil Fief Army is much stronger than I thought.'
‘As I thought, it's dangerous to have Roan Lancephil as an enemy.'
‘Should I go to to the Lancephil Fief Army at this instance?'

Foul thoughts blossomed.
Despite the agitation of several commanders, Clay looked at the soldier who had pretended to not look affected.

“Are your allies sure that they have moved the way I directed them?”

He wanted to ask if he had ever been arbitrarily strayed away in the battle plan.
The soldier shook his head with a firm expression.

“They've all moved according to the instructions….”
“Got it. You're dismissed.”

Clay shook his hand and interrupted the soldier's words.
He'd rather not hear it all the way.
The soldier hurriedly shut his mouth, bowing his head, and then walked towards the door.
Clay, then back to his original seat, pulled out a new pen holder and asked as if insinuating.

“Oh! Who is the Lancephil Fief Army's general army again?”

The soldier, who had left the commander's office, turned and responded with a low voice.

“Count Phillips' eldest son, Ian sir.”
“Yes. Is it Ian Phillips you said. Got it. Carry on.”

Clay smiled faintly and shook his hand once again.


With a blunt sound, the soldier disappeared out of the commander's room.
The commanders who could not even talk only checked upon Clay.

‘If it were Clay Supreme Commander, there would be a way.'
‘Clay Supreme Commander is a confident man in all things.'
‘Duke Webster, who was dying, led north Rinse Kingdom. Well, that's what i think.'

The situation where everyone in the room is strangled by Clay.
Clay was well aware of the expectations of those commanders.
He would have smiled and rea.s.sured them.
But it wasn't so now.

‘There was a person in Rinse Kingdom who could be comparable to me…….'

Although the First Army of The Rinse Liberation Army was not the main force, he had thought it would be a pretty equal fight.
Furthermore, the first goal is to hara.s.s the Lancephil Fief Army and lure them to Newark Fief, the main battleground.
This means that he had no plans to fight aggressively enough to fight to annihilation in the first place.

‘Were they thinking to destroy the Corps, who were thinking of retreating from the beginning?'
This kind of situation has never happened.
‘Ian Phillips…….'

There was nothing that came to mind when he scanned through his memories.
At best, he can only remember him as Count Phillips' eldest son and rumored to be a genius since he was a student at Tron Academy.

‘I thought he was Greenhorn from the academy…….'

It was a completely wrong judgment.


Clay took a long breath.
He couldn't be more troubled.
Mills Voiza broke the silence, as he just couldn't wait any longer.

“Clay Supreme Commander.”

With a low volume he called unto him.
Clay turned his head and looked at Mills.
Suddenly, there was a confident smile on his mouth.

“Don't worry about it everyone. It's seems like there's great military setup in Lancephil Fief Army.”

Some of the commanders shuddered from his words.

“If it's Ian, he was even rumored to be a genius at Royal Capital Miller.”
“How do you stand up to such a guy?”

Everyone nodded with anxious expressions.
Clay rose from his seat with his arms pointed at the table.
He looked over several commanders, including Mills, and responded with a bold voice.

“I'll go.”

At the moment, everyone opened their eyes wide.

“That, that means that……"

The commanders blurted out their words, seemingly in disbelief.
Clay nodded slowly.

“I'm going to lead the Liberation Army 2nd Team and cut Roan Lancephil's neck.”

Declaration to take part.
As well as unexpected departure of Clay.

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