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Chapter 361. Unbridled (5)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

She could feel him swelling inside her, pushing against her tight v[email protected] walls. He would not stop until he had spilled every last drop of his s3men inside. Ishakan needed to mark his territory, just as a beast did.

“Ahh…wait, no……!”

Leah twisted in fright. It was too much for her body. Ishakan had controlled himself ever since he knew she was pregnant with Lesha, and ever since, they had only had s3x that was tame, by his standards.

But now he was mating her so intensely, Leah was terrified, feeling him swelling unstoppably inside her.


She called his name, her voice hoa.r.s.e. Ishakan bit her neck.

“Ah, please…don’t call to me like that…”

Every time she called him Isha, it made him feel like he was losing his mind. Unconsciously he moved his hips. He could see her pain.

“I’m sorry,” he comforted his frightened mate. “It’s going to hurt if I pull out now…try not to…tighten on me…”

He lied to her. He told her he would try to come quickly, and she only needed to hold on for a little longer. It was the sort of lie no one should believe, coming from a Kurkan.

Leah squeezed his hand tightly, and then punched his arm. It was hardly threatening; her body was limp with exhaustion.

“You’re going to make me hungry again,” Ishakan whispered, placing his hand on her belly.

Leah quickly lowered her hand at the heated whisper, and Ishakan licked her tearstained cheeks.

“That isn’t good…” She whispered, her breath sobbing. “But…go on, hnnn… it’s too hot…”

Ishakan apologized over and over, caressing her swollen belly with his hand. She bit her lip, clasping his hands. Her fingers interlaced with his as she looked up at him with moist purple eyes.

“…Are you…better now?”

In spite of her own situation, Leah was still worried for Ishakan.

“…I’ll help you…until you’re well…”

He didn’t think now was the time for her to be worrying about him.

Her innocent words made him harden like a stone, and though she didn’t know what was happening, Leah groaned in pain but didn’t complain. She was serious about helping him through his rut. Posted only on NovelUtopia

Ishakan had the urge to mount her again. Before his body could obey the overpowering instinct, he squeezed his eyes shut, fighting for control.

He could clearly smell the scent of her body. All of his instincts had sharpened. The smell of wet female went deep into his lungs and made him dizzy. He felt as if he were dreaming. His manhood buried inside her spurted unceasingly.

His mind was so clouded with pleasure, he hardly realized what he was saying.

“Beautiful…my wife…”


“I love you, I love you… I’m sorry…to bother you…”

Maybe it was because of the love potion. Maybe it was because she kept calling him Isha. Maybe it was both, but it was loosening his tongue.

Listening to the whispers, Leah’s ears turned red. She liked it so much, she deliberately shifted to move her ear closer to his lips. Her breathing grew fast and ragged, and as he whispered I love you again, more of his seed jetted inside her.


Leah’s shoulders twitched as she groaned. Her body shuddered. Her inner walls squeezed him repeatedly, as if devouring him.

For a moment, Ishakan was motionless. He let out a strangled grunt.


The l.u.s.t he had been fighting to suppress exploded.

The heat in his eyes flared golden and the last remnant of his reason was incinerated.

“I’m going to…bother you some more.”

The words had barely escaped before he was moving. Ishakan thrust sharply inside her, madly, faster and faster, the slave of his overpowering instinct. It felt as if he would tear her apart, and Leah briefly lost consciousness, unable to bear it.

Ishakan didn’t stop until he had given her every last drop. Their love went on and on, until the moon vanished, to usher in the dawn.

The sun had risen to its noon height before Ishakan came back to his senses.

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